Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 5
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 5

Volume 5
A lexicon of Atsugewi
D. L. Olmsted

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"Atsugewi is a language of northeastern California assigned to the Palaihnihan branch of the Hokan family. Probably never more than a few hundred number, its speakers occupied the northern slopes of Mount Lassen along Hat Creek, and, to the east, Dixie Valley. The two groups spoke mutually intelligible, but distinct, dialects: Atsuge along Hat Creek and Apwaruge in Dixie Valley ... The data collected here are mostly from the Hat Creek dialect, except for those marked AB (the initials of Arthur Barnes, the single surviving Dixie Valley informant known to me). I began work on the language in 1953 and was privileged to work with a number of the very few surviving speakers of the language." (from the Preface)