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chween say, speak, pray

chweenkah pray together

chweenkepek' I say, I speak, I pray

chweenkor word

chweenkuek sayings, language

chye'w make music

chye'wol musical instrument

chye'wolek' I make music, I play music

hegoomuemek' I say, I speak to

hlke'mohlkek' I shut up

hl'ekwelechek' I snore

hl'ewkweleeneechek' I snore

hl'ewkwelochek' I snore

kerger'ermerchek' I speak Karok

kwesaage'le'w someone who is hoarse, someone with a harsh voice


kwesaalochek' I speak hoarsely, I sing hoarsely

kweykweyuer whistle

kweyuerowok' I whistle a note

kwomkepek' I groan

kwerhkweryerchek' I whistle

kweryerchek' I whistle

kweryerh whistle, whistle

kweryerwek' I whistle (esp. in calling someone)

kweryuemek' I whistle to (someone)

laamohlek' I make a noise by pounding

lehlkoo' fall, be heard (noises)

lekwo'hl it falls in (a building, etc.), it fills the air (a noise)

lemege'hl there is a loud noise

leme'm rumble

leykwehl noise in the air similar to infants crying (bad omen)

noochek' I make a noise

nooloochek' I answer

noosooch noise made by something living

plerrgerchek' I talk too loud

plerrsek' I make a loud noise, I am loud

roogech there is an echo, echo

roogech' there is an echo

saa' speak Yurok, speak our language, speak Indian

saa'agoch speak Yurok, Yurok language

saa'agochek' I speak Yurok, I speak our language, I speak Indian

saa'agoh speak Yurok, speak ordinary or colloquial Yurok as opposed to 'woogey speech

sesewek' I whisper

sese'yewek' I whisper

ses'eep rustle

ses'ohl they tinkle

seeegolepew be growling (of animal)

seeegolepoch' it growls (of animal)

seeeyehlek' I hiss

skewoogechek' I sound good

skue'yolok' I like to hear, I like the sound of

soch say, speak

sochpeyewek' I say, I speak, I reply

soonoch sounds

syego'oo grunt, make a noise

syewsyew lap (of small waves), rattle (of strings of shells)

syohsyo'ooch rattle (intr.)

syo'ooch' s/he makes a noise

syo'oogechek' I grunt, I make a noise

syo'oogen grunt, make a noise

tegeruemek' I talk, I pray, I make medicine

tegeruepek' I talk to myself

teenoogech' it makes a sharp sound (like a drum), it makes a metallic sound

toh talk, use language

tohkow talk in a group

tok'olew coo (of a baby)

tolowechek' I speak Tolowa

tolowoochek' I speak Tolowa

tomowohlek' I chatter

tergerw speak, settle a dispute

tergerwermek' I greet, I speak to, I talk to

wewolon noise in the air, high piercing hollow windy sound (bad omen)

werrsek' I yell

'e'gol call (of a bird), hoot

'e'gomeemoh speak Hupa

'eenoh grunt

'oloye'w it calls (e.g. of a bird), it hoots, it makes a noise, it squeaks (e.g. of a bed)

'omeemoh speak Hupa

'osreer there is a noise

'werrgeryerch speak English

'werrgeryerchek' I speak English

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kwesaalewek'vi e-class • I am hoarse

Lexicon record # 1264 | Source reference: FS(B204)
Semantic domains: ; sounds and speaking