Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 4
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 4

Volume 4
Studies in Mesoamerican linguistics
Edited by Alice Schlichter, Wallace L. Chafe, and Leanne Hinton

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5-119Voice and ergativity in Mayan languages[PDF]
Jon P. Dayley 
120-219Aguacatec syntax from a functional perspective[PDF]
Thomas W. Larsen
220-234Maya writing: Linguistic evidence for Eastern Mayan influence[PDF]
Martha J. Macri
235-290The use of body-part terms as locatives in Chalcatongo Mixtec[PDF]
Claudia Brugman
291-306Two noun class systems in Mixtec[PDF]
Martha J. Macri
307-331Preliminaries to tonemic and tonomechanical analysis for the Chalcatongo dialect of Mixtec[PDF]
Nicholas Faraclas