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hoo-lehl-ke-nek'vt e-class • I stir a fire, I bank a fire

Lexicon record # 611 | Source references: R201 JE14
Derivation: morphological structure hool-ehlk-ene-

Sentence examples (2)

  1. Kue keech 'o 'oo' 'we-lo-'og kue 'wo'hl-p'e'y noohl 'o hlo'm skuey-ye-nee ko-weesh 'o goo-lehl-ke'n mee' kee shoo me-che-wo-lo'.
    When the embers of the angelica root were left, she took out a stout stick and heaped them up so that they would glow.

    — Florence Shaughnessy, "The First Salmon Rite at Wehlkwew" (LA16-8, 1951)

  2. 'O goo-lehl-ke'n mee' kee soo me-che-wo-lo'.
    He stirred them (the embers) up so that they would glow.

    — Various speakers, Sentences in R. H. Robins's Yurok Language (YL, 1951)