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Broader semantic domain: physical world

Related semantic domain(s): landscape, place names, rocks and inanimate natural objects, astronomy and the sky

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che-po-reg be cold weather

che-po-re-ge'hl it is cold weather

che-po-re'hl it is cold weather

che'-loy'hl it is dry weather, it evaporates, the river is narrow

hl'oh-ko'hl it thunders

ho'-gon north wind, storm

kaa-meg be bad weather

kaa-me-ge'hl it is bad weather, it is stormy

ke-ge'y there is lightning

ke'-ween 'we-leen hail

ke'y-pe'hl there is a flicker of lightning

k'e'-go' there is lightning

len-kwe'hl it is overcast, there is an eclipse

lep-te-nok cloud, clouds blowing

lep-te-nok-see'hl it is cloudy, it gets cloudy

lep-te-noyhl be cloudy, be misty

lew-kwe-nohl be cloudy

loh-kwo'hl it is dull weather

loh-pee'hl clouds gather, it is cloudy

lerp-sue-wer'y it is covered in mist

lerp-ter-nue-'er-wer'y it is bad weather

maay clear (of weather), pass by


me-wech' it blows (wind), the wind is blowing in this direction


me-wo-mech' it blows in a particular direction (of the wind)

me-wo-roh it is clearing (of weather), clouds are gone

mo-'oh-peer fog

mo-'oh-peerk be foggy

ne-gah-se'-wey rainbow

ne-ge'hl the weather is (a certain way)

ne-keech-wey rainbow

rew-kwo'hl it is misty

roh-pee'hl it clears (of weather)

rookw wind

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

ro-reer snow

ro-ree' it snows

ro'r it snows

sah-ksah hail, hail

se-gep 'ue-pery rainbow

ske-weg be good weather, be clear weather, be sunny weather

ske-we-ge'hl it is good weather, it is clear weather

skue-weg be good weather

skue-we-ge'hl it is good weather

serr-nerk'ws it is very windy weather

swe-goo-peehl pour with rain

swoo-pee'hl pour with rain, rain hard

swerrk'ws there is a gust of wind, wind is blowing in this direction

ta' be hot weather, be sunny

ta-'a-noy'hl it is hot weather, it is sunny

ta-'ehl be hot weather

ten rain

ten-pe-we'hl it is raining, rain, storm

ton-pe-we'hl it is showery

wo-news-le-pah rainbow

wo-nue 'we-laa-ye-kah rainbow

Dictionary entry

mewvn • blow in a particular direction (of wind)

Lexicon record # 1754 | Source reference: FS(B207)
Semantic domain: weather

Sentence example (1)

  1. Wee-'eeet nee-ko'hl pe-cheek 'o 'ue-mew.
    There it (the wind) is always coming from upstream.

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    — Florence Shaughnessy, Sentences (LA138-055) (LA138-055, 1980)