Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 13
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 13

Volume 13
Conference on Otomanguean and Oaxacan Languages
Edited by Rosemary Beam de Azcona and Mary Paster

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1-14An autosegmental analysis of Me'phaa (Tlapanec) noun inflection[PDF]
Cheryl A. Black
15-36The morphology of Zapotec pronominal clitics[PDF]
George Aaron Broadwell
37-58Concomitance in Huave[PDF]
Flavia Cuturi and Maurizio Gnerre
59-74The nature of the standard of comparison in San Lucas Quiaviní Zapotec comparatives[PDF]
Michael Galant
75-86An ethnopoetic approach to a Copala Triqui myth narrative[PDF]
Edgar Marin del Campo
87-106Zapotec grammar without tears (except perhaps for the grammarian)[PDF]
Pamela Munro
107-116Spanish loanwords and the historical phonology of Zaniza Zapotec[PDF]
Natalie Operstein
117-132The grammaticalization of relational nouns in Zoogocho Zapotec[PDF]
Aaron Huey Sonnenschein
133-146Tlapanec cases[PDF]
Søren Wichmann
147-161An analysis of Amuzgo nominal tone[PDF]
Cindy Williams