At Berkeley, I developed the course (COGSCI 88) that connects cognitive science with data science for entry-level undergraduate students, and a more advanced version of the course (COGSCI 190) that emphasizes in computational thinking and skill development for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students.


  • COGSCI 190: Special Topics in Cognitive Science (a.k.a. Data Science and Cognition) (2016 F) [syllabus]
  • COGSCI 88: Data Science and The Mind (2016/5 F; 2015 S) [syllabus]

Open course resources

>> Some technical notes for the classes I teach that summarize core computational ideas for students in cogsci/psych/ling/cs: >> A Python Jupyter notebook developed for class projects on exploring the World Color Survey or WCS (Berlin & Kay, 1969) - an important and well-studied cross-linguistic dataset for probing the relations of human languages and cognition: >> A brief draft tutorial on scripting in Python (Jupyter) for beginners in the classes: