Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 9
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 9

Volume 9
Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop July 8-9, 1994 and July 5-6, 1995
Edited by Victor Golla

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1-14On Nez Perce nouns with irregular metrical behavior or 'Why 'grizzly bear' has horrible stress'[PDF]
Harold Crook
15-42John Milhau's 1865 Hanis Coos vocabulary: Coos dialectology and philology[PDF]
Anthony P. Grant
43-50The development of head marking in Eastern Miwokan: Implications for contact with Proto-Yokuts[PDF]
Marvin Kramer
51-90The Sahaptin inflectional suffix complex[PDF]
Noel Rude
91-112Reattaching Tsimshianic to Penutian[PDF]
Marie-Lucie Tarpent
113-128Valence arithmetic in the Tolkapaya lexicon[PDF]
Pamela Munro
129-130Report on the special Hokan session in Albuquerque, July 1995
Margaret Langdon and William H. Jacobsen
131-170Appendix A: Hokan bibliographies[PDF]
171-190Appendix B: Pronominal reference and case systems in selected Hokan languages[PDF]
191-232Appendix C: Seri contributions to the intercontinental dictionary series[PDF]
Stephen A. Marlett and Mary B. Moser