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chaahlkemoyehl they are sandy

chaahlke's it is sandy (floors, ground, etc.)

chahchesek' I have no energy, I am tired of

chegaanoksek' I forgive

chegeyonahpeemek' I am tired of

chegeyonepek' I am annoyed at (someone)

chegeyoneenepek' I am tired of

chege'lohsek' I gather seaweed

cheweehlkesek' I clear an area (e.g., by removing rocks from a path)

cheweehlketek' I clear an area (e.g., by removing rocks from a path)

chewonemek' I straighten

chewo'repek' I run in a straight line

cheykek'wo'n it is small (plants, etc.)

cheykelek' I am small (human beings, animals, birds, tools, etc., trees, etc., body parts, utensils, clothes, worms, ropes, etc., flat things, boats)

cheykok's it is narrow (flat things)

cheykuemek' I bite (a little bite)

cheyohpeketek' I put by, I store

cheyohpetesek' I hide, I put by, I store safely

cheyohpeenek' I hide, I put by

che'lohtek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

che'loogech' it sounds crunchy

che'looksek' I am dry, I am thirsty

che'loyehl they are dry

che'loy'hl it is dry weather, it evaporates, the river is narrow

che'royehl they become crisp

cheeeshomoyehl they flower

cheenepek' I feel irritated, I am upset

cheeweyetek' I crave, I am hungry for

chkek'wo'n it is shallow, it is short

chkenoowoksek' I am very stupid, I am very poor

chkenuenowomechek' I planted only a few (plants), I didn't plant very many (plants)

chkue'roge'hl it is shallow

chkue'rogee'hl it is shallow

chpaaneenepek' I take a long time, I feel the time dragging

chpeeego'repek' I get ready for a race

chpeenahpeemek' I await

chpeenahpuemek' I await

chpeenepek' I wait

chpoksek' I think, I meditate

chpokseemek' I remember, I think back, I recollect

chperwerksek' I remember, I long for, I think about

chperwerkseemek' I remember, I think of someone, I miss someone, I pine for

chpuerkepek' I take care

cheryker'eryehl they are small (animal or bird)

chweenkepek' I say, I speak, I pray

chyuuek'wenek' I sit

chyuuep'eryertek' I comb (transitive)

hahpeleenepek' I feel lively, I feel happy

hegoomuemek' I say, I speak to

hereekwonek' I cough

hewehlkeloyek' I get up

hewehlkeloypek' I get up, I get out of bed, I wake up

hewomop' it is warm (of liquids)

hewomoyek' I become warm

heyomoksek' I am lucky

he'woneehlkwenek' I wake (someone) up

heemo'repek' I run quickly

heemerksek' I hurry (going somewhere)

hee'monemek' I pack

hee'muelesek' I carry (a load)

hlkelomoyek' I am dirty

hlkemek' I kneel

hlkeyomoyehl they are slimy

hlke'mohlkepek' I shut up

hlkoolonkemoyehl they are muddy

hlker'merkerhlkeenek' I knot, I tie

hlkyorkwek' I look at, I watch

hlmeyokseemek' I am suspicious of

hlmeyonemek' I frighten

hlmeyorkwenoomelek' I am feared

hlmeyorkweeshonek' I am feared, I am an object of fear

hlohlpepek' I lower myself down by my hands

hloyomek' I touch (something) lightly

hl'ewkwelochek' I snore

hl'ohlko'n it crackles

hl'o'repek' I stop (running or walking)

hl'o'ronepek' I stop moving

hl'uehlkwo'n it explodes, shoots, goes off (of a gun, etc.)

hohkepek' I am in training, I practice

hohkuemek' I make, I build, I repair, I gather (flowers, etc.), I cause

hohsepek' I am ashamed

hohsepeeshonek' I am shameful

homchepek' I fool, I trick, I fool around with

homtepek' I play, I play with, I am happy

hoolehlkenek' I stir a fire, I bank a fire

hoolenek' I wear (clothes), I handle

hoolohpeenek' I stir

hoolootek' I wave (trans.)

hooluuelesek' I pack (a load), I carry (a load), I carry on my back

hoonechek' I paddle upstream

hoorechewek' I weave baskets, I make baskets, I grope, I reach

hooroksek' I am cunning, I am clever

hooro'repek' I run around

hooruerek' I wade

hoo'yk'elek' I am lost

hoo'yk'enek' I am lost

hoo'yk'etek' I lose

hoyhlkepek' I flap, I roll around, I flop, I wiggle

ho'omepek' I make a fire

hergeekwser'weyek' I smile

hergermcherpek' I am unfaithful in marriage

herkwsue'weryek' I have a smiling face

herwerskweryehl they are rough, they are blistered, they are rough grounds

huemonark' it is warm

huemonepek' I get warm, I am warm

huenowomechek' I bring up, I rear (a child)

huenowoochek' I grow

huenoyohlkoyek' be transformed (of 'woogey after the coming of people)

kaamege'hl it is bad weather, it is stormy

kaamehlkesek' I am dirty, I am rough

kaamewetek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

kaameehlek' I dream a doctor's dream, I dream about pain, I have a bad dream

kaamokseemek' I dislike, I hate

kaamop' it is rough water

kaamo'molek' I stink, I smell bad

kaamuenowomechek' I have bad luck with my plants

kaap'oleehlkwemoyek' I am wild (of an animal)

kahseluemek' I do not know, I forget

kechee' it is daylight

kekwonootek' I break (trans.)

kelomekeenek' I twist (e.g. thread)

kelomenek' I turn, I turn over, I turn around, I revolve

kelomoksee'hl it is a period of time (month, season, year?)

kelomo'opek' I turn round

kemeyonemek' I take (someone) home

kemeyuuelesek' I bring (a load) home

kepoyuerek' I swim

keptenek' I sing a lullaby

kep'ehlkwenek' I deafen

keromekeenek' I twist, I lock

kesomewepek' I am lonely

ket'ket'e'y lie (of boats)

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

keychokseemek' I act on purpose

keykwele'weyek' I close my eyes

keyomop' it's a whirlpool

ke'mohpechek' I bail out

ke'mohpetechek' I bail out water

ke'yonemek' I release

keekerhlkeenek' I dislocate

keekwtenomoyehl they are mossy

keemeenepek' I feel bad, I am badly hurt

keemohlek' I am dirty

keemolahpek' I am bad

keemolek' I am bad

keemolepek' I am bad, I act bad, I am rude

keemole'n it is bad

keemerlue'erweryek' I am ugly, I am homely

kmoyhlkesek' I lie down, I die

knekwomeytek' I leave

knokseemek' I leave it (behind), I abandon it, I forget it

knoyketek' I leave behind (more than one thing)

knuerek' I float, I swim quietly

knuuelesek' I put down (a load)

knue'loge'hl it is deep (of, e.g. water)

kochpoksek' I think over, I meditate

kohtek'wo'n one (plant, etc.)

komchuemek' I know

komeenepek' I have feelings (in the body), I can feel (something)

komtenepek' I am blind

koo'opek' I stand (of people, animals)

ko'oyewek' I ask, I hire, I request

ko'oyuemek' I ask, I hire, I request

kerger'ermerchek' I speak Karok

kerkue'yermerchek' I walk crookedly

kerkue'yermeryk' it flows crookedly (of a river, etc.)

kerlermerwkwenek' I turn inside out

kerrmerhlkerp' it is dirty (water)

kerterkseenek' I put a lid on, I cover, I plug up, I stop up

kuerek' I float quietly on top of the water

kwere'weyek' I have a pointy face, I have a sharp tongue

kweruehlomoyek' I have a pointed snout

kwesaalochek' I speak hoarsely, I sing hoarsely

kwomhlenek' I bring (something) back

kwomhlo'repek' I run back

kwomkepek' I groan

kwerhkweryerchek' I whistle

kweryerchek' I whistle

kweryuemek' I whistle to (someone)

k'enrokseemek' I trust, I admire, I respect

k'ensoonokseemek' I dislike, I have hateful thoughts about

k'loyk' it wilts

k'nerrkeenek' I let wilt

k'yoykwo'n it is slimy, slippery

laahohkuemek' I build alongside

laakaamop' it is rough water on a river

laamyaahlkepek' I jump in front of

laayechek' I go by a particular way

laayetkolek' I fly along, I fly past, I fly by

laayolek' I fly, I fly along

laayoluemek' I teach

laayop' it flows, it runs (of a liquid)

lechkenek' I knock down, I throw aside

lehlkeloypek' I crawl

lehlkenek' I throw, I scatter, I sort

leketek' I pick up

lekolek' I fall, I fall down

lekomeyetek' I put, I set the table

lekootek' I stab

lenahpeemek' I blame, I suspect

lepahtepek' I stretch, I crawl along

lepsemoyek' I am hairy

letkolek' I fly

lewoleyetek' I pull (a boat) through shallow water by hand

lewole'y it is pulled through shallow water by hand

lohlkeemek' I scold

lohlko'n it crackles

lohpeenek' I scrape out

lohpee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

lohpsemoyek' I am downy, I have down, I am hairy

lolek' I fly

lootek' I throw

lop' it comes in lumps, it flows slowly

lerhlkwernek' I pick something round that grows in clusters (manzanita, madrone, huckleberries, peas in the pod)

maawetek' I hit

markuemek' I eat up, I eat it all, I exhaust food supply

ma'ahskeemek' I spear

ma'ahskuemek' I spear

ma'epetek' I tie up, I am greedy for, I wrap

mechomee' venereal disease, the clap

megenep' it moves or stretches in an elastic way (like an inchworm, or in a belly-ache or body building), it (someone's stomach) aches

megetohlkwepek' I look after myself

megeeegonemek' I poke a fire

megee'repek' I do, I perform (a ceremony), I obey

mekwehlkenek' I pile up (trans.)

mek'woomoyehl they fester, they become pussy, they are infected

melee' there is a brush dance

melogemoyehl they have excrement on them

menecholek' I disappear

menehlkenek' I extinguish, I turn off

menewkwek' I drown, I go under water, , I am bashful

menokwoluemek' I swallow, I gulp down

menoochek' I pull

menootek' I pull

menuueletek' I abduct


meseeegonemek' I massage

mewolepek' I disappear, I evaporate, I vanish

mewoletewek' I wipe my hands

mewole'weyek' I wipe one's eyes

meworegetek' I spend, I spend everything

mewo'l it disappears, it is gone, it is swept clean

mewpetek' I choke

mewpewetek' I strangle, I murder (by choking)

meykwele'weyek' I mourn, I cry

meyoomoyek' I am pregnant

me'lomek' I vomit, I puke

me'lomokseeshonek' I am a nauseating person

me'lomuemek' I vomit

me'lonemek' I paint

me'repeenek' I rub

me'yehlkemoyehl they are full of nettles

me'yk'waamoyehl they are infected with pus

me'yk'welaamoyek' I am burnt by poison ivy

meek'oluemek' I swallow, I gulp down

mohkoomoyek' I have lice

mohpuemek' I mourn, I mourn for

mohsootek' I miss the mark

mokwomokwochek' I bark (of a dog)

mokwsemoyek' I am muscular

moscheyuemek' I pay for services, I pay someone to work

mo'ohkeloyehl they are round (and large)

mo'ohkeloypek' I curl up

mo'ohkeloytek' I make (something) into a ball, I clench (a fist)

mo'ohkeroyehl they are round (and small)

merkwermerkwerchek' I talk back, I bitch (of a wife)

mueleenepek' I feel relief from pain

muelonemek' I wipe, I carry off

muenchok's it is white (flat things)

mue'monemek' I fetch, bring

mue'uekwole'we'y s/he scowls, it is overcast

myaahlkahpeemek' I jump at

myaahlkepek' I jump, I jump at

myewoletek' I immerse

mye'we'y it bends sharply (of a river)

myooleyek' I am pushed aside, it is fixed in the ground

myooleyetek' I shove, I stick

myootek' I push, I put on (clothes, shoes)

myootelek' I am pushed, I am shoved

myop' it is crowded, the water rises (like a swell)

myo'repek' I challenge, I attack (physically or verbally)

myueletek' I dip, I immerse

naageenahpek' I am awe-struck, I am afraid

naageenahpeemek' I am afraid of

naageenepek' I am awe-struck, I am afraid, I have that nagging feeling of fear, I am worried, I feel forebodings or anxiety, I have a premonition

naageenepeemek' I am afraid of, I feel apprehensive about

naamenewkwek' I am washed out by the waves

naametek' I step on, I tread on, I walk

naamewetek' I grab in my mouth (chiefly of an animal), I tread, I bite

naamuuelesek' I carry all

nahchkek' I hand out

nahchpuemek' I give, I allow

nahksekw'on' three (plants, etc.)

nahscheenek' I handle with care

nahscheenepek' I do not feel like doing something, I feel inadequate (to some task), I am tired, I am careful

na'ak'wo'n two (plants, etc.)

negoosoochek' I say

nekchenek' I meet

nekchpuemek' I meet

nekeeletek' I pine, I miss, I have forgotten where

nekomuerek' I swim well

nektokseemek' I adore, I admire, I like (someone)

nepek' I eat

neworkwek' I am able to see

nohpuyetek' I bring something into a house

nohsenek' I take off (clothes), I chip off (pieces from rock)

nohsolek' fly away, jump into flight

nohsuuelesek' I pick up and carry

nokseemek' I think of

noochek' I make a noise

nookwomeyetek' I gather together, bring together

nooloochek' I answer

nooluemek' I love, I protect

noonomcheyuemek' I swear at, I attack verbally, I curse

nooruerek' I swim across

noosek' I laugh to myself, I chuckle

noowehlkenek' I gather

noowehlkeenek' I gather

noowo'repek' I complete a journey, I run in, I run up

noo'monemek' I carry (a load)

noo'repek' I follow

nosepek' marry into a family (said of a bride)

noweenepek' I am happy, I enjoy, I like the feeling

nowonemek' I fetch, I bring

no'monemek' I endure

no'moye'weyek' I lie pointing or facing in a particular direction

no'ok's two (flat things)

no'p'enek' I pursue, I chase

nerhserpertek' I shave (trans.), I shave myself

nerryerksek' I betray a trust

nerryerwerksek' I am betrayed

nerweryhlkerp' it is clear, it is transparent (liquid, rock, paper, cloth)

ner'erpek' I trap

ner'ersek' I trap

ner'ersernemek' I grasp in both hands

nuuelesek' I fetch (a load)

pa'aamoyehl they are wet, they get wet, they are swampy

pechehlkemoyehl they have gravel on them

pechehlkoomoyehl they have gravel on them

pegarke's it has a foundation

pegonek' I split

pehlkoomee' it has pebbles on it

pekoyok's it is red (flat things)

pekoyop' it is red (water)

pekwchkenek' I pinch

pemeyomoyek' I am greasy

penuuelesek' I put down a load, I put down a burden, I unload a burden

pepue'erk'wemoyek' I have freckles or pockmarks

pe'wetewek' I wash my hands

peerwerkseemek' I love

peeshkaamoyehl it is salty

peesh'onepek' I am scaly, I have scales on me (e.g., after working with fish)

pkwekomeyetek' I bring out my treasures, I bring out carefully

pkwenek' I bring out

pkwokseemek' I find out (what somebody is thinking), I find (somebody) out

pkwooloyek' I come through a barrier

pkwo'repek' I run out (from an enclosed area)

plepeehlek' I have a big belly

plep' she is pregnant, (women) it is big (trees, etc., body parts, utensils, clothes, worms and ropes, etc.)

ple'loyehl they are big, they are broad (houses)

pleee'nepek' I am sarcastic

plohkeloyek' I am big, (round things, plants, etc., body parts, utensils, clothes, houses, boats) I am stout (human beings)

plok's it is big, (flat things) it is wide, (boats, water) it is broad

plop' it is in spate, it floods

plerrgerchek' I talk too loud

plerwernerp' it is high tide, it is high (of a river)

pohlkwe'n it is moldy

perkeryue'erweryek' I am blushing, I am sunburnt

puesoo'melek' I smell of musk, skunk, or cat

pyewoluemek' I chew

pyerwerkseemek' I love

pyuereenepek' I feel distracted, I feel nervy, I feel ready for prayer

raayo'repek' I run past, I move past

raayuerek' I swim

rechoyek' I paddle a boat

regohpetek' I fill

regohpeenek' I fill

regop' it is full (of liquid)

remepek' I groan

reweyetek' I tow

rewkwo'hl it is misty

rewkwo'n it is soft, it is limp

reeekomoyehl they are full, they are heaping full

rohkootek' I roll (something)

rohko'retek' I roll (something)

rohko'ronek' I roll myself

rohpek' I float upward

rohpee'hl it clears (of weather)

rohseemek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

rohtekek' I roll

rokseemek' I trust

roogech' there is an echo

rootep' it is a particular time

royk' it flows, it melts away

ro'ohpetek' I stand something

ro'omechek' I pursue, I chase

ro'onechek' I drive, I cause to run, I cause to work

ro'opek' I run

ruerek' I swim

saawelek' I feel cold, I cool off

saawogeenepek' I feel cool, I am peaceful

saawo'n it is cold (of liquid)

saa'agochek' I speak Yurok, I speak our language, I speak Indian

sa'ahlkeyek' I have a tantrum

sa'ahlkue'n it is haunted

sa'arkeyek' I am crazy, I am insane

schep'ooch' it lands (of a boat)

segoluemek' I startle

sekoyorek' I run quickly

sekoyuerek' I swim quickly

semoyuerek' I skim, I swim along the surface of the water, I jump in the river (to swim) while standing in it

sepeenek' I hug

sepeenepek' I have my arms folded

sesomenek' I scratch

sesomenoyek' I scratch (trans. and intr.)

sewepek' I breathe, I sigh, I suppress my grief

sewkweluemek' I am bruised

se'lepek' I scrape the inside of a basket smooth

se'lepeenek' I scrape it off

se'raatek' I shave (wood)

seeegolepoch' it growls (of animal)

seeto'n it cracks, it chips

seeyop' it slides (of a landslide), it breaks (of a wave)

ska'ehlkenek' I scatter by blowing

skenuuelesek' I am loaded down

skeweehlketek' I make flat, I make clear, I level off

skeweehlke's it is flat, it is clear

skeweenepek' I feel full (from eating)

skeweep' it is well shaped

skewokseemek' I want, I wish, I love, I like

skewoogechek' I sound good

skewoo'molek' I smell good

skewop' it is calm (water)

skerweechewek' I weave (baskets) well and smoothly

skerweehlkerp' it is clear (of water)

skerwerhkeryehl they are smooth, they are level, they are flat (round things, flat things)

skerweryk' it is of good grain, it is straight (wood)

skuenowomechek' I grow things well

skuewetek' I like, I enjoy, I like the taste of

skuyepek' I am good

skuykepek' I dress myself, I adorn myself

slekohpeenek' I pull out (something stuck)

sloyhlkemek' I filet an eel, I flatten an eel

sloyhlket' it runs downhill (a path)

sloyhlkewek' I flatten eels

sloyonemek' I launch

smehlkenek' I pull out (as hair, or grass)

smeykoluemek' I pine, I miss

sme'lenek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'lenepek' I masturbate (of men)

smeenepek' I am a smart-aleck

solek' I fly

sonek' I feel, I think

soneenepek' I feel, I think (a particular way)

soonepek' I wear (clothes)

sooneehlpuemek' I dream of

soonoksek' I think

soonolek' I fly (in a particular direction or manner)

soono'mo'l it smells

speryuemek' I blow a whistle at someone

sermertek' I beat, I kill

sermerterpek' I kill myself

sroykwechek' I slide

serrhlerpek' I do, I cause

serrnoyk' it winds (a river)

serrnerk'ws it is very windy weather

serrneryk' it winds (a river)

suueleekwomoyek' they are blunt, they are dull

suueleekwo'n it is blunt, it is dull

swechohpenek' I open (a letter)

swechohpeenek' I tear

swektkeloo'weyek' I am warty

swetkele'we'y s/he is warty

swetonepek' I am tired out

sweto'n it cracks, it splits

sweykemoyehl they are dull (of colors, etc.)

sweyokseemek' I slight, I insult, I am aloof, I am disrespectful

sweyoneenepek' I am aloof, I don't want to associate, I fade, I doubt myself, I dislike the idea

swoopeenek' I spill it (something uncountable, e.g. water, salt), I pour it, I empty it

swoop' it spilled

swoo'melek' I smell, I stink, I have a strong odor

swoo'metek' I smell (something)

swoyhlkweyetek' I scatter, I pour out

syo'oogechek' I grunt, I make a noise

s'echoomoyek' I have horns

s'oope'weyetek' I hit in the face

s'ooponemek' I hit with the fist, I beat (with fists)

s'ooponesek' I hit with the fist

s'errkeenek' I split, I pull apart

tahteeshkemoyehl they smell rancid

ta'anoop' it is hot, it gets hot (liquid)

tegeruemek' I talk, I pray, I make medicine

tegeruepek' I talk to myself

tegokseemek' I praise

tegoye'we'y it sticks out

tekonek' I wear (clothes)

teko'n it is added (in payment for an injury)

tekteko'n it is sticky

tekteko'n it grows in tufts

tektetek' I build, I erect, I set down something heavy

tektomoksek' I am angry, I am mad

tekuenehl they are stuck together, they grow together

tekuenetek' I stick (them) together

tekuenowomechek' I stick (things) together for planting

tekuenoyohlek' I stick (them) together

tekwonepek' I jump

tekwonuerek' I jump into the water, I dive

teloguemek' I am in pain, I resent

tenehlkenek' I put a lot (of something on something)

tenekomoyehl they are much, they are many

tenoowoksek' I am very wise, I am very rich

tenop' there is a lot of it (liquid)

tenowenek' I take much of, I take more of

tenowohlek' I talk too much, I gossip, I talk maliciously

tenowohlkek' I talk too much

tenuemonokseemek' I wish bad luck on, I cast a spell on

tenuemonoksoyek' I have bad luck wished upon me

tenuenowomechek' I planted many (plants)

tepohpenek' I cause to stand

tepo'n it is fixed, it stands (of things), it is rooted, it is vertical

testop' it coagulates

tewo'n it breaks (of rope or string)

teykeluehlek' I bite (someone)

teykeluemek' I bite

teekwohpenek' I break a container or a boat

teekwo'n it is broken, it is shattered

teenoogech' it makes a sharp sound (like a drum), it makes a metallic sound

tee'npeloytek' I dye (something) yellow

tkop' it is thick (of liquid)

tkwepek' I am short (human beings, animals and birds, worms and ropes, etc.)

tkwepeenek' I am unable to reach, I am too short

tmohkeloyehl they are broken, they are broken in pieces (of bones, etc.)

tmohkeloytek' I break (trans.)

tmohkeluemek' I break

tmohkeree half

tohtkwo'n it is rigid

tokseemek' I admire, I respect

tolowoochek' I speak Tolowa

tomak'wo'n second element of compound numerals (plants, etc.)

tomonemek' I take all of them

tomowok's second element of compound numerals (flat things)

toomek'wo'n it is thick (plant, tree, etc.)

toome'weyek' I have a broad face

toomok's it is thick, it is wide (flat things, boats)

toomue'loge'hl there is a lot of water

toore'renek' I lay (something) across

toore'retek' I lay (something) across

to'onek'wo'n four (plants, etc.)

to'onok's four (flat things)

trekwonuemek' I take a sip

terguemek' I greet, I speak to, I talk to

terkterrpertewek' I clap my hands, I applaud

terperyerp' it is cold (a liquid)

twek'wo'n it is straight

twomolek' I am a good woman, I am well-behaved (of a girl)

twonek' I am nice (of a girl)

tyohpeyokseemek' I hate, I dislike

tyohpeeshonek' I am hateful

t'p'ohlkwek' I am sensible, I come to my senses

t'weykwo'n it is straight

t'yoykwo'n it is slippery

wa's'okseemek' I pity

wegaaneyoochek' I foretell evil

wega'sokseemek' I am unselfish

wehlowaawak'wo'n ten (plants, etc.)

wehlpekeenek' twist

welogoo'weyek' I am fat faced

weno'monemek' I bring back

weno'omewtek' I carry in the mouth

weno'omolek' I fly (up to or past a certain point)

weno'omuerek' I swim

wesepek' I bathe myself, I wash myself

weyewetek' I weave, I finish (baskets)

weykepek' I stretch

weyoksek' I am poisoned, I have cancer

we'yesek' I buy a bride

we'yonesek' I offer a bride price, I purchase a bride

wohpechek' I go across by boat

wohpeyonemek' I carry across

woyonewkwek' I soak it overnight

woypeenewkwek' I am in water overnight

wer'ergeryechek' I go last

ya'alechek' I take across, I ferry across

yekwo'n it is bent, it is folded

yohpenek' I go around, I turn (something) around

yohpetek' I circle around

yohpo'repek' I run around (something)

yerrpeenek' I strain (through a strainer)

yue'monekwek' I sink, I am mired (e.g. in mud)

yue'uehpechek' I take across (habitually), I ferry across (habitually)

'ekenek' I watch (a baby, etc.)

'ekeromoyek' I have a ring around the neck

'eketkwelek' I tie up

'ekewetek' I hold something in my mouth

'ekolek' I hover

'ekonemek' I hold, I keep

'ekonepek' I hold on to, I hang on to, I hold myself back

'ekoyop' it is pliable, it is flexible, it is sticky, it is gummy

'elee'weyek' I am stupid

'elomenek' I unravel, I unwind, I untie, I unstrap, I take stitches out

'elomenetek' I unravel, I unwind, I untie, I unstrap, I take stitches out

'ee'ee'gerperyuemek' I am a tell-tale

'ochek' I sneeze

'ohpelek' I am given

'ohpoksek' I am choking

'ohpokseemek' I poison (someone)

'ohpuemek' I feed

'olonemek' I carry

'olonewkwek' I lie in water, I float

'oolo'opek' I stand

'oo'repek' I run behind or in front of someone else

'oyhlkesek' I lie (down)

'erperyuemek' I tell news, I tell someone

'woogeyehlkesek' I am holy

Dictionary entry

mep'ochkenek'vi e-class • I have a beard

Lexicon record # 1711 |
Derivation: morphological structure mep'ochk-en-e-

Other paradigm forms

  • 3sg mep'ochke'n bearded JE16

  • attributive 3sg mep'ochkenee JE16