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chaanuueks young child, baby, newborn

chahkwoh pants, trousers

chegaanoksek' I forgive

chegeyoh small knife, pocket knife

chegeyonahpeemek' I am tired of

chegeyonepek' I am annoyed at (someone)

chegeyoneenepek' I am tired of

chego'onep' four-point buck

chekcheen salmon trap

chekwchekwah vertical stripes around a basket

chekws heart

chek'wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

chelog close woven basket for seeds, fancy basket for valuables

chelogaapeehl ribs

chelogehl ribs

chelogepeehl ribs

cheskew scoop net for candlefish

cheskewehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

chewes hand

cheween mother-in-law

cheyketew little finger, pinky finger

che'loh dry (food), bake (food), cure (food), dry by heating

che'lohtek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

che'lohtemew be dried (of food)

che'loyehl they are dry

cheechos younger sibling, younger sister

cheee'sh woodpecker crest, woodpecker scalp

cheek'war chair, stool

cheemos uncle

cheenes young man, teenage boy

cheenomelek' I give away part of my winnings in a game

cheenomewah young man

cheenomewes young man, teenage boy

chee'm uncle!

chkenoowok be very stupid, be very poor

chkenoowoksek' I am very stupid, I am very poor

chkeeeker' fork, table fork

chkerkerr' pierce, spear, pitchfork, fork (utensil)

chmeyonen 'o 'we-'ee'ee'gah dinner

chmerk be angry, person who pouts, moody person

chnaa woman's brother-in-law

chneen sister-in-law

choch relative

chohchoh apron, skirt

chokchoop' drum, drumstick

chokchoop'a'r drum, drumstick

chopele'y short blanket coat, baby's rabbit skin blanket

chowon seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

chowonek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

chpega'r hear, ask, ear

chpeeego'repek' I get ready for a race

chpeesher'erhl mirror, window, glass

chpoksek' I think, I meditate

chpokseemek' I remember, I think back, I recollect

chperwerk remember, think of, miss, pine for, become lonesome for

chperwerksek' I remember, I long for, I think about

chperwerkseemek' I remember, I think of someone, I miss someone, I pine for

chpuerowok' I menstruate

cherhkwek' I am jumping center (in the brush dance)

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

cherwernerh "a network headdress falling down the nape and back", long close-woven headdress, head netting

cherwerner' large fishing net

cherwerserterw index finger, pointer finger

chery little person

chuehl well, goodbye, so be it

chueluela' Chilula Indian

chueluesew runny eyes

chuerp'er'y comb

chuue' well, goodbye, come on

chyuuek'wech steer (a boat), paddle in back

chyuuek'wechook' I steer (a boat)

chyuuep'er'y comb oneself, comb

ch'eeg saliva, foam

ch'wona' coat

haamoh bear grass, used in basket making

haamuer pendant worn in mourning

hahpeleen be lively, be happy

hahpeleenepek' I feel lively, I feel happy

hahsehl urine

harpuen mint, mint tea

hegel dance

hegon spoon, scraper

hegoorekeech yerba buena tea, vine tea

hegoo' paddle

hehlkew 'woogey former people (having retreated inland)

hehlkeeklaa Klamath River Indians

hehlkue 'we-rego'oh gill net

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

helog cooking paddle, acorn mush stirrer, stirring paddle

helomeyek' I dance

hewolon heal, cure (the body, an illness)

hewonekee'r have an erection

heyomoksek' I am lucky

heemar 'we-chah underwear

heemar 'wo-'oy underwear

heemercherwek' I weave (baskets) quickly

hle'm heel

hle'mekw heel of foot, sole of shoe

hlkekwolek' I limp, I am lame, I am crippled

hlke'mah ladder, stepping stones

hlker'ermery war dance

hlker'ermeryek' I sing a war dance song

hlkwert'err' pass gas through the vagina

hlmeyokseemek' I am suspicious of

hlmeyorkweeshonek' I am feared, I am an object of fear

hohkuem 'ue-perhchekws storage basket for tobacco

hohsepek' I am ashamed

hokchkehl arrow flaker

holeehl hazel shoot, hazel sticks (used in basket making), hazel

holeemek' I weave (baskets)

holeemew be woven (baskets)

holoyue'l water for soaking basket materials

homtah play, play with, be happy

homtepek' I play, I play with, I am happy

hoogech neee'n astronomer

hookw gamble

hookwchek' I gamble, I play cards

hoolechek' I stir (a liquid), I paddle

hooloh basket (general term)

hooloh rohkuet basketball

hooloyehl they are twisted, they are woven crooked, they are not straight (badly made baskets in which the uprights are not vertical)

hoonechek' I paddle upstream

hoorechewek' I weave baskets, I make baskets, I grope, I reach

hooroksek' I am cunning, I am clever

hooruerehlek' I feel sick, I feel nauseous, I have nausea

hoyeee oh!, hey!, hello!

ho'neet bait, lure

ho'nk'et bait, lure

ho'opewek' I make acorn soup

hergerk'eryen dealer

herhlperh stick game

herhlper' sticks (in stick game)

herkwterks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

herk'eryek' I hide

hermcherh adulterer

her'erhkerhl be fresh (food, etc.)

huenpeyok' I want the opposite sex, I am sexually aroused, I am horny

huep'oola' Hupa Indian, the Hupa people

huuek child, baby

huueksoh child, children

kaamew it is bitter, it tastes bad, it is sour

kaamewetek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

kaamok be disliked

kaamokseemek' I dislike, I hate

kaamuueks bastard

ka'aal slave

ka'anoh blanket

ka'a'n deerhide blanket with hair on it, blanket, deerskin wrap (in the Jump Dance)

ka'mt'em basket for valuables

keche'w cover on a baby basket

kegem someone who is jealous of everything

kegey doctor, Indian doctor

kegoh acorn soup

kehlkem red clay, floor

kehlpeyok' I sing through a dream (of a doctor), I lose control of myself at the doctor dance

kekwon pounding basket (bottomless)

kekwsah apron of bark

keloke'l throat

kemew storage basket for tobacco

kemolochek' I am jealous, I envy

keneek'wech steer (a boat)

keneek'wechook' I steer (a boat)

kep'ehl there is a housepit, hole in a tree, hole in the ground, housepit

kep'ohl a hollow, a space, clearing, house pit

kep't'oh feed an infant soft food

keromekeenohl key

keromoh turn round (of a wheel, etc., intr.), vehicle, car, automobile

keskeehl lower side, woodshed anteroom

kesomewehlek' I am homesick, I long for, I miss, I am sad, I am lonesome, I am sorry for (someone)

kesomewtek' I am homesick

kesomuy corpse, dead person

ket'etew palm (of hand)

ket'ey be still (of anything movable), be parked, be moored

ket'ket'e'y lie (of boats)

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

kewoy burden basket

keychelew speak the medicine formula on the ninth day of a girl's first menstruation

keyom dipper basket

ke'moh bailer

ke'mohpechek' I bail out

ke'mohpet bail out water

ke'mohpetechek' I bail out water

ke'mow food

keemolenee hooloh waste basket

keen fisherman

kmoypon spread (butter, jam, etc.)

knetew finger

knetken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetknet arrowhead, cartridge

knewetek' I fish with a net

knewoletew middle (long) finger

kochpoksek' I think over, I meditate

kohcheneesh large tanned deerskin used for blankets or dresses (larger than smechoy)

kokos mother

kopeen coffee

koweeshcho' thank you, thanks, I am grateful

ko'l 'ne-so'n my genitals (male or female)

ko'omech Orleans Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

kerchpok' I menstruate for the first time

kerch'erk row a boat

kreychoh hair ties

kergerchek' I row

kergerserh musket

kergertker' fisherman

kergerwers wrist

kerguuek a round is won (in a game)

kerhl earring

kerkerchpok' I menstruate, I menstruate for the first time, I reach womanhood

kerkerhl ankle

kerker'werk cheek'war rocking chair

kerker'werk'ws it is cranky (of a boat)

kerkue'yermerhl zigzag pattern, wavy pattern

kerkue'yer' be crooked, zigzag design on baskets

kermerterw little finger

kers'erkw shoulder blade

kertkek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

kertkerhl trout fishing pole

kert'er' bald person

kerwers wrist

kerweryerh chin, jaw, beard

kery braids, hair wraps, hair tie, two braids

keryermerh skull

ker'yer' peel (fruit or vegetable)

kue wa'aw mehl meguehlsonee mop

kuech grandmother

kuechos grandmother

kuereesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kuuerk cross the goal-line, score, as in the stick game

kuuerksek' I play the stick game, I score (in the stick game)

kwar peg, nail, lamprey awl, sewing awl, needle, wooden needle

kwenomet part of a sweathouse, big door of a sweathouse, "the exit and ventilator", "the place to the left of the exit, likely to be occupied by the 'owner'"

kwere'we'y dugout canoe

kweruehl snout, long nose

kweskwesek' I have a cold, I caught a cold

kwes'oyew prayer doctor

kwes'oyewek' I treat (used of prayer doctor)

kwetoyos pear-shaped piece of wood put near fire in wishing ill on someone

kwoyteme'l shoulder

kwerhl image, picture, shadow, doll, movie

kyahto'r sweat, sweat

kya' sore, ulcer

kya'hl'oo' open sore, ulcer, open wound

kye'w capsize

kye'wolep' it capsizes, someone turns over (e.g. in a boat or a wagon)

kye'wo'l it capsizes

kyerneekerhl sprain

kyerneekert sprain

k'enrokseemek' I trust, I admire, I respect

k'ensoonokseemek' I dislike, I have hateful thoughts about

k'ep'ew grandchild

k'erep' widow

k'ewen widow who has cut her hair in mourning, widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder

k'eerwerler'ery be gray-haired

k'leemowok' I feel ill

k'ohoo unmarried mother, mother of bastards

k'ookwsook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

laayo' jump up and down (of a boat), pitch (of a boat)

legaa'y doorway, trail, path, retreat, a place where someone or something passes through, the place by the entrance door in the sweathouse

legep'ew storage place

lehlkemok' I wrap (something) in skunk cabbage leaves (for cooking)

lekwsoo small door of a sweathouse, exit hole, space in front of the door

lem hook eels

lemolohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lemolook' I hook eels

lemolo'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lepehlek' I ache

lepkwoh form seaweed into round cakes

lepoh hip

lepo'm headband "worn by the woman formulist in the Brush Dance ... normally made of ordinary feathers", doctor's forehead band of condor ruff

lewet net, fish net, salmon net

lewetek' I fish with a net, I set a net

lewoleyetek' I pull (a boat) through shallow water by hand

lewole'y it is pulled through shallow water by hand

leyolekwsa' zigzag design on baskets, vertical stripe on baskets

le'wehl house used at the making of the Fish Dam at Kepel

loo fish weir, fish dam

loogeen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

lo' chief builder of the Fish Dam at Kepel

lerh saliva, spittle

lerhperyehl drool, saliva, spittle

ler'ger' black person

ler'ergerh be black, be dark-colored, (round things) coffee

ler'ergerysh dark-skinned person

luuewoloyek' I cramp, I have a cramp

luue' fish with a net, set a net

markarkeehl hip

ma'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

ma'ahskehl spear

ma'ahskek' I spear, I go spear fishing

ma'ahskeemek' I spear

ma'ahskuemek' I spear

ma'ak head rings, "a stuffed ring of deerskin with three or four of the scarlet [woodpecker] scalps sewn on", "head rings with woodpecker on them", head roll

mechlaa something fire goes through, chimney, stove pipe, fireplace

mecholep mucus in one's eye

mechole'w eye mucus

mechomee' venereal disease, the clap

megenep' it moves or stretches in an elastic way (like an inchworm, or in a belly-ache or body building), it (someone's stomach) aches

meges doctor, white doctor, medical doctor

megeyoo miscarry, die soon after birth, be stillborn, lose children in childbirth

mehl 'e'ga' mehl muehlsonee eraser

mehlkue part of a Yurok house: "the peripheral part ... at ground level, as contrasted with the sunken center ... It is usually pretty well filled with large food-storage baskets.", "a place in the sweathouse, the corner farthest from both entrance and exit ... There is always a floor of smooth planks or stone slabs."

mekey children

mekeyowok children

mekwa'r menstrual hut

mek'woh pus

meleg excrement

melee' there is a brush dance

melok' I attend a brush dance

meloo brush dance

melox excrement, feces, turds

melo' brush dance officiant, medicine woman

menewkwek' I drown, I go under water, , I am bashful

mene's tow a boat, pull ashore, boat rope

menoo' pull a boat ashore, pull (anything, not just boats)

mep'och beard, mustache, whiskers

meraawonee smoked (of salmon)

meraa's it (food) is smoky, cure by smoke

merueh chego'onep' five-point buck

mese'n lichen for dyeing yellow, yellow moss, tree moss

mesee'ronuen a slim man

meskwok' I doctor someone

mesolehl large platter for salmon meat, openwork and larger than 'lahpsew

mestek lining of leaves in a basket

mestenekw ferns used to line baskets

mestok line something (clothes, baskets, etc.)

mes'ehl a basket for drying things in, drying basket

metolep snot

met'eek rectum, ass!

mew widower

meweemor old man

meweepeehl waist, tree trunk

mewee'm widower

mewolep' deerskin dance officiant

mewore'ween towel

mey mourn, cry, tear, tears (from eyes)

meychoh storage basket, "similar in shape [to pahtekws], but made altogether of hazel, without overlaying or patterns", measuring basket (for liquids)

meyoo be pregnant

meyoomoyek' I am pregnant

me'loh in-law whose spouse has died but who remains with spouse's family, relative

me'yk'wah boil (skin affliction), pus

meechos cousin, male cousin, elder brother

meehlpehl leg, shin, lower leg

meeekeewerh double ended boat

meenek' I bet

mochkwoch' little boy's penis

mohlkwoh head

mokwsek muscle, sinew

moykek' I die (used of gods, plants, and animals)

mo'l sexual intercourse

merkcher'erkerhl hip, hip bone

merner'skwery pull the skin off a fish

merrgen lungs

merserw ointment

mersterk line a basket, lining to make something warmer

merterlerp' nasal mucus, runny nose

merterw buttocks, rump, derriere, arse

merw food carried with one, food brought by bride

merwpok' I carry food with me

merwperh food carried with one, food brought by bride, packed lunch

merwerch the dance is ending, the end of a dance

merwer'y the final dance at the brush dance is danced

mer'p'erhl pubic hair

muech ro' automobile, car, vehicle

muen dress

muenchehl ceremonial dress, dance dress

muenchoh dress

muencherhl milk

muenchers fair-skinned person, white animal or bird

muenters fair-skinned person

mueschen really, truly, true, yes, truly

muueweemor old men

mue'reep large basket for cooking acorn soup, cooking pot basket

myootek' I push, I put on (clothes, shoes)

myootelek' I am pushed, I am shoved

naagoh gut on one side

naanaak' ring of black and white dots around the bottom of a basket

na'atew ring finger

na'ma'w chipper (tool)

nega' surf-fish net, triangle net

negeneech mouse, bastard child

negee'eehl twins

nego'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

nego'ohlen midwife

nekteyok' I admire the cleverness of a person

nektok like (a favorite), pity

nektokseemek' I adore, I admire, I like (someone)

nemekw adze

nepek' I eat

new breast milk

newon breast, nipple, tit, breast milk

ney greeting between women

neyen greeting between women

neegerk half a boat, a boat with a part split off

neeegem flint, obsidian

neeneecho'y saw (tool)

neenos woman married to a relative

neewah man married to a relative

nee'eeyuen sibling

nohchuer bone hairpin

nohlpeyek' I go out, I defecate, I go to the bathroom

nohlpeyok' I defecate, I go the bathroom

nohpet'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

nohpeweehl sing solo at the brush dance, brush dance song, heavy song

nohpey enter one's wife's house, half-married man

nohpeyue'l raised rim of a basket, raised edge

nohpuuek child of a "half" (matrilocal) marriage

nokseemek' I think of

nooych eat food as a guest

nooychkwek' I eat food as a guest

nooychkwok' I eat food as a guest

noweenah be happy, enjoy

noweenepek' I am happy, I enjoy, I like the feeling

nowoh greeting between men

noy shoe

no'ohpeeet belt

no'oma'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

no'os baby basket

no'oy shoe, shoes

no'oyek' I have shoes on

nergernerhl the interior part of a dwelling-place or sweathouse

nerhcherr' fishhook

nerhserper' shave (trans.), shave oneself, razor

nerperw meat

nerrmery sing songs, brush dance song

nerrmeryek' I sing songs

nerrmerypeyok' I'm singing (in the brush dance)

nerrwert visit the sick

nerryerksek' I betray a trust

nerryerwerksek' I am betrayed

ner' snare

ner'merwue' adze blade

ner'ermerh snare

ner'ermers snare, a trigger snare

ner'ermert deer meat, venison

ner'ermertek' I snare

ner'ernerh Coast Yurok, Coast Indian

ner'erpek' I trap

ner'ers trap

ner'ersek' I trap

ner'wkwert arrow

nueneg food

nuenepew food, fish

nuenepueh food, fish

nuenepuy food, fish

paarew father-in-law

pah neck

pah legaa scarf

pahtekws storage basket for food, "much larger" than a prhchrkws

pahtuen neck


parkokwch guessing sticks, playing card

pa'aap' ladyfern, woodwardia fern (dyed in alder juice and used in basket making)

pa'ahpetew bowstring

pecheeklaa up river Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

pechoch broil

pegem knife

pegemeep wire, iron, steel, metal, sharp stone or hard wood used for making knives

pegerk man, male person, real man, rich man, independent person, all-grown-up person

pehlpe'l matches

pekoyek blood

pekwolewek' I peel sticks (for baskets)

pekwon basket used for acorn pounding

pemek' I cook

pemey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

pemoroh drippings

pemoyekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

penkw acorn flour

pepah pepper

perey grow old (of a woman), old woman, old lady

peskoh spear, fish spear, three piece toggle head for catching salmon

pesoh clitoris

pew cook

pewomek' I cook

pewomeen a cook

pewomo'r s/he cooks for someone

peya'r cook over an open fire

peychew deceased grandfather

peechowos grandfather

peeesh pea

peenos older sister

peerwerkseemek' I love

peeshkaahl 'o koh seafood

peeshkah salt, sea, ocean

pee'woh why not!, you're welcome!, sure!, okay

pkwegeno'ohl quill, needle, awl

pkwok find out

pkwokseemek' I find out (what somebody is thinking), I find (somebody) out

pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

plegokw headband of woodpecker scalps, headroll

pletew thumb, big toe

plowah flour

ponchech gray deer, white deerskin

ponues pre-pubescent vagina, hymen

popsew bread

poychekws a small basket tray for seeds used as food

poykoh flat basket, pan, pot

poy'weson chief, leader, boss, best (at doing something), headman

po'oh get well, heal (intr.), scar, healed sore

perhcherkws plain trinket basket, fancy basket

perhserh rifle, gun

perkeryer'er'y it is red (animals, birds, human hair)

perker'm club, jar

perkwcheehl headdress with feathers

perkwery hills, the back of a house, the rear part of a house

permeryerh 'we-ch'wona' raincoat, waterproof coat

permeryerh 'we-'ekah rain hat

perperyuuepek' I am curly, I have curly hair

perwkweesh elbow

perykerr' brain, brains

peryerm penis

per'yp'er'w be sour

puelekuekla' downriver Indian, Yurok Indian

pueleeklaa down river people, the river Yurok

puenomeehl malicious thoughts (cause of illness in someone else), contamination, bad omen

puenomeehlkok' I am contaminated, I have a pain

puercheehl brush dance cap

pue'nek' I fart, I break wind, I expel gas

pyeweg perform the white deerskin dance, white deerskin dance

pyewoluemek' I chew

pyerwerkseemek' I love

pyerwerkseeshonowok' I am lovely

pyuerowok' I perform the sacred rites at a dance, I purify myself

pyuueweg perform the deerskin dance, deerskin dance

raahlkah build up, roof, dam, stepping stones

raak nee ye'y stem of maidenhair fern (used in baskets)

raas rice

ra'aseeshon disgusting person

rechkok' I dance in a particular direction

rechook' I paddle, I row

regey ceremonial headdress

rego' feather, feather for display (as in headband), morning feathers (in brush dance), "simple upright down-head feathers" in the deerskin dance

reguuekwoh liquor

reguuekwo' beverage, especially liquor

rehl'ep' be concentrated in a given direction, of a wish or a prayer, be tossed in a given direction in the stick game, point in a given direction, of a person

rekeweech fish for trout with two lines

rekeeroy broil, broil over a fire

rekwetoy scarf

rekwoh drink

rekwohpeyok' I drink

rekwo'm part of the roof

remoh take part in doctor dance, kick dance, doctor dance, kick dance

remohpoh doctor dance song, doctor song

renek' it fits me (clothing, etc.)

repchem honey, sugar

repoh doorway

repokw doorway, porch, front porch

repoy drum song

repoyok' I sing a song with drum beating

rewoch lip(s)

rewoh lip(s)

rewpenek' I win (in gambling)

rohkuen ball

rohpeer semen

rohsek' I throw, I pitch (a ball)

rohseemek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

rohtek'w testicle, scrotum, testes

rokseemek' I trust

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

roowo's pipe

roowo's hegoh a plant whose leaves are used for colds

rooysh rice

rorowenek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

ruerowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

ruerowok' I sing, I boil over, I sing

saameyohl widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder, widow

saameyohl 'o 'ue-meyoo a child born while its widowed mother was still cutting her hair

sar glue, chewing gum

sarkew glue, pitchy substance from pine trees used for glue and for chewing gum, chewing gum

sa'ahl have a fit, have a tantrum, ghost

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sechkes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

seksah small shell used on dresses

sepolekeekla' any tribe living in the prairies

sewkweluemek' I am bruised

se'lepek' I scrape the inside of a basket smooth

ska'ah sole of foot, palm of hand

ska'atew finger, toe

skego'oo sail, cloth, sail, rag

sketew little finger

skeweechokw nicely made basket, basket with good shape

skewok want, wish, love, like

skewokseemek' I want, I wish, I love, I like

ske'woyehl they are ripe, they are cooked

skoy buckskin, strip of buckskin, leather, deerskin, elk hide

skoypeehl flank, side (body part)

skerweech craftsman, a woman who makes fine designs, fine work, centipede

skerweechewek' I weave (baskets) well and smoothly

skeryterk'w woman's dress

skeryterk'werlek' I dress myself (of a woman)

skuuewetek' I like to taste, I like to eat

skuuewolon kmoypon jam

skuuewolonee something sweet, sweets, candies

skuuewolonee pa'ah soda

slekwoh shirt

slekwohpeyek' I put a shirt on

slekwohso'm s/he dresses someone

slekwslekw clothes

slekwslekwoh dress oneself, clothes

sleyehl substance like mucus which contained a pain object

slooween raw (of food)

sloowpey eat raw

sloyhlketo' brush, broom

sloyonechkenekw they slide into water (of boats)

sloyonekw it slides into water (of a boat)

slerperh thigh, penis

sleryhl handkerchief

sleryhlkerp'ook' I blow my nose

sluuek'woh space at the foot of the sweathouse ladder

smechook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

smechoy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

smeykoluemek' I pine, I miss

sme'lenek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'lenepek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'ruehl scissors

smohta'r bow (for arrows)

sonchook' I paddle, I propel a boat, I paddle in a particular direction

soneen feel, think (a particular way)

soneenah feel, think

soneenepek' I feel, I think (a particular way)

soonewetek' I taste (something)

soonoksek' I think

soono' be angry, be furious, resent

soono'p'eyok' I am angry, I am furious, I resent

sooyhl gum (part of mouth)

soo' cascara tree, chittamwood, cascara tree bark used as laxative

so'ch'eek roof, ceiling

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

srahkwoh loincloth

srekw ring

srek'wahpeeet breechcloth

srek'wepeeet diaper

sroy signal in games

serp headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

serperyer' headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

swechoh tear, yard (measure, of cloth)

sweyokseemek' I slight, I insult, I am aloof, I am disrespectful

sweyokseeshonowok' I am rude

sweyoneenepek' I am aloof, I don't want to associate, I fade, I doubt myself, I dislike the idea

syoolah dance in the brush dance (of a girl)

s'echoh horn, horns, wedge

s'oh anus, rectum

s'errperhl marrow (of bone)

taahl ceremonial singer

tegee'n porcupine, porcupine quill, yellow moss for dying basket materials, anything yellow, canary

tegokseemek' I praise

tektey stomach

tektomoksek' I am angry, I am mad

tekwonekws "the cylindrical trunk for feather dresses, etc.", box, case, chest

tekwonekws 'ue-kwerhl television

tekwonuer hammer

tekwsa'r heart of salmon, uvula

tekwskey manroot, wild cucumber, pickle

telek' I am ill, I am sick, I am physically unwell

telogehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

teloguemek' I am in pain, I resent

tenpeyok' I eat much, I eat a lot, I overeat

tenuemonok have bad luck wished on one, bad luck, spirits, insane

tenuemonokseemek' I wish bad luck on, I cast a spell on

tenuemonoksoyek' I have bad luck wished upon me

tepolehl post of a sweathouse, "the place in the sweathouse opposite the exit, and the place of honor", middle (of a sweathouse, a valley, etc.)

tetolohlek' I cry, I neigh (of a horse)

tetomok be angry (at someone)

tetomokseemek' I am angry (at someone)

tetomosek' I am angry, I am mad

tew flesh

tewey forehead

tewomehl be glad, happy

tewomehlkook' I am glad, I am happy

tewon flesh

tey brother-in-law (of a man)

teytesek' I am angry

te'nah drunk

te'nahspek' I am drunk

te'noyok' I feel insulted

te'noyowok' I feel insulted

te'rekws a close-woven conical basket for seed gathering, bride's basket

te'rekws 'ue-son thimble

teeeget crybaby

teekues Italian person or people

teenuuemonok crazy person

tkek'wa'r pot

tkek'we'l pot, pan, kettle

tkek'we'look' I boil

tkwep' 'ue-meehl 'we-chahkwoh shorts, short pants

tmentmen throb, ache

tmook' I shoot

tmoolook' I shoot

tohtoh kidney

tokseemek' I admire, I respect

tolowehl Tolowa Indian

tomsewok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

tooloh cheek, face

toomechek' I carry (a heavy basket)

too'mar friend, relative, relation

tos child!

totos father

to' hip (body part), thigh

tregepah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

tregepa' dip net

tregepetek' I fish with a dip net

trekwonuemek' I take a sip

terrluel bone put through nose of corpse, knife with short hilt

tuelos aunt

tuemeech carrying basket

tye'womehl corner (in the back of the house)

tyohpeyok hate, dislike

tyohpeyokseemek' I hate, I dislike

tyohpeeshonek' I am hateful

t'weyomah basket cap

wahtey tossle in stick game


wa'awor floor

wa's'eeshonowok' I am pitiful, I am wretched

wa's'ok pity

wa's'okseemek' I pity

wega'sok be unselfish

wega'sokseemek' I am unselfish

wegoh go across by boat, someone who carries money settling disputes

wenchokws woman

weno'omek' point at which another rib is added in a basket frame

weroch bachelor

wesomot bow (for arrows)

weyet Wiyot Indian

weyew be woven, be finished (of baskets)

weyewetek' I weave, I finish (baskets)

weyoksek' I am poisoned, I have cancer

weyokseep Labrador tea

weyomenehl they copulate

weyo'opewek' I finish making acorn soup, I finish cooking with hot rocks

weypegar there is an epidemic

we'yon teenage girl, young woman

weeel wheel

weena'atew third finger, ring finger

wohlkekw roof

wohluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

wokhlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

woneek 'we-legoo jump dance

wor mode of address by a man to his wife

worme'y spinster, unmarried elderly lady

worocheen bachelor

wo'omehl shelled acorn

werhlperh stick game

werseep braided trim on the front of a boat, made of hazel sticks

werserh navel

werypue'r first part of a basket to be woven, beginning of basket

wer'ergery young person

wer'yers girl, small girl

yegue'ueh ferryman

yoneekwo' become sprained

'ahkek' I urinate, I piss (of men)

'ahspah be given food or drink

'ahspek' I drink

'ahspeyue'r soup

'ahspue'm drink

'ahtemar write, draw, make basket designs, marking on baskets, paper, writing, drawing, book, newspaper

'ayekwee' alas!, I am sorry, a formal salutation of departure, formerly used "chiefly as farewell to the dead, etc.", hello!

'ekah hat, cap

'eka'r necklace

'ey yes

'e'gah eat in a group, have a meal, meal

'e'gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

'e'gue'r 'wes'onah uterus

'ee'ee'gah dining room, table

'lahpsew openwork basket plate for eating salmon, flat basket, plate

'lepsoyhl nap of fur or fabric

'leptoyhl hair

'luemon eel trap, eel basket

'n-aawech my back (body part)

'n-ahpemew my mate, my spouse

'n-ahpew my wife

'n-ekchuem my nephew

'n-eephl my tongue

'n-rp'er'n my nose

'n-rp'er'n 'we-tohpew my nostril

'na-rkow my armpit

'na-rpehl my tooth, my teeth

'ne-chekos my mother

'ne-chkah my foot

'ne-chkar my deceased brother's widow, my deceased sister's widower, my ex-sibling-in-law

'ne-chnewk'wos my son-in-law

'ne-choch my more distant relative

'ne-chochos my more distant relative

'ne-hlp'ehl my eyelash

'ne-keek my hips

'ne-kwaa my relative by marriage, my distant relative by marriage

'ne-kwen my chest (body part)

'ne-k'ep'ch'em my daughter-in-law

'ne-let my sister, my female cousin (of a woman)

'ne-le'y my brother (of a woman)

'ne-leen my eye(s), my glasses, my eyeglasses

'ne-luehl my mouth

'ne-me'y my daughter

'ne-merm my son

'ne-nos my husband

'ne-paa my brother (of a man)

'ne-psech my father

'ne-romech my niece

'ne-sen my arm

'ne-wey my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-weyech my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-yah my stomach, my belly

'ne-ykew my younger sibling, my younger sister

'ne-ykwet my penis (usually of a prepubescent boy)

'ne-'moo my married daughter

'ne-'rep' my eyebrow

'o chweeegeen place in the mountains where one regularly sits and prays, telephone

'o kergery feather camp, dress camp (in Jump Dance)

'ochek' I sneeze

'ochomek' I sneeze

'ochomok' I sneeze

'ohlkuem of course, you're welcome

'ohlpeyok' I eat from, I bite

'oloyoke'l larynx, vocal chords, throat

'olueleek'w lumps in acorn soup from lightly stirring

'omeemos Hupa Indian

'onches bracelet

'onchook' I paddle in a particular place, as in a formation

'oohl person, people, Indian, Yurok Indian

'oohl 'we-'ekah Indian cap

'oolekwehl people, world, the human world

'oolekwoh people

'orpet duck blind

'oyekwee' long for, miss, hey!, hello!, oh!

'oyeee hey!, hello!, oh!

'oyuuekwee' hey!, hello!, oh!

'o'lehl house, home

'o'lehl hegoh house builder

'o'lehl 'we-sohchee roof

'o'lep house, inside of house

'o'lomah house, enter!, come in!

'o'lomehl house

'o'loolekweesh 'o-n name of a female spirit, Sky Woman

'erkerh fish with a net, fishing net

'erkeryshek' I urinate

'errkerhl knee

'ruemeechekws "a nearly spherical basket in openwork, usually neatly made, and serving to hold sinew, awls, spoons, and small odds and ends", basket with handles, picnic basket

'er'gerrch sweathouse

'er'gerrk sweathouse, prayer house

'uekoko'ya' up and down design on baskets

'uema'ah devil, Indian devil

'uemyo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

'uepuer raised ridge round basket

'uep'erh backbone, string, spinal cord

'wa'al guts, intestines

'wa'alox guts, intestines

'wechonep flat sifter basket

'wehlketeg nail, fingernail, toenail, claw

'wes body

'weskuuel strap (on basket or load of wood; traditionally usually made of elk-skin)

'weskwelon body, value, trunk of body

'we'ges Chinese person

'wohpeg spruce root (used in basket making)

'wohpeg 'we-'ekah work cap made of spruce

'woo white person

'woogehlmen half-breed

'woogey be holy, former people, white man, white people, at first identified with former people

'werhlker' bone

'werhlkuen liver

'werhperyerh basket cap for everyday use, full cap

'werrgeryers fair-skinned person, brave person

'wers skin

'werskuen skin, shell, as of acorns

'yoch boat

'yoch 'ue-poyew prow of a boat

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  1. k'e-wa'aw "your floor" (spoken by Jimmie James)

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