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Broader semantic domain: society

Related semantic domain(s): activities, kinds of people, man-made objects

More specific semantic domains: body parts and the body, feelings and emotions, health and sickness

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chegaanoksek' I forgive

chegeyonahpeemek' I am tired of

chegeyonepek' I am annoyed at (someone)

chegeyoneenepek' I am tired of

chekws heart

chelogaapeehl ribs

chelogehl ribs

chelogepeehl ribs

chewes hand

cheyketew little finger, pinky finger

chkenoowok be very stupid, be very poor

chkenoowoksek' I am very stupid, I am very poor

chmerk be angry, person who pouts, moody person

chpega'r hear, ask, ear

chpoksek' I think, I meditate

chpokseemek' I remember, I think back, I recollect

chperwerk remember, think of, miss, pine for, become lonesome for

chperwerksek' I remember, I long for, I think about

chperwerkseemek' I remember, I think of someone, I miss someone, I pine for

chpuerowok' I menstruate

cherwerserterw index finger, pointer finger

chueluesew runny eyes

ch'eeg saliva, foam

hahpeleen be lively, be happy

hahpeleenepek' I feel lively, I feel happy

hahsehl urine

hewolon heal, cure (the body, an illness)

hewonekee'r have an erection

heyomoksek' I am lucky

hle'm heel

hle'mekw heel of foot, sole of shoe

hlkekwolek' I limp, I am lame, I am crippled

hlkwert'err' pass gas through the vagina

hlmeyokseemek' I am suspicious of

hlmeyorkweeshonek' I am feared, I am an object of fear

hohsepek' I am ashamed

homtah play, play with, be happy

homtepek' I play, I play with, I am happy

hooroksek' I am cunning, I am clever

hooruerehlek' I feel sick, I feel nauseous, I have nausea

huenpeyok' I want the opposite sex, I am sexually aroused, I am horny

kaamok be disliked

kaamokseemek' I dislike, I hate

kegey doctor, Indian doctor

keloke'l throat

kemolochek' I am jealous, I envy

kesomewehlek' I am homesick, I long for, I miss, I am sad, I am lonesome, I am sorry for (someone)

kesomewtek' I am homesick

kesomuy corpse, dead person

ket'etew palm (of hand)

knetew finger

knewoletew middle (long) finger

kochpoksek' I think over, I meditate

ko'l 'ne-so'n my genitals (male or female)

kerchpok' I menstruate for the first time

kergerwers wrist

kerkerchpok' I menstruate, I menstruate for the first time, I reach womanhood

kerkerhl ankle

kermerterw little finger

kers'erkw shoulder blade

kerwers wrist

kerweryerh chin, jaw, beard

keryermerh skull

kweruehl snout, long nose

kweskwesek' I have a cold, I caught a cold

kwes'oyew prayer doctor

kwes'oyewek' I treat (used of prayer doctor)

kwetoyos pear-shaped piece of wood put near fire in wishing ill on someone

kwoyteme'l shoulder

kyahto'r sweat, sweat

kya' sore, ulcer

kya'hl'oo' open sore, ulcer, open wound

kyerneekerhl sprain

kyerneekert sprain

k'enrokseemek' I trust, I admire, I respect

k'ensoonokseemek' I dislike, I have hateful thoughts about

k'eerwerler'ery be gray-haired

k'leemowok' I feel ill

lepehlek' I ache

lepoh hip

lerh saliva, spittle

lerhperyehl drool, saliva, spittle

luuewoloyek' I cramp, I have a cramp

markarkeehl hip

mecholep mucus in one's eye

mechole'w eye mucus

mechomee' venereal disease, the clap

megenep' it moves or stretches in an elastic way (like an inchworm, or in a belly-ache or body building), it (someone's stomach) aches

meges doctor, white doctor, medical doctor

megeyoo miscarry, die soon after birth, be stillborn, lose children in childbirth

mekwa'r menstrual hut

mek'woh pus

meleg excrement

melox excrement, feces, turds

melo' brush dance officiant, medicine woman

menewkwek' I drown, I go under water, , I am bashful

mep'och beard, mustache, whiskers

meskwok' I doctor someone

metolep snot

met'eek rectum, ass!

meweepeehl waist, tree trunk

mey mourn, cry, tear, tears (from eyes)

meyoo be pregnant

meyoomoyek' I am pregnant

me'yk'wah boil (skin affliction), pus

meehlpehl leg, shin, lower leg

mochkwoch' little boy's penis

mohlkwoh head

mokwsek muscle, sinew

moykek' I die (used of gods, plants, and animals)

mo'l sexual intercourse

merkcher'erkerhl hip, hip bone

merrgen lungs

merserw ointment

merterlerp' nasal mucus, runny nose

merterw buttocks, rump, derriere, arse

mer'p'erhl pubic hair

naagoh gut on one side

na'atew ring finger

nekteyok' I admire the cleverness of a person

nektok like (a favorite), pity

nektokseemek' I adore, I admire, I like (someone)

new breast milk

newon breast, nipple, tit, breast milk

nohlpeyek' I go out, I defecate, I go to the bathroom

nohlpeyok' I defecate, I go the bathroom

nokseemek' I think of

noweenah be happy, enjoy

noweenepek' I am happy, I enjoy, I like the feeling

nerrwert visit the sick

nerryerksek' I betray a trust

nerryerwerksek' I am betrayed

pah neck

pahtuen neck

pekoyek blood

pesoh clitoris

peerwerkseemek' I love

pkwok find out

pkwokseemek' I find out (what somebody is thinking), I find (somebody) out

pletew thumb, big toe

ponues pre-pubescent vagina, hymen

po'oh get well, heal (intr.), scar, healed sore

perkeryer'er'y it is red (animals, birds, human hair)

perperyuuepek' I am curly, I have curly hair

perwkweesh elbow

perykerr' brain, brains

peryerm penis

puenomeehl malicious thoughts (cause of illness in someone else), contamination, bad omen

puenomeehlkok' I am contaminated, I have a pain

pue'nek' I fart, I break wind, I expel gas

pyerwerkseemek' I love

pyerwerkseeshonowok' I am lovely

rewoch lip(s)

rewoh lip(s)

rohpeer semen

rohtek'w testicle, scrotum, testes

rokseemek' I trust

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

roowo's hegoh a plant whose leaves are used for colds

sewkweluemek' I am bruised

ska'ah sole of foot, palm of hand

ska'atew finger, toe

sketew little finger

skewok want, wish, love, like

skewokseemek' I want, I wish, I love, I like

skoypeehl flank, side (body part)

sleyehl substance like mucus which contained a pain object

slerperh thigh, penis

sleryhlkerp'ook' I blow my nose

smeykoluemek' I pine, I miss

sme'lenek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'lenepek' I masturbate (of men)

soneen feel, think (a particular way)

soneenah feel, think

soneenepek' I feel, I think (a particular way)

soonoksek' I think

soono' be angry, be furious, resent

soono'p'eyok' I am angry, I am furious, I resent

sooyhl gum (part of mouth)

soo' cascara tree, chittamwood, cascara tree bark used as laxative

sweyokseemek' I slight, I insult, I am aloof, I am disrespectful

sweyokseeshonowok' I am rude

sweyoneenepek' I am aloof, I don't want to associate, I fade, I doubt myself, I dislike the idea

s'oh anus, rectum

s'errperhl marrow (of bone)

tegokseemek' I praise

tektey stomach

tektomoksek' I am angry, I am mad

tekwsa'r heart of salmon, uvula

telek' I am ill, I am sick, I am physically unwell

telogehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

teloguemek' I am in pain, I resent

tenuemonok have bad luck wished on one, bad luck, spirits, insane

tenuemonokseemek' I wish bad luck on, I cast a spell on

tenuemonoksoyek' I have bad luck wished upon me

tetolohlek' I cry, I neigh (of a horse)

tetomok be angry (at someone)

tetomokseemek' I am angry (at someone)

tetomosek' I am angry, I am mad

tew flesh

tewey forehead

tewomehl be glad, happy

tewomehlkook' I am glad, I am happy

tewon flesh

teytesek' I am angry

te'noyok' I feel insulted

te'noyowok' I feel insulted

teenuuemonok crazy person

tmentmen throb, ache

tohtoh kidney

tokseemek' I admire, I respect

tooloh cheek, face

to' hip (body part), thigh

tyohpeyok hate, dislike

tyohpeyokseemek' I hate, I dislike

tyohpeeshonek' I am hateful

wa's'eeshonowok' I am pitiful, I am wretched

wa's'ok pity

wa's'okseemek' I pity

wega'sok be unselfish

wega'sokseemek' I am unselfish

weyoksek' I am poisoned, I have cancer

weyomenehl they copulate

weypegar there is an epidemic

weena'atew third finger, ring finger

wokhlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

werserh navel

yoneekwo' become sprained

'ahkek' I urinate, I piss (of men)

'e'gue'r 'wes'onah uterus

'lepsoyhl nap of fur or fabric

'leptoyhl hair

'n-aawech my back (body part)

'n-eephl my tongue

'n-rp'er'n my nose

'n-rp'er'n 'we-tohpew my nostril

'na-rkow my armpit

'na-rpehl my tooth, my teeth

'ne-chkah my foot

'ne-hlp'ehl my eyelash

'ne-keek my hips

'ne-kwen my chest (body part)

'ne-leen my eye(s), my glasses, my eyeglasses

'ne-luehl my mouth

'ne-sen my arm

'ne-yah my stomach, my belly

'ne-ykwet my penis (usually of a prepubescent boy)

'ne-'rep' my eyebrow


'ochomek' I sneeze

'ochomok' I sneeze

'oloyoke'l larynx, vocal chords, throat

'erkeryshek' I urinate

'errkerhl knee

'uep'erh backbone, string, spinal cord

'wa'al guts, intestines

'wa'alox guts, intestines

'wehlketeg nail, fingernail, toenail, claw

'wes body

'weskwelon body, value, trunk of body

'werhlker' bone

'werhlkuen liver

'wers skin

'werskuen skin, shell, as of acorns

Dictionary entry

'ochek'vi e-class • I sneeze

Lexicon record # 4335 | Source references: FS(B222) JE123 YLCB45
Semantic domain: health and sickness
Derivation: morphological structure '-och-e-

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  1. 'ochek' "I sneeze" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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  2. 'och' "he or she sneezes" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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