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che-ween mother-in-law

chee-chos younger sibling, younger sister

chee-mos uncle

chee'm uncle!

chnaa woman's brother-in-law

chneen sister-in-law

choch relative

ko-kos mother

kuech grandmother

kue-chos grandmother

k'ep-'ew grandchild

me'-loh in-law whose spouse has died but who remains with spouse's family, relative

mee-chos cousin, male cousin, elder brother

nee-'ee-yuen sibling

paa-rew father-in-law

pey-chew deceased grandfather

pee-cho-wos grandfather

pee-nos older sister

tey brother-in-law (of a man)

to-tos father

tue-los aunt

'nah-pe-mew my mate, my spouse

'nah-pew my wife


'ne-che-kos my mother

'nech-keyr my deceased brother's widow, my deceased sister's widower, my ex-sibling-in-law

'nech-newk'-wos my son-in-law

'ne-choch my more distant relative

'ne-cho-chos my more distant relative

'ne-kwaa my relative by marriage, my distant relative by marriage

'nek-'ep'-ch'em my daughter-in-law

'ne-let my sister, my female cousin (of a woman)

'ne-le'y my brother (of a woman)

'ne-me'y my daughter

'ne-merm my son

'ne-nos my husband

'ne-paa my brother (of a man)

'nep-sech my father

'ne-ro-mech my niece

'ne-wey my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-wey-yech my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ney-kew my younger sibling, my younger sister

'ne'-moo my married daughter

Dictionary entry

'nek-chuemn dep • my nephew

Lexicon record # 2388 | Source references: R198 JE93
Semantic domain: kin terms

Short recordings (2) | Sentence example (1)

  1. 'nek-chuem "my nephew" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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  2. 'wek-chuem "his or her nephew" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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