Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 7
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 7

Volume 7
Wappo studies
Jesse O. Sawyer

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"The first of the two papers published here is a grammatical sketch of Wappo, a California Indian language original spoken north of San Francisco in Sonoma and Napa counties with a small offshoot on Clear Lake in Lake County. Sawyer first wrote this sketch in the late 1950's or early 1960's and revised it in 1969 ... He worked with Laura Fish Somersal, one of the last two or three speakers still living at that time, for almost three decades beginning in the late 1950's until his death in 1986.

The second paper in this volume, "The colors of Wappo and Yuki," address the controversial relationship between between the two languages. Based on the evolutionary sequence of color terms expressed in Berlin and Kay (1969), Sawyer argues that one can determine something about the degree and kind of relationship between two or more languages by comparing their color systems." (from the Foreword by Alice Shepherd)