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Broader semantic domain: society

Related semantic domain(s): about people, kinds of people, man-made objects

More specific semantic domains: ceremonies and dances, food, drink, and cooking, games, greetings and polite expressions, hunting and fishing

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nepek' I eat

helomeyek' I dance

ruerowok' I sing, I boil over, I sing

'e'gah eat in a group, have a meal, meal

tmook' I shoot

'ahspek' I drink

rekwoh drink

pemek' I cook

kegoh acorn soup

kertkek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

ma'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

hookwchek' I gamble, I play cards

'ey yes

melee' there is a brush dance

mueschen really, truly, true, yes, truly

tmoolook' I shoot

wokhlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

nuenepuy food, fish

pewomek' I cook

popsew bread

skuuewetek' I like to taste, I like to eat

ka'a'n deerhide blanket with hair on it, blanket, deerskin wrap (in the Jump Dance)

tenpeyok' I eat much, I eat a lot, I overeat

k'ookwsook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

lewetek' I fish with a net, I set a net

ma'ahskehl spear

pew cook

che'loyehl they are dry

ma'ahskek' I spear, I go spear fishing

rohseemek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

ke'mow food

telogehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

chuue' well, goodbye, come on

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

koweeshcho' thank you, thanks, I am grateful

neeegem flint, obsidian

nerperw meat

nerrmery sing songs, brush dance song

peeshkah salt, sea, ocean

rohkuen ball

soonewetek' I taste (something)

'ohlkuem of course, you're welcome

'erkerh fish with a net, fishing net


herkwterks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

lewet net, fish net, salmon net

ler'ergerh be black, be dark-colored, (round things) coffee

nueneg food

pemey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

rego' feather, feather for display (as in headband), morning feathers (in brush dance), "simple upright down-head feathers" in the deerskin dance

rohsek' I throw, I pitch (a ball)

skuuewolonee something sweet, sweets, candies

smechoy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

tos child!

che'lohtemew be dried (of food)

chkeeeker' fork, table fork

chuehl well, goodbye, so be it

hegoorekeech yerba buena tea, vine tea

melok' I attend a brush dance

meenek' I bet

merner'skwery pull the skin off a fish

merwperh food carried with one, food brought by bride, packed lunch

nerrmerypeyok' I'm singing (in the brush dance)

pee'woh why not!, you're welcome!, sure!, okay

pyeweg perform the white deerskin dance, white deerskin dance

remoh take part in doctor dance, kick dance, doctor dance, kick dance

rorowenek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

syoolah dance in the brush dance (of a girl)

weyo'opewek' I finish making acorn soup, I finish cooking with hot rocks

'ahspeyue'r soup

'ayekwee' alas!, I am sorry, a formal salutation of departure, formerly used "chiefly as farewell to the dead, etc.", hello!

che'lohtek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

hookw gamble

ho'opewek' I make acorn soup

herhlper' sticks (in stick game)

herk'eryek' I hide

kery braids, hair wraps, hair tie, two braids

ma'ahskuemek' I spear

ney greeting between women

nuenepueh food, fish

pyewoluemek' I chew

reguuekwo' beverage, especially liquor

repchem honey, sugar

ske'woyehl they are ripe, they are cooked

tekwskey manroot, wild cucumber, pickle

te'nahspek' I am drunk

'ahspah be given food or drink

che'loh dry (food), bake (food), cure (food), dry by heating

cheee'sh woodpecker crest, woodpecker scalp

chokchoop' drum, drumstick

harpuen mint, mint tea

hegon spoon, scraper

herhlperh stick game

kaamewetek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

kerguuek a round is won (in a game)

lemolook' I hook eels

loogeen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

ma'ak head rings, "a stuffed ring of deerskin with three or four of the scarlet [woodpecker] scalps sewn on", "head rings with woodpecker on them", head roll

meloo brush dance

merueh chego'onep' five-point buck

merw food carried with one, food brought by bride

merwerch the dance is ending, the end of a dance

merwer'y the final dance at the brush dance is danced

muenchehl ceremonial dress, dance dress

muencherhl milk

nohpet'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

nohpeweehl sing solo at the brush dance, brush dance song, heavy song

nooych eat food as a guest

nowoh greeting between men

nerrmeryek' I sing songs

ner'wkwert arrow

parkokwch guessing sticks, playing card

plegokw headband of woodpecker scalps, headroll

ponchech gray deer, white deerskin

poykoh flat basket, pan, pot

per'yp'er'w be sour

pyuueweg perform the deerskin dance, deerskin dance

rewpenek' I win (in gambling)

skuuewolonee pa'ah soda

sroy signal in games

serp headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

tkek'wa'r pot

tkek'we'l pot, pan, kettle

tregepah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

wahtey tossle in stick game

wesomot bow (for arrows)

weyokseep Labrador tea

'e'gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

chego'onep' four-point buck

chekcheen salmon trap

chek'wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

cheskew scoop net for candlefish

cheskewehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

cheenomelek' I give away part of my winnings in a game

chkerkerr' pierce, spear, pitchfork, fork (utensil)

chmeyonen 'o 'we-'ee'ee'gah dinner

chokchoop'a'r drum, drumstick

chowon seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

chowonek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

chpeeego'repek' I get ready for a race

cherwerner' large fishing net

hegel dance

hehlkue 'we-rego'oh gill net

helog cooking paddle, acorn mush stirrer, stirring paddle

hlker'ermery war dance

hlker'ermeryek' I sing a war dance song

hooloh rohkuet basketball

hoyeee oh!, hey!, hello!

ho'neet bait, lure

ho'nk'et bait, lure

hergerk'eryen dealer

her'erhkerhl be fresh (food, etc.)

kaamew it is bitter, it tastes bad, it is sour

kehlpeyok' I sing through a dream (of a doctor), I lose control of myself at the doctor dance

kep't'oh feed an infant soft food

keychelew speak the medicine formula on the ninth day of a girl's first menstruation

kmoypon spread (butter, jam, etc.)

knetken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetknet arrowhead, cartridge

knewetek' I fish with a net

kopeen coffee

kreychoh hair ties

kertkerhl trout fishing pole

ker'yer' peel (fruit or vegetable)

kuereesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kuuerk cross the goal-line, score, as in the stick game

kuuerksek' I play the stick game, I score (in the stick game)

lehlkemok' I wrap (something) in skunk cabbage leaves (for cooking)

lem hook eels

lemolohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lemolo'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lepkwoh form seaweed into round cakes

lepo'm headband "worn by the woman formulist in the Brush Dance ... normally made of ordinary feathers", doctor's forehead band of condor ruff

loo fish weir, fish dam

luue' fish with a net, set a net

ma'ahskeemek' I spear

meraawonee smoked (of salmon)

meraa's it (food) is smoky, cure by smoke

mewolep' deerskin dance officiant

merwpok' I carry food with me

nega' surf-fish net, triangle net

nego'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

neyen greeting between women

nooychkwek' I eat food as a guest

nooychkwok' I eat food as a guest

no'oma'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

nerhcherr' fishhook

ner' snare

ner'ermerh snare

ner'ermers snare, a trigger snare

ner'ermert deer meat, venison

ner'ermertek' I snare

ner'erpek' I trap

ner'ers trap

ner'ersek' I trap

nuenepew food, fish


pa'ahpetew bowstring

pechoch broil

pemoroh drippings

pemoyekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

penkw acorn flour

pepah pepper

peskoh spear, fish spear, three piece toggle head for catching salmon

pewomeen a cook

pewomo'r s/he cooks for someone

peya'r cook over an open fire

peeesh pea

peeshkaahl 'o koh seafood

pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

plowah flour

puercheehl brush dance cap

pyuerowok' I perform the sacred rites at a dance, I purify myself

raas rice

rechkok' I dance in a particular direction

regey ceremonial headdress

reguuekwoh liquor

rehl'ep' be concentrated in a given direction, of a wish or a prayer, be tossed in a given direction in the stick game, point in a given direction, of a person

rekeweech fish for trout with two lines

rekeeroy broil, broil over a fire

rekwohpeyok' I drink

remohpoh doctor dance song, doctor song

repoy drum song

repoyok' I sing a song with drum beating

rooysh rice

ruerowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sechkes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

skuuewolon kmoypon jam

slooween raw (of food)

sloowpey eat raw

smechook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

smohta'r bow (for arrows)

serperyer' headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

taahl ceremonial singer

te'nah drunk

tkek'we'look' I boil

tomsewok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

tregepa' dip net

tregepetek' I fish with a dip net

trekwonuemek' I take a sip

terrluel bone put through nose of corpse, knife with short hilt

wohluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

woneek 'we-legoo jump dance

wor mode of address by a man to his wife

wo'omehl shelled acorn

werhlperh stick game

'ahspue'm drink

'luemon eel trap, eel basket

'o kergery feather camp, dress camp (in Jump Dance)

'ohlpeyok' I eat from, I bite

'olueleek'w lumps in acorn soup from lightly stirring

'orpet duck blind

'oyekwee' long for, miss, hey!, hello!, oh!

'oyeee hey!, hello!, oh!

'oyuuekwee' hey!, hello!, oh!

'uemyo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

Dictionary entry

cherhkwek'vi e-class • I am jumping center (in the brush dance)

Lexicon record # 291 | Source reference: GT(AG-08-2)
Semantic domain: ceremonies and dances

Sentence examples (4)

  1. Nek keech cherhkwerk'.
    I'm jumping center.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)

  2. Ke'l keech cherhkwer'm.
    You're jumping center.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)

  3. Yo' cherk'w.
    He's jumping center.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)

  4. Ke'l hes keech cherhkwer'm?
    Are you jumping center?

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)