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Morphology search: -ech- [-ech-] • intransitive final suffix • motion • Variants -ch-, -ich-, -rch-

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chpaa-ne-chook' I am away

hee-mech front, in front

hee-me-chook' I hurry (going somewhere)

hloy-chook' I walk carefully

hop-ke-chook' I go starting from (a place)

ke-lo-me-chook' I turn around

ker-kue'-yer-mer-chek' I walk crookedly

kwom-hle-chook' I return, I go back, I walk back

kwoy-chook' I go slowly

laa-kwom-hle-chook' I return by a particular route

laa-ye-chek' I go by a particular way

lech-ke-chook' I pull out


me-gehl-ke-chook' I stroke, I caress, I touch lightly

me-ne-cho-lek' I disappear

me-ne-chook' I disappear, I vanish, I go away

mew-pe-chook' I am sneaking, I sneak

me'-wo-mech come from

me'-wo-me-chook' I come out, I come from

nes-kwe-chook' I come, I arrive, I return

nuer-'uern-chook' I climb

pkwe-chook' I come out

re-chook' I paddle, I row

re-cho-yek' I paddle a boat

ro-'o-me-chek' I pursue, I chase

rue-ro-wech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

ske-wee-chook' I go slowly, I go easily, I go carefully, I put it in order, I do fine work, I do housework

sle-kwe-chook' I stroke backward, I walk backward

sloy-chook' I descend, I go downhill

son-chook' I paddle, I propel a boat, I paddle in a particular direction

sooy-chook' I go quickly

sroy-kwe-chek' I slide

syuek'-wer-chook' I stretch my legs

woh-pe-chek' I go across by boat

woy-chook' I am away at night

wer-'er-ger-ye-chek' I go last

yoh-pe-chook' I walk around, I turn around, I go around in a circle

yue-'ueh-pe-chek' I take across (habitually), I ferry across (habitually)

'on-chook' I paddle in a particular place, as in a formation

'o-ro-gech' s/he walks (in relation to someone else)

Dictionary entry

meyr-kwe-chook'vi oo-class • I go everywhere

Lexicon record # 1585 |
Derivation: morphological structure markw-ech-oo-

Other paradigm form

  • 3sg meyr-kwe-cho'l TTW-A:55

Special meaning or use

  • keech ma meyr-kwe-chook' I have been everywhere TTW-A:58