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Related semantic domain(s): landscape, place names, rocks and inanimate natural objects, astronomy and the sky

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tenpewe'hl it is raining, rain, storm

ten rain

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

lohpee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

ro'r it snows

ta'anoy'hl it is hot weather, it is sunny

skeweg be good weather, be clear weather, be sunny weather


che'loy'hl it is dry weather, it evaporates, the river is narrow

kaameg be bad weather

swoopee'hl pour with rain, rain hard

cheporeg be cold weather

ke'ype'hl there is a flicker of lightning

mewech' it blows (wind), the wind is blowing in this direction

sahksah hail, hail

swerrk'ws there is a gust of wind, wind is blowing in this direction

hl'ohko'hl it thunders

kaamege'hl it is bad weather, it is stormy

mo'ohpeer fog

roreer snow

ta' be hot weather, be sunny

cheporege'hl it is cold weather

mo'ohpeerk be foggy

rohpee'hl it clears (of weather)

rookw wind

leptenok cloud, clouds blowing

mew blow in a particular direction (of wind)

mewomech' it blows in a particular direction (of the wind)

meworoh it is clearing (of weather), clouds are gone

negahse'wey rainbow

nege'hl the weather is (a certain way)

skewege'hl it is good weather, it is clear weather

serrnerk'ws it is very windy weather

swegoopeehl pour with rain

ta'ehl be hot weather

tonpewe'hl it is showery

chepore'hl it is cold weather

ho'gon north wind, storm

kege'y there is lightning

ke'ween 'we-leen hail

k'e'go' there is lightning

lenkwe'hl it is overcast, there is an eclipse

leptenoksee'hl it is cloudy, it gets cloudy

leptenoyhl be cloudy, be misty

lewkwenohl be cloudy

lohkwo'hl it is dull weather

lerpsuewer'y it is covered in mist

lerpternue'erwer'y it is bad weather

maay clear (of weather), pass by


nekeechwey rainbow

rewkwo'hl it is misty

segep 'ue-pery rainbow

skueweg be good weather

skuewege'hl it is good weather

wonewslepah rainbow

wonue 'we-laayekah rainbow

Dictionary entry

roree'v • it snows

Lexicon record # 2883 | Source references: JE40 YLCB76 YLCB113
Semantic domain: weather

Short recordings (3) | Sentence examples (6)

  1. kue roree' "the snow" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

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  2. roreeh "snow" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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  3. roree' "snow" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

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