Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 8
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 8

Volume 8
Proceedings of the Meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas July 2-4, 1993 and the Hokan-Penutian Workshop July 3, 1993
Edited by Margaret Langdon

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1-20Putting pronouns in proper perspective in proposals of remote relationships among Native American languages[PDF]
Lyle Campbell
21-30S-prefixation in Upper Chehalis (Salish) imperfective predicates[PDF]
M. Dale Kinkade
31-39Comparative difficulties of the 'Gulf' languages[PDF]
Geoffrey Kimball
40-58Like hair, or trees: Semantic analysis of the Coeur d'Alene prefix ne' 'amidst'[PDF]
Debra J. Occhi, Gary B. Palmer, and Roy H. Ogawa
59-74Constituent order variation in Apurinã[PDF]
Sidney Facundes
75-92Case, verb type, and ergativity in Trumai[PDF]
Raquel Guirardello
93-118Nheengatu (Língua Geral Amazonica), its history, and the effects of language contact[PDF]
Denny Moore, Sidney Facundes, and Nadia Pires
119-137Reconstruction of Proto-Tupari consonants and vowels[PDF]
Denny Moore and Vilacy Galucio
138-144Basic word order in Karitiana (Akirem family, Tupi stock)[PDF]
Luciana R. Storto
145-169'How', and 'thus' in UA Cupan and Yuman: A case of areal influence[PDF]
Eric Elliott
170-182Kroeber and Harrington on Mesa Grande Diegueño (Iipay)[PDF]
Margaret Langdon
183-198Conjunctions and reference tracking in Yuma[PDF]
Amy Miller
199-207The shifting status of initial glottal stop in Barbareño Chumash[PDF]
Marianne Mithun, Tsuyoshi Ono, and Suzanne Wash
208-217Final glottalization in Barbareño Chumash and its neighbors[PDF]
Tsuyoshi Ono, Suzanne Wash, and Marianne Mithun