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che'lohlkook' I am stuck high and dry

cheenkook' I change (something)

choykook' I treat roughly

choyowok' I am nervous, I am sickly

chpaanechook' I am away

chpuerkook' I take care, I do something carefully, I am easy on something, I touch it gently

chergerhcherhlkook' I am lazy

cherperhlkook' I am strong

chyuuek'wechook' I steer (a boat)

ha'p'ehlkook' I forget

heemechook' I hurry (going somewhere)

heemekook' I hurry (doing something)

hlkerohsook' I thump

hlmeykook' I treat badly, I provoke, I am mean to

hlmeyorkwok' I fear, I am afraid

hloychook' I walk carefully

hloykook' I try

hoktketook' I butcher, I cut up

hopkechook' I go starting from (a place)

hopkekook' I begin, I start, I count

ho'omohtkok' I hurt, I injure

huenkeksook' I open (something)

kaameehlkwok' I dream a doctor's dream, I have a bad dream

kekwonok' I break (intr.)

kelomechook' I turn around

keneek'wechook' I steer (a boat)

kep'ehlkwelok' I deafen

keemkook' I treat badly, I harm, I spoil, I punish

kohtooleeshok' I hit, I club

kerhter'eenkok' I hit on the head

kwomhlechook' I return, I go back, I walk back

kwoychook' I go slowly

kwoykook' I do something slowly

laakwomhlechook' I return by a particular route

lechkechook' I pull out

lehlkelok' I bury, I bake, I plant seeds

lomohsook' I strike gently

markwechook' I go everywhere

megehlkechook' I stroke, I caress, I touch lightly

megetohlkwok' I look after, I care for, I protect, I take care of, I own

menechook' I disappear, I vanish, I go away

menekoletkok' I freeze (of people)

menetuelowook' I abduct

mewpechook' I am sneaking, I sneak

me'womechook' I come out, I come from

myewolesook' I push under water, I beat

myooleeshok' I heave, I shove

naamek'wechook' I slow a boat (by swinging it and quartering on the river, or on the ocean when beaching a boat and it gets ahead of the swell and the bow is likely to pitch down and up-end)

nekomuykok' I know how, I have the mental ability

neskwechook' I come, I arrive, I return


no'omehlkok' I am somewhere a long time

nergerykok' I help, I rescue

nuer'uernchook' I climb

pechehlkoomoyehl they have gravel on them

pegarkok' I dwell, I inhabit

pegohsook' I split

pkwechook' I come out

perkwerhsook' I peck, I knock

rechkok' I dance in a particular direction

rechook' I paddle, I row

rekwohpeyok' I drink

rewkwohsook' I soften (something), I make (something) limp

re'royok' I hear something which I don't see, as news, rumors, or something from far away

sekeetkok' I am strong

se'letok' I scrape mud off

skeweechook' I go slowly, I go easily, I go carefully, I put it in order, I do fine work, I do housework

skuykok' I treat well, I repair

slekwechook' I stroke backward, I walk backward

slekwohso'm s/he dresses someone

sloychook' I descend, I go downhill

sloyhlketook' I sweep

slo'ehlkook' I am thin, I am skinny (of people, animals)

smeykook' I pick on, I provoke

sonchook' I paddle, I propel a boat, I paddle in a particular direction

sonkook' I do (well or badly), I treat (well or badly)

sootkook' I am strong, I am able

sooychook' I go quickly

swehlko' it is scattered, it bursts, it (fruit) is swollen

syaahlkook' I kick

syuek'werchook' I stretch my legs

tekuenoyok' I stick (them) together

tekwohsook' I hit with something held in the hand (e.g., a rock or a club)

tepohsook' I fix

tewomehlkook' I am glad, I am happy

teekwohsook' I break (trans.)

tkekohsook' I jab, I pierce, I prick with a sharp object

tkek'we'look' I boil

tmook' I shoot

tmoolook' I shoot

terwerhsook' I throw a pointed object (e.g. a stick or a rock)

twenohsook' I pry up

t'k'erohsook' I thump, I strike with the nail of the index finger, pressing it against the thumb and releasing it

weykook' I finish, I lay down (regulations), I end, I stop, I am done, I wean (a child)

woychook' I am away at night

yegohsook' I squeeze, I press

yekwohsook' I bend (something), I fold

yohpechook' I walk around, I turn around, I go around in a circle

'ekek'olehlkook' I have strong legs

'eketkwelook' I tie up

'ohpok' I am choking

'onchook' I paddle in a particular place, as in a formation

'o'lowok' I give (usually food)

Dictionary entry

nonowok'vt oo-class • I fetch, I invite

Lexicon record # 2226 | Source references: R231 JE74
Derivation: morphological structure non-ow-oo-

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  1. nonowok' "I fetch, I invite" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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