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che-go-'o-nep' four-point buck

chek-cheen salmon trap

ches-kew scoop net for candlefish

ches-ke-wehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

cho-won seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

cho-wo-nek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

cher-wer-ner' large fishing net

hehl-kue 'we-re-go-'oh gill net

ho'-neet bait, lure

ho'nk-'et bait, lure

knet-ken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetk-net arrowhead, cartridge

kne-we-tek' I fish with a net

kert-kek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

kert-kerhl trout fishing pole

kue-reesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

k'ookw-sook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

lem hook eels

le-mo-lohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

le-mo-look' I hook eels

le-mo-lo-'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

le-wet net, fish net, salmon net

le-we-tek' I fish with a net, I set a net

loo fish weir, fish dam

loo-geen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

luue' fish with a net, set a net

ma-'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

ma-'ahs-kehl spear

ma-'ahs-kek' I spear, I go spear fishing

ma-'ahs-kee-mek' I spear

ma-'ahs-kue-mek' I spear

me-rueh che-go-'o-nep' five-point buck

mer-ner's-kwery pull the skin off a fish

ne-ga' surf-fish net, triangle net


nerh-cherr' fishhook

ner' snare

ner-'er-merh snare

ner-'er-mers snare, a trigger snare

ner-'er-mert deer meat, venison

ner-'er-mer-tek' I snare

ner-'er-pek' I trap

ner-'ers trap

ner-'er-sek' I trap

ner'w-kwert arrow

pa-'ah-pe-tew bowstring

pes-koh spear, fish spear, three piece toggle head for catching salmon

pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

re-ke-weech fish for trout with two lines

roh-see-mek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

ro-ro-we-nek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

sme-chook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

sme-choy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

smoh-tey'r bow (for arrows)

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

tmook' I shoot

tmoo-look' I shoot

tom-se-wok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

tre-ge-pah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

tre-ge-pa' dip net

tre-ge-pe-tek' I fish with a dip net

we-so-mot bow (for arrows)

'lue-mon eel trap, eel basket

'or-pet duck blind

'er-kerh fish with a net, fishing net

'uem-yo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

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ne-go-'ep'n iterative • forked-horn buck, two-point buck • See

Lexicon record # 2094 | Source reference: GM(JG12/17/2007)
Semantic domains: hunting and fishing; hoofed mammals