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Morphology search: -ohp- [-ohp-] • medial suffix • water or liquid, especially if contained or rising • Variants -rhp-, -oh-, -oop-, -rh-

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hewomop' it is warm (of liquids)


hlkoop' slime

hoolohpeenek' I stir

kaamop' it is rough water

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

keyomop' it's a whirlpool

ke'mohpechek' I bail out

ke'mohpet bail out water

ke'mohpetechek' I bail out water

k'ohoolop' a liquid in the process of solidifying

laakaamop' it is rough water on a river

laayop' it flows, it runs (of a liquid)

lohpeenek' I scrape out

lohpee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

lerh saliva, spittle

lerhperyehl drool, saliva, spittle

mo'ohpeer fog

mo'ohpeerk be foggy

myop' it is crowded, the water rises (like a swell)

pekoyop' it is red (water)

plop' it is in spate, it floods

plerwernerp' it is high tide, it is high (of a river)

regohpetek' I fill

regohpeenek' I fill

regop' it is full (of liquid)

rekwoh drink

rekwohpeyok' I drink

rohpeer semen

rohpee'hl it clears (of weather)

seeyoh slide (of a landslide), break (of a wave)

seeyohpeehl slide (of a landslide), break (of a wave)

seeyop' it slides (of a landslide), it breaks (of a wave)

skewop' it is calm (water)

stek'wop' there's a crest of high water, it's high tide

swoopeenek' I spill it (something uncountable, e.g. water, salt), I pour it, I empty it

swoopee'hl pour with rain, rain hard

swoopoyoh burst forth, gush (liquid)

swoop' it spilled

ta'anoop' it is hot, it gets hot (liquid)

tenop be a lot of liquid

tenop' there is a lot of it (liquid)

testop' it coagulates

teekwohpenek' I break a container or a boat

tkop' it is thick (of liquid)

terperyerh be cold (liquids)

terperyerp' it is cold (a liquid)

'ekoyop' it is pliable, it is flexible, it is sticky, it is gummy

'O Keget'oh a place on the sandbar by Big Lagoon

'O Ket'oh Big Lagoon, a town on Big Lagoon

Dictionary entry

hlke'goop'n • slug, banana slug

Lexicon record # 1503 | Source references: R218 JE122
Semantic domain: snakes and slimy animals
Derivation: morphological structure hlk-ohp- + -eg-

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  1. hlke'goop "slug, banana slug" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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  2. hlke'goop "banana slug" (spoken by Georgiana Trull)

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  3. hlke'goop' "slug, banana slug" (spoken by Carrie Roberts)

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  4. hlke'goop' "slug" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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