Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 6
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 6

Volume 6
The Sapir-Kroeber correspondence
Edited by Victor Golla

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"The voluminous correspondence between Edward Sapir and Alfred Kroeber spans 33 years — nearly the entirety of Sapir's extraordinarily productive career ... Before 1910 and after 1925 relatively few of Kroeber's letters to Sapir survive, since Sapir apparently was in the habit of destroying personal correspondence, so that all that are preserved are carbon copies kept by Kroeber ... [who] for his part, seems to have been discreetly selective in what he preserved, keeping all letters dealing with intellectual topics, removing from his files only letters of a clearly personal nature ... From what remains I have censored absolutely nothing, leaving in even the most routine of acknowledgements, telegrams, postcards, and financial accounts. This has meant a bulky volume, but one without any hidden gaps." (from the Preface)