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helomeyek' I dance

ruerowok' I sing, I boil over, I sing

melee' there is a brush dance

ka'a'n deerhide blanket with hair on it, blanket, deerskin wrap (in the Jump Dance)

telogehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

neeegem flint, obsidian

nerrmery sing songs, brush dance song

cherhkwek' I am jumping center (in the brush dance)

rego' feather, feather for display (as in headband), morning feathers (in brush dance), "simple upright down-head feathers" in the deerskin dance


nerrmerypeyok' I'm singing (in the brush dance)

pyeweg perform the white deerskin dance, white deerskin dance

remoh take part in doctor dance, kick dance, doctor dance, kick dance

syoolah dance in the brush dance (of a girl)

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

kery braids, hair wraps, hair tie, two braids

cheee'sh woodpecker crest, woodpecker scalp

loogeen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

ma'ak head rings, "a stuffed ring of deerskin with three or four of the scarlet [woodpecker] scalps sewn on", "head rings with woodpecker on them", head roll

meloo brush dance

merwerch the dance is ending, the end of a dance

merwer'y the final dance at the brush dance is danced

muenchehl ceremonial dress, dance dress

nohpet'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

nohpeweehl sing solo at the brush dance, brush dance song, heavy song

nerrmeryek' I sing songs

plegokw headband of woodpecker scalps, headroll

ponchech gray deer, white deerskin

pyuueweg perform the deerskin dance, deerskin dance

serp headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

'e'gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

chek'wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

hegel dance

hlker'ermery war dance

hlker'ermeryek' I sing a war dance song

kehlpeyok' I sing through a dream (of a doctor), I lose control of myself at the doctor dance

keychelew speak the medicine formula on the ninth day of a girl's first menstruation

kreychoh hair ties

lepo'm headband "worn by the woman formulist in the Brush Dance ... normally made of ordinary feathers", doctor's forehead band of condor ruff

mewolep' deerskin dance officiant

no'oma'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

puercheehl brush dance cap

pyuerowok' I perform the sacred rites at a dance, I purify myself

rechkok' I dance in a particular direction

regey ceremonial headdress

remohpoh doctor dance song, doctor song

ruerowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

serperyer' headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

taahl ceremonial singer

terrluel bone put through nose of corpse, knife with short hilt

wohluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

woneek 'we-legoo jump dance

'o kergery feather camp, dress camp (in Jump Dance)

Dictionary entry

melok'vi • I attend a brush dance

Lexicon record # 4498 | Source reference: GT(AG-08-2)
Semantic domain: ceremonies and dances

Sentence examples (3)

  1. Skewok kue 'ne-melok'.
    I want to go to the brush dance.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)

  2. Skewok kee 'ne-meloo'moh.
    We want to go to the brush dance.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)

  3. Keetue melok'.
    I'm going to the brush dance.

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    — Georgiana Trull, Sentences (AG-08-2) (AG-08-2, 2007)