Manuscripts and other publications

The first page of Sydney Lamb's unpublished Mono dictionary
A page from Kenneth Whistler's Master's thesis "Patwin folk-taxonomic structures" (1976)

Many valuable but unpublished or out-of-print resources on California and other indigenous languages are in the possession of the Survey, both as part of its regular collection and in its non-archival library holdings. We believe that these materials should be accessible to a wider audience, so we have made electronic copies of these unpublished manuscripts and some out-of-print volumes available here. We will continue to scan and add to this collection.

All items posted here, published or otherwise unpublished, are copyright (©) by their authors and editors.

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  • Wash, Suzanne M. 1995. Productive reduplication in BarbareƱo Chumash. Master's thesis, University of California, Santa Barbara. [PDF]
  • Wash, Suzanne M. 2001. Adverbial clauses in BarbareƱo Chumash narrative discourse. Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Santa Barbara. [PDF]
  • Whistler, Kenneth. 1976. Patwin folk-taxonomic structures. Master's thesis, University of California, Berkeley. [PDF]