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Broader semantic domain: physical world

Related semantic domain(s): landscape, place names, astronomy and the sky, weather

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chaahl sand, beach

chek-che-'eehl prayer rock

chkem-koh flint used in face tattooing

ha-'aag rock

hlkehl land, ground, clay, dirt

hlkey-yom clay

hlke'-mah ladder, stepping stones

hlkohl mud

hlkoo-lon be muddy, mud

kehl-kem red clay, floor

koy-kuue'l hollow rock (lucky)

neee-gem flint, obsidian

pehl-kohl pebbles, gravel

pehl-koo pebble

pe-mo-yekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

pe-wo-lah terrace, stones used to pave a floor

pey-ken colored mud

pe'-wol soapstone


per-mer-yerh rock used to make pemoyekw, waterproof, water-resistant, rainproof, smooth

pern-cherch dust

re-ko-yoysh white flint used for cutting

s'ey-yoh pounding stone

t'ohl-t'ohl mud, swampy ground

'ehl-kehl clay

'ne-kwol my fishing rock, my claim, my title, my fishing place

Dictionary entry

pon-tetn • ashes

Lexicon record # 2644 | Source references: R239 JE10
Semantic domain: rocks and inanimate natural objects

Special meaning or use

  • pon-tet son grey [literally, "like ashes"] YLCB62 [colors]

Short recordings (5) | Sentence examples (4)

  1. pon-tet "ashes" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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  2. pon-tet "ashes" (spoken by Archie Thompson)

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  3. pon-tet "ashes" (spoken by Jimmie James)

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  4. pon-tet "dust" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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  5. pon-tet "ashes, grey" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

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