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tmook' I shoot

kertkek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

ma'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

tmoolook' I shoot

k'ookwsook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

lewetek' I fish with a net, I set a net

ma'ahskehl spear

ma'ahskek' I spear, I go spear fishing

rohseemek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

'erkerh fish with a net, fishing net

lewet net, fish net, salmon net

smechoy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

merner'skwery pull the skin off a fish

rorowenek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

ma'ahskuemek' I spear

lemolook' I hook eels

loogeen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

merueh chego'onep' five-point buck

ner'wkwert arrow

tregepah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

wesomot bow (for arrows)

chego'onep' four-point buck

chekcheen salmon trap

cheskew scoop net for candlefish

cheskewehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

chowon seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

chowonek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

cherwerner' large fishing net

hehlkue 'we-rego'oh gill net

ho'neet bait, lure

ho'nk'et bait, lure

knetken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetknet arrowhead, cartridge

knewetek' I fish with a net

kertkerhl trout fishing pole

kuereesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

lem hook eels

lemolohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lemolo'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

loo fish weir, fish dam

luue' fish with a net, set a net

ma'ahskeemek' I spear

nega' surf-fish net, triangle net

nego'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

nerhcherr' fishhook

ner' snare

ner'ermerh snare

ner'ermers snare, a trigger snare

ner'ermert deer meat, venison

ner'ermertek' I snare

ner'erpek' I trap

ner'ers trap

ner'ersek' I trap

pa'ahpetew bowstring


pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

rekeweech fish for trout with two lines

smechook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

smohta'r bow (for arrows)

tomsewok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

tregepa' dip net

tregepetek' I fish with a dip net

'luemon eel trap, eel basket

'orpet duck blind

'uemyo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

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peskohn • spear, fish spear • three piece toggle head for catching salmon

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Semantic domain: hunting and fishing