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'oohl person, people, Indian, Yurok Indian

pegerk man, male person, real man, rich man, independent person, all-grown-up person

meweemor old man

wenchokws woman

'ne-psech my father

we'yon teenage girl, young woman

huueksoh child, children

'n-ahpew my wife

huuek child, baby

perey grow old (of a woman), old woman, old lady

kuechos grandmother

wer'yers girl, small girl

cheenes young man, teenage boy

too'mar friend, relative, relation

'ne-me'y my daughter

'woogey be holy, former people, white man, white people, at first identified with former people

negeneech mouse, bastard child

cheenomewes young man, teenage boy

'ne-chekos my mother

'ne-nos my husband

k'ep'ew grandchild

meges doctor, white doctor, medical doctor

peechowos grandfather

poy'weson chief, leader, boss, best (at doing something), headman

'ne-merm my son

'ne-let my sister, my female cousin (of a woman)

kegey doctor, Indian doctor

tos child!

tuelos aunt

cheemos uncle

'ne-paa my brother (of a man)

'ne-romech my niece

'oolekwehl people, world, the human world

'uema'ah devil, Indian devil

kokos mother

tey brother-in-law (of a man)

'ne-le'y my brother (of a woman)

'omeemos Hupa Indian

chaanuueks young child, baby, newborn

cheween mother-in-law

chnaa woman's brother-in-law

ka'aal slave

keen fisherman


kuech grandmother

ler'ger' black person

mekey children

melo' brush dance officiant, medicine woman

me'loh in-law whose spouse has died but who remains with spouse's family, relative

meechos cousin, male cousin, elder brother

nohpet'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

paarew father-in-law

pecheeklaa up river Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

peychew deceased grandfather

peenos older sister

pueleeklaa down river people, the river Yurok

saameyohl widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder, widow

teekues Italian person or people

totos father

wer'ergery young person

'n-ekchuem my nephew

'ne-ykew my younger sibling, my younger sister

'oolekwoh people

cheechos younger sibling, younger sister

cheenomewah young man

chee'm uncle!

chmerk be angry, person who pouts, moody person

chneen sister-in-law

choch relative

chery little person

chueluela' Chilula Indian

hehlkew 'woogey former people (having retreated inland)

hehlkeeklaa Klamath River Indians

hoogech neee'n astronomer

hermcherh adulterer

huep'oola' Hupa Indian, the Hupa people

kaamuueks bastard

kegem someone who is jealous of everything

kergertker' fisherman

kert'er' bald person

kwes'oyew prayer doctor

k'erep' widow

k'ewen widow who has cut her hair in mourning, widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder

k'ohoo unmarried mother, mother of bastards

lo' chief builder of the Fish Dam at Kepel

ler'ergerysh dark-skinned person

mekeyowok children

mesee'ronuen a slim man

mew widower

mewee'm widower

muenchers fair-skinned person, white animal or bird

muenters fair-skinned person

muueweemor old men

negee'eehl twins

nego'ohlen midwife

neenos woman married to a relative

neewah man married to a relative

nee'eeyuen sibling

nohpey enter one's wife's house, half-married man

nohpuuek child of a "half" (matrilocal) marriage

no'oma'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

ner'ernerh Coast Yurok, Coast Indian

pewomeen a cook

puelekuekla' downriver Indian, Yurok Indian

ra'aseeshon disgusting person

saameyohl 'o 'ue-meyoo a child born while its widowed mother was still cutting her hair

sa'ahl have a fit, have a tantrum, ghost

sepolekeekla' any tribe living in the prairies

skerweech craftsman, a woman who makes fine designs, fine work, centipede

taahl ceremonial singer

teeeget crybaby

teenuuemonok crazy person

tolowehl Tolowa Indian

wegoh go across by boat, someone who carries money settling disputes

weroch bachelor

weyet Wiyot Indian

wohluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

worme'y spinster, unmarried elderly lady

worocheen bachelor

yegue'ueh ferryman

'n-ahpemew my mate, my spouse

'ne-chkar my deceased brother's widow, my deceased sister's widower, my ex-sibling-in-law

'ne-chnewk'wos my son-in-law

'ne-choch my more distant relative

'ne-chochos my more distant relative

'ne-kwaa my relative by marriage, my distant relative by marriage

'ne-k'ep'ch'em my daughter-in-law

'ne-wey my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-weyech my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-'moo my married daughter

'o'lehl hegoh house builder

'o'loolekweesh 'o-n name of a female spirit, Sky Woman

'we'ges Chinese person

'woo white person

'woogehlmen half-breed

'werrgeryers fair-skinned person, brave person

Dictionary entry

ko'omechn • Orleans Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

Lexicon record # 1040 | Source references: R210 FS(B203) JE73 JE79
Semantic domain: people

Sentence example (1)

  1. Ko'omech.
    Karuk (person, people).

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    — Georgiana Trull, Yurok Language Conversation Book, chapter 22: "People/Relatives" (GT3-22, 2003)