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Morphology search: -ohp- [-ohp-] • medial suffix • water or liquid, especially if contained or rising • Variants -rhp-, -oh-, -oop-, -rh-

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hewomop' it is warm (of liquids)

hlke'goop' slug, banana slug

hlkoop' slime

hoolohpeenek' I stir

kaamop' it is rough water

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

keyomop' it's a whirlpool

ke'mohpechek' I bail out

ke'mohpet bail out water

ke'mohpetechek' I bail out water

k'ohoolop' a liquid in the process of solidifying

laakaamop' it is rough water on a river

laayop' it flows, it runs (of a liquid)

lohpeenek' I scrape out

lohpee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

lerh saliva, spittle

lerhperyehl drool, saliva, spittle

mo'ohpeer fog

mo'ohpeerk be foggy

myop' it is crowded, the water rises (like a swell)

pekoyop' it is red (water)

plop' it is in spate, it floods

plerwernerp' it is high tide, it is high (of a river)

regohpetek' I fill

regohpeenek' I fill

regop' it is full (of liquid)

rekwoh drink

rekwohpeyok' I drink

rohpeer semen

rohpee'hl it clears (of weather)

seeyoh slide (of a landslide), break (of a wave)

seeyohpeehl slide (of a landslide), break (of a wave)

seeyop' it slides (of a landslide), it breaks (of a wave)

skewop' it is calm (water)

stek'wop' there's a crest of high water, it's high tide

swoopeenek' I spill it (something uncountable, e.g. water, salt), I pour it, I empty it

swoopee'hl pour with rain, rain hard

swoopoyoh burst forth, gush (liquid)

swoop' it spilled

ta'anoop' it is hot, it gets hot (liquid)

tenop be a lot of liquid

tenop' there is a lot of it (liquid)

testop' it coagulates

teekwohpenek' I break a container or a boat

tkop' it is thick (of liquid)

terperyerh be cold (liquids)

terperyerp' it is cold (a liquid)


'O Keget'oh a place on the sandbar by Big Lagoon

'O Ket'oh Big Lagoon, a town on Big Lagoon

Dictionary entry

'ekoyop'vi e-class • it is pliable, it is flexible, it is sticky, it is gummy

Lexicon record # 4225 | Source reference: FS(B221)
Derivation: morphological structure 'ek-oy-ohp-e-

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  1. 'ekoyop' "it is tough (wood), it is sticky (coagulated blood)" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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