Argument Structure

The Verb-Argument Construction project examines the relationships between the frame semantics of lexical verbs, and the syntactic argument structure constructions in which those verbs can be used. An underlying hypothesis is that, as many construction grammarians have argued, argument structure constructions themselves have frame-based semantics - and crucially, that semantics is not a universal; that is, a "transitive" or "passive" construction in one language is not semantically identical to a "transitive" or "passive" construction in another language. Our initial corpus project compares CUT and BREAK verbs in English, examining their frame semantics as a motivation for their differing patterns of constructional co-occurrence. French and Japanese corpus data, as well as data from other semantic domains of English, is being examined but is not yet up on this website.

Eve Sweetser
Myriam Bouveret
Paula Radetzky
Seiko Fujii
Oana David