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ke-lo-mo-'o-pek'vi e-class • I turn round

Lexicon record # 781 | Source reference: R205
Derivation: morphological structure kelom-o'op-e-

Sentence example (1)

  1. Cho k'e-ne-ko-me-wet so ke-lo-mo-'o-pe'm ko-wee-cho hee-noy so ko neee'-no-wo'm; ko-wee-cho nek ho neee'-no-wo-pa', ko-wee-cho ho ko'l hee neee'-no-wo'm.
    Turn to your right and do not look back; do not look at me, and do not look at things round about.

    — Florence Shaughnessy, "The First Salmon Rite at Wehlkwew" (LA16-8, 1951)