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Broader semantic domain: mammals

Related semantic domain(s): rabbits and hares, squirrels and chipmunks, miscellaneous medium-sized mammals, larger carnivores, mice and rats, miscellaneous small mammals, aquatic mammals

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puuk deer, deer meat

mewihl elk

kwegeru'r pig, hog

mulah horse

chekas donkey

s'echoh horn, horns, wedge

kepchenish fawn

meruh chego'onep' five-point buck


ponchech gray deer, white deerskin

chego'onep' four-point buck

hlkrhlkrpich spotted fawn

mewihl 'we-s'ech elk horn

nego'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

pegihl musmus bull

ponches white deer

puuktek deer

shiip sheep

tohsoh doe

Dictionary entry

musmusn • cow, bull, cattle

Lexicon record # 1973 | Source references: R226 JE29
Semantic domain: hoofed mammals
Derivation: borrowed from Chinook Jargon

Special meanings or uses

  • pegihl musmus bull (male bull) R226

  • musmus 'u-pegehl bull (male cow) JE24

  • musmus 'we-new milk (from a cow) GT/KI

Derived phrase or compound

Short recordings (4) | Sentence example (1)

  1. kolin musmus "a cow" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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  2. musmus "cow, bull, cattle" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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  3. musmus "cow" (spoken by Archie Thompson)

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  4. musmus "cow" (spoken by Georgiana Trull)

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