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skewok want, wish, love, like

soneenepek' I feel, I think (a particular way)

skewokseemek' I want, I wish, I love, I like

peerwerkseemek' I love

tewomehl be glad, happy

teytesek' I am angry

tyohpeyokseemek' I hate, I dislike

tewomehlkook' I am glad, I am happy

wokhlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

soneen feel, think (a particular way)

chperwerk remember, think of, miss, pine for, become lonesome for

tetolohlek' I cry, I neigh (of a horse)

tokseemek' I admire, I respect

mey mourn, cry, tear, tears (from eyes)

chpoksek' I think, I meditate

chperwerkseemek' I remember, I think of someone, I miss someone, I pine for

hohsepek' I am ashamed

homtepek' I play, I play with, I am happy

menewkwek' I drown, I go under water, , I am bashful

noweenepek' I am happy, I enjoy, I like the feeling

tetomokseemek' I am angry (at someone)

chegeyonahpeemek' I am tired of

kaamokseemek' I dislike, I hate

kemolochek' I am jealous, I envy


hahpeleen be lively, be happy

heyomoksek' I am lucky

homtah play, play with, be happy

kochpoksek' I think over, I meditate

pyerwerkseemek' I love

soneenah feel, think

soonoksek' I think

tetomok be angry (at someone)

wa's'ok pity

kesomewehlek' I am homesick, I long for, I miss, I am sad, I am lonesome, I am sorry for (someone)

k'enrokseemek' I trust, I admire, I respect

k'ensoonokseemek' I dislike, I have hateful thoughts about

nektokseemek' I adore, I admire, I like (someone)

nokseemek' I think of

noweenah be happy, enjoy

soono'p'eyok' I am angry, I am furious, I resent

sweyokseemek' I slight, I insult, I am aloof, I am disrespectful

sweyoneenepek' I am aloof, I don't want to associate, I fade, I doubt myself, I dislike the idea

tetomosek' I am angry, I am mad

te'noyok' I feel insulted

tyohpeyok hate, dislike

chegaanoksek' I forgive

chegeyoneenepek' I am tired of

chkenoowok be very stupid, be very poor

chkenoowoksek' I am very stupid, I am very poor

chmerk be angry, person who pouts, moody person

chpokseemek' I remember, I think back, I recollect

chperwerksek' I remember, I long for, I think about

hahpeleenepek' I feel lively, I feel happy

hlmeyokseemek' I am suspicious of

hlmeyorkweeshonek' I am feared, I am an object of fear

hooroksek' I am cunning, I am clever

kaamok be disliked

kesomewtek' I am homesick

nekteyok' I admire the cleverness of a person

nektok like (a favorite), pity

nerryerksek' I betray a trust

nerryerwerksek' I am betrayed

pkwok find out

pkwokseemek' I find out (what somebody is thinking), I find (somebody) out

pyerwerkseeshonowok' I am lovely

rokseemek' I trust

smeykoluemek' I pine, I miss

soono' be angry, be furious, resent

sweyokseeshonowok' I am rude

tegokseemek' I praise

tektomoksek' I am angry, I am mad

tenuemonok have bad luck wished on one, bad luck, spirits, insane

tenuemonokseemek' I wish bad luck on, I cast a spell on

tenuemonoksoyek' I have bad luck wished upon me

te'noyowok' I feel insulted

tyohpeeshonek' I am hateful

wa's'eeshonowok' I am pitiful, I am wretched

wa's'okseemek' I pity

wega'sok be unselfish

wega'sokseemek' I am unselfish

Dictionary entry

chegeyonepek'vt e-class • I am annoyed at (someone)

Lexicon record # 33 | Source reference: AF(AG-04-1)
Semantic domain: feelings and emotions
Derivation: morphological structure cheyonep-e- + -eg-

Sentence examples (2)

  1. Chegeyonepek'.
    I want to be alone.

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    — Jimmie James, Sentences (AG-07-1) (AG-07-1, 2006)

  2. Kolnee chegeyonepek'.
    I'm kind of annoyed.

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    — Jimmie James, Sentences (AG-07-1) (AG-07-1, 2006)