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chekw-che-kwah vertical stripes around a basket

che-log close woven basket for seeds, fancy basket for valuables

haa-moh bear grass, used in basket making

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

hee-mer-cher-wek' I weave (baskets) quickly

hoh-kuem 'ue-perh-chekws storage basket for tobacco

ho-leehl hazel shoot, hazel sticks (used in basket making), hazel

ho-lee-mek' I weave (baskets)

ho-lee-mew be woven (baskets)

ho-lo-yue'l water for soaking basket materials

hoo-loh basket (general term)

hoo-lo-yehl they are twisted, they are woven crooked, they are not straight (badly made baskets in which the uprights are not vertical)

hoo-re-che-wek' I weave baskets, I make baskets, I grope, I reach

herkw-terks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

ka'mt-'em basket for valuables

ke-che'w cover on a baby basket

ke-kwon pounding basket (bottomless)

ke-mew storage basket for tobacco

ke-woy burden basket

key-yom dipper basket

ker-kue'-yer-merhl zigzag pattern, wavy pattern

ker-kue'-yer' be crooked, zigzag design on baskets

ley-yo-lekw-sa' zigzag design on baskets, vertical stripe on baskets

me-se'n lichen for dyeing yellow, yellow moss, tree moss

me-so-lehl large platter for salmon meat, openwork and larger than 'lahpsew

mes-tek lining of leaves in a basket

mes-te-nekw ferns used to line baskets

mes-tok line something (clothes, baskets, etc.)

mes-'ehl a basket for drying things in, drying basket

mey-choh storage basket, "similar in shape [to pahtekws], but made altogether of hazel, without overlaying or patterns", measuring basket (for liquids)

mers-terk line a basket, lining to make something warmer

mue'-reep large basket for cooking acorn soup, cooking pot basket

naa-naak' ring of black and white dots around the bottom of a basket

noh-pey-yue'l raised rim of a basket, raised edge

no-'os baby basket

pah-tekws storage basket for food, "much larger" than a prhchrkws

pa-'aap' ladyfern, woodwardia fern (dyed in alder juice and used in basket making)

pe-kwo-le-wek' I peel sticks (for baskets)

pe-kwon basket used for acorn pounding

poy-chekws a small basket tray for seeds used as food

poy-koh flat basket, pan, pot

perh-cherkws plain trinket basket, fancy basket

raak nee ye'y stem of maidenhair fern (used in baskets)

se'-le-pek' I scrape the inside of a basket smooth

ske-wee-chokw nicely made basket, basket with good shape

sker-wee-che-wek' I weave (baskets) well and smoothly

te-gee'n porcupine, porcupine quill, yellow moss for dying basket materials, anything yellow, canary

te'-rekws a close-woven conical basket for seed gathering, bride's basket

te'-rekws 'ue-son thimble

too-me-chek' I carry (a heavy basket)

tue-meech carrying basket

t'wey-yo-mah basket cap

we-no-'o-mek' point at which another rib is added in a basket frame

wey-yew be woven, be finished (of baskets)

wey-ye-we-tek' I weave, I finish (baskets)

wery-pue'r first part of a basket to be woven, beginning of basket

'ah-te-meyr write, draw, make basket designs, marking on baskets, paper, writing, drawing, book, newspaper

'e-kah hat, cap

'e'-gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

'lahp-sew openwork basket plate for eating salmon, flat basket, plate

'lue-mon eel trap, eel basket

'oohl 'we-'e-kah Indian cap

'rue-mee-chekws "a nearly spherical basket in openwork, usually neatly made, and serving to hold sinew, awls, spoons, and small odds and ends", basket with handles, picnic basket

'ue-ko-ko'-ya' up and down design on baskets

'ue-puer raised ridge round basket

'we-cho-nep flat sifter basket

'wes-kuuel strap (on basket or load of wood; traditionally usually made of elk-skin)

'woh-peg spruce root (used in basket making)

'woh-peg 'we-'e-kah

'werh-per-yerh basket cap for everyday use, full cap

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'woh-peg 'we-'e-kahnp • work cap made of spruce

Lexicon record # 4093 | Source reference: GT(HMMU8)
Semantic domain: baskets and basket making