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choolekw down, downhill

choolew below, downhill

hehlkew in the mountains, toward the mountains

hehlkeek inland, in the mountains

hehlkue ashore, on land

heechoo below, downhill, a little bit downhill

heechoy below, underneath

heekoch across (water)

heekoh across (water)

heeko'ch'uek across (water)

heemar below, under, underneath

heemarkeek below, underneath

heema'erk'uek below, underneath

heemech front, in front

heenahpch behind (a person), following behind

heenoy after, behind

heenoyk after, behind

heeno' after, behind, following

heepech upriver, upstream, a little bit upriver

heepuer a little bit downriver, down below, northward

heepuereyow northward, toward the (Klamath) river mouth

heer inland, north side

heerken inland

heerkeek inland

heetoy here

heewoh across the sea, halfway

heewon above, a little way above

heewo'neek above

kes down

kesomewet on the left

laapeeshkah along the seashore

lekw outside, out

lekwsew outside

lekwsee outside

now away

pecheek up river, upstream, far upriver


pechow upriver, upstream

pechue upriver, upstream

perwerh south

perwerw south, town

perwery south

puel below (lower down the river)

puelekuek down river, at the river mouth

puelekw down river, at the river mouth

pueleek down river, far down river, at the river mouth

pueloyoh below (lower down the river)

puer north (in the direction of the Klamath River mouth)

puereyow north (in the direction of the Klamath River mouth)

reeek'ew shore, sandbar, ashore, river's edge, shore line

skelee down

skeleek down

sohchee up, on top, above, on

wechpues confluence

wogee middle, in the middle

wohpekw across the sea, west

wohpew across the sea, west

wohpewk "the direction about at right angles to the course of the lower Klamath, or roughly southwest", across the sea, west

wohpuek into water

won up, above

wonekuek up, above, on

wonekw up, above, uphill (from the river)

wonep' hill

wonew above, overhead, in the mountains, higher, in the hills

woneek upward

wonoyoo up, high up

wonue up, above, over, on top of

wonuekuek above, overhead

woop' out in the water (of an island, etc.)

woop'ee out in the water (of an island, etc.)

woop'eek out in the water (of an island, etc.)

worue overhead, on the surface

'o slookw downhill

Dictionary entry

pechkueadv • upriver, upstream

Lexicon record # 2469 | Source reference: R236
Semantic domain: directions and locations

Short recordings (5) | Sentence examples (15)

  1. pechkue "upstream" (spoken by Georgiana Trull)

    | Download
  2. pechkue "upriver, upstream" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

    | Download
  3. pechkue "upriver" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

    | Download
  4. pechkue "upriver" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  5. Sregon pechkue "upriver from Sregon" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

    | Download