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wa's-'okvn • pity • Variant wa'-sok

Lexicon record # 3786 | Source references: R261 JE104 YLCB50 R261
Semantic domain: feelings and emotions
Derivation: morphological structure wa's'-oks

Sentence examples (2)

  1. Weesh-tue' weesh soo wa'-sok 'we-sek' kwe-see weet ho soo hoo-le'm 'oohl tue' kwe-las keech ho noo weesh-tue' ko hoh-kue'm.
    And so he was full of pity that this was how they the people had lived and now he himself had taken part.

    — Florence Shaughnessy, "The First Salmon Rite at Wehlkwew" (LA16-8, 1951)

  2. Keech mo-'ok'w ne-kach kee wa'-sok to' yo' now-kwo-pe'n.
    There was no one to pity me, so she is looking after me.

    — Various speakers, Sentences in R. H. Robins's Yurok Language (YL, 1951)