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cheycheyes mosquito

chohkeeks gnat

chohpos fly (insect)

chorek'week nee 'werrp moth

ch'eeeyo' locust, cricket

harpuech ant

huepuepos a big black bug, stinkbug, tumblebug

kerhlkerh segon scorpion

kerkernerweech daddy longlegs

k'erosegon scorpion

lo'leephl sting of insect, fang of snake

mohkoh head louse, head lice

mo'lekws moth

nohpet'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

nosonos tick (insect)

pa'aahl 'werrp' dragonfly

puelews daddy longlegs

pue'nos tumble bug

saa'agoch seaweed bug

sa'ahl 'ue-'werrp' miller moth

skerweech craftsman, a woman who makes fine designs, fine work, centipede

tege'y flea

tohta'r grasshopper

tohtonos beetle

tohto'r grasshopper

terperkws acorn worm, bug holes in acorn shell


terwerr locust

wo'kegep cricket

werchpeet larva of the Jerusalem cricket, a mythological character

werr body louse

wertpeet Jerusalem cricket

'wech louse egg, nits

'wechken louse eggs, nits, mites

'wes spider

'wes 'wr-ner' spider web

'werrp' butterfly

'yekwhl maggot, worm

Dictionary entry

terwermersn • bee, yellowjacket

Lexicon record # 3726 | Source references: R259 JE17
Semantic domain: bugs and insects

Special meaning or use

Short recordings (6) | Sentence example (1)

  1. terwermers "bee, yellowjacket" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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  2. terwermers "bee, yellowjacket" (spoken by Archie Thompson)

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  3. terwermers "bee" (spoken by Georgiana Trull)

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  4. terwermers "bee, yellowjacket" (spoken by Jimmie James)

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  5. terwermers "bee" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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  6. terwermers wee' "this/that bee/yellowjacket" (spoken by Archie Thompson)

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