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che-go-'o-nep' four-point buck

chek-cheen salmon trap

chek'-wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

ches-kew scoop net for candlefish

ches-ke-wehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

che'-loh dry (food), bake (food), cure (food), dry by heating

che'-loh-tek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

che'-loh-te-mew be dried (of food)

che'-lo-yehl they are dry

cheee'sh woodpecker crest, woodpecker scalp

chee-no-me-lek' I give away part of my winnings in a game

chkeee-ker' fork, table fork

chker-kerr' pierce, spear, pitchfork, fork (utensil)

chmey-yo-nen 'o 'we-'ee-'ee'-gah dinner

chok-choop' drum, drumstick

chok-choop-'ey'r drum, drumstick

cho-won seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

cho-wo-nek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

chpeee-go'-re-pek' I get ready for a race

cherh-kwek' I am jumping center (in the brush dance)

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

cher-wer-ner' large fishing net

chuehl well, goodbye, so be it

chuue' well, goodbye, come on

heyr-puen mint, mint tea

he-gel dance

he-gon spoon, scraper

he-goo-re-keech yerba buena tea, vine tea

hehl-kue 'we-re-go-'oh gill net

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

he-log cooking paddle, acorn mush stirrer, stirring paddle

he-lo-mey-yek' I dance

hlker-'er-mery war dance

hlker-'er-mer-yek' I sing a war dance song

hookw gamble

hookw-chek' I gamble, I play cards

hoo-loh roh-kuet basketball

ho-yeee oh!, hey!, hello!

ho'-neet bait, lure

ho'nk-'et bait, lure

ho-'o-pe-wek' I make acorn soup

her-gerk-'er-yen dealer

herhl-perh stick game

herhl-per' sticks (in stick game)

herkw-terks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

herk-'er-yek' I hide

her-'erh-kerhl be fresh (food, etc.)

kaa-mew it is bitter, it tastes bad, it is sour

kaa-me-we-tek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

ka-'a'n deerhide blanket with hair on it, blanket, deerskin wrap (in the Jump Dance)

ke-goh acorn soup

kehl-pey-yok' I sing through a dream (of a doctor), I lose control of myself at the doctor dance

kep'-t'oh feed an infant soft food

ket-'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

key-che-lew speak the medicine formula on the ninth day of a girl's first menstruation

ke'-mow food

kmoy-pon spread (butter, jam, etc.)

knet-ken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetk-net arrowhead, cartridge

kne-we-tek' I fish with a net

ko-peen coffee

ko-weesh-cho' thank you, thanks, I am grateful

krey-choh hair ties

ker-guuek a round is won (in a game)

kert-kek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

kert-kerhl trout fishing pole

kery braids, hair wraps, hair tie, two braids

ker'-yer' peel (fruit or vegetable)

kue-reesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kuuerk cross the goal-line, score, as in the stick game

kuuerk-sek' I play the stick game, I score (in the stick game)

k'ookw-sook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

lehl-ke-mok' I wrap (something) in skunk cabbage leaves (for cooking)

lem hook eels

le-mo-lohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

le-mo-look' I hook eels

le-mo-lo-'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

lep-kwoh form seaweed into round cakes

le-po'm headband "worn by the woman formulist in the Brush Dance ... normally made of ordinary feathers", doctor's forehead band of condor ruff

le-wet net, fish net, salmon net

le-we-tek' I fish with a net, I set a net

loo fish weir, fish dam

loo-geen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

ler-'er-gerh be black, be dark-colored, (round things) coffee

luue' fish with a net, set a net

ma-'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

ma-'ahs-kehl spear

ma-'ahs-kek' I spear, I go spear fishing

ma-'ahs-kee-mek' I spear

ma-'ahs-kue-mek' I spear

ma-'ak head rings, "a stuffed ring of deerskin with three or four of the scarlet [woodpecker] scalps sewn on", "head rings with woodpecker on them", head roll

me-lee' there is a brush dance

me-lok' I attend a brush dance

me-loo brush dance

me-raa-wo-nee smoked (of salmon)

me-raa's it (food) is smoky, cure by smoke

me-rueh che-go-'o-nep' five-point buck

me-wo-lep' deerskin dance officiant

mee-nek' I bet

mer-ner's-kwery pull the skin off a fish

merw food carried with one, food brought by bride

merw-pok' I carry food with me

merw-perh food carried with one, food brought by bride, packed lunch

mer-werch the dance is ending, the end of a dance

mer-wer'y the final dance at the brush dance is danced

muen-chehl ceremonial dress, dance dress

muen-cherhl milk

mues-chen really, truly, true, yes, truly

ne-ga' surf-fish net, triangle net

ne-go-'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

ne-pek' I eat

ney greeting between women


neee-gem flint, obsidian

noh-pet-'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

noh-pe-weehl sing solo at the brush dance, brush dance song, heavy song

nooych eat food as a guest

nooych-kwek' I eat food as a guest

nooych-kwok' I eat food as a guest

no-woh greeting between men

no-'o-mey'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

nerh-cherr' fishhook

ner-perw meat

nerr-mery sing songs, brush dance song

nerr-mer-yek' I sing songs

nerr-mery-pey-yok' I'm singing (in the brush dance)

ner' snare

ner-'er-merh snare

ner-'er-mers snare, a trigger snare

ner-'er-mert deer meat, venison

ner-'er-mer-tek' I snare

ner-'er-pek' I trap

ner-'ers trap

ner-'er-sek' I trap

ner'w-kwert arrow

nue-neg food

nue-ne-pew food, fish

nue-ne-pueh food, fish

nue-ne-puy food, fish


peyr-kokwch guessing sticks, playing card

pa-'ah-pe-tew bowstring

pe-choch broil

pe-mek' I cook

pe-mey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

pe-mo-roh drippings

pe-mo-yekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

penkw acorn flour

pe-pah pepper

pes-koh spear, fish spear, three piece toggle head for catching salmon

pew cook

pe-wo-mek' I cook

pe-wo-meen a cook

pe-wo-mo'r s/he cooks for someone

pey-yey'r cook over an open fire

peeesh pea

peesh-kaahl 'o koh seafood

peesh-kah salt, sea, ocean

pee'-woh why not!, you're welcome!, sure!, okay

pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

ple-gokw headband of woodpecker scalps, headroll

plo-wah flour

pon-chech gray deer, white deerskin

pop-sew bread

poy-koh flat basket, pan, pot

per'y-p'er'w be sour

puer-cheehl brush dance cap

pye-weg perform the white deerskin dance, white deerskin dance

pye-wo-lue-mek' I chew

pyue-ro-wok' I perform the sacred rites at a dance, I purify myself

pyuue-weg perform the deerskin dance, deerskin dance

raas rice

rech-kok' I dance in a particular direction

re-gey ceremonial headdress

re-go' feather, feather for display (as in headband), morning feathers (in brush dance), "simple upright down-head feathers" in the deerskin dance

re-guue-kwoh liquor

re-guue-kwo' beverage, especially liquor

rehl-'ep' be concentrated in a given direction, of a wish or a prayer, be tossed in a given direction in the stick game, point in a given direction, of a person

re-ke-weech fish for trout with two lines

re-kee-roy broil, broil over a fire

re-kwoh drink

re-kwoh-pey-yok' I drink

re-moh take part in doctor dance, kick dance, doctor dance, kick dance

re-moh-poh doctor dance song, doctor song

rep-chem honey, sugar

re-poy drum song

re-po-yok' I sing a song with drum beating

rew-pe-nek' I win (in gambling)

roh-kuen ball

roh-sek' I throw, I pitch (a ball)

roh-see-mek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

rooysh rice

ro-ro-we-nek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

rue-ro-wech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

rue-ro-wok' I sing, I boil over, I sing

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sech-kes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

ske'-wo-yehl they are ripe, they are cooked

skuue-we-tek' I like to taste, I like to eat

skuue-wo-lon kmoy-pon jam

skuue-wo-lo-nee something sweet, sweets, candies

skuue-wo-lo-nee pa-'ah soda

sloo-ween raw (of food)

sloow-pey eat raw

sme-chook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

sme-choy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

smoh-tey'r bow (for arrows)

soo-ne-we-tek' I taste (something)

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

sroy signal in games

serp headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

ser-per-yer' headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

syoo-lah dance in the brush dance (of a girl)

taahl ceremonial singer

tekws-key manroot, wild cucumber, pickle

te-lo-gehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

ten-pey-yok' I eat much, I eat a lot, I overeat

te'-nah drunk

te'-nahs-pek' I am drunk

tkek'-wey'r pot

tkek'-we'l pot, pan, kettle

tkek'-we'-look' I boil

tmook' I shoot

tmoo-look' I shoot

tom-se-wok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

tos child!

tre-ge-pah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

tre-ge-pa' dip net

tre-ge-pe-tek' I fish with a dip net

tre-kwo-nue-mek' I take a sip

terr-luel bone put through nose of corpse, knife with short hilt

wah-tey tossle in stick game

we-so-mot bow (for arrows)

wey-yok-seep Labrador tea

wey-yo-'o-pe-wek' I finish making acorn soup, I finish cooking with hot rocks

wo-hluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

wok-hlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

wo-neek 'we-le-goo jump dance

wor mode of address by a man to his wife

wo-'o-mehl shelled acorn

werhl-perh stick game

'ahs-pah be given food or drink

'ahs-pek' I drink

'ahs-pey-yue'r soup

'ahs-pue'm drink

'a-ye-kwee' alas!, I am sorry, a formal salutation of departure, formerly used "chiefly as farewell to the dead, etc.", hello!

'ey yes

'e'-gah eat in a group, have a meal, meal

'e'-gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

'lue-mon eel trap, eel basket

'o ker-gery feather camp, dress camp (in Jump Dance)

'ohl-kuem of course, you're welcome

'ohl-pey-yok' I eat from, I bite

'o-lue-leek'w lumps in acorn soup from lightly stirring

'or-pet duck blind

'o-ye-kwee' long for, miss, hey!, hello!, oh!

'o-yeee hey!, hello!, oh!

'o-yuue-kwee' hey!, hello!, oh!

'er-kerh fish with a net, fishing net

'uem-yo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

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