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chaa-nuueks young child, baby, newborn

chah-kwoh pants, trousers

che-gaa-nok-sek' I forgive

che-gey-yoh small knife, pocket knife

che-gey-yo-nah-pee-mek' I am tired of

che-gey-yo-ne-pek' I am annoyed at (someone)

che-gey-yo-nee-ne-pek' I am tired of

che-go-'o-nep' four-point buck

chek-cheen salmon trap

chekw-che-kwah vertical stripes around a basket

chekws heart

chek'-wehl prayer seat, "stone 'seats' on mountains ... They are semicircular walls of mortared stones, a yard or two across, three or four feet high", flat place in front of a cliff

che-log close woven basket for seeds, fancy basket for valuables

che-lo-gaa-peehl ribs

che-lo-gehl ribs

che-lo-ge-peehl ribs

ches-kew scoop net for candlefish

ches-ke-wehl plunge net for small fish (scooped downward at high water)

che-wes hand

che-ween mother-in-law

chey-ke-tew little finger, pinky finger

che'-loh dry (food), bake (food), cure (food), dry by heating

che'-loh-tek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

che'-loh-te-mew be dried (of food)

che'-lo-yehl they are dry

chee-chos younger sibling, younger sister

cheee'sh woodpecker crest, woodpecker scalp

cheek'-weyr chair, stool

chee-mos uncle

chee-nes young man, teenage boy

chee-no-me-lek' I give away part of my winnings in a game

chee-no-me-wah young man

chee-no-me-wes young man, teenage boy

chee'm uncle!

chke-noo-wok be very stupid, be very poor

chke-noo-wok-sek' I am very stupid, I am very poor

chkeee-ker' fork, table fork

chker-kerr' pierce, spear, pitchfork, fork (utensil)

chmey-yo-nen 'o 'we-'ee-'ee'-gah dinner

chmerk be angry, person who pouts, moody person

chnaa woman's brother-in-law

chneen sister-in-law

choch relative

choh-choh apron, skirt

chok-choop' drum, drumstick

chok-choop-'ey'r drum, drumstick

cho-pe-le'y short blanket coat, baby's rabbit skin blanket

cho-won seine net, eel net, dip net, lamprey net

cho-wo-nek' I fish with a seine net

cho'w fish with seine net from rocks

chpe-gey'r hear, ask, ear

chpeee-go'-re-pek' I get ready for a race

chpee-sher-'erhl mirror, window, glass

chpok-sek' I think, I meditate

chpok-see-mek' I remember, I think back, I recollect

chper-werk remember, think of, miss, pine for, become lonesome for

chper-werk-sek' I remember, I long for, I think about

chper-werk-see-mek' I remember, I think of someone, I miss someone, I pine for

chpue-ro-wok' I menstruate

cherh-kwek' I am jumping center (in the brush dance)

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

cher-wer-nerh "a network headdress falling down the nape and back", long close-woven headdress, head netting

cher-wer-ner' large fishing net

cher-wer-ser-terw index finger, pointer finger

chery little person

chuehl well, goodbye, so be it

chue-lue-la' Chilula Indian

chue-lue-sew runny eyes

chuerp-'er'y comb

chuue' well, goodbye, come on

chyuuek'-wech steer (a boat), paddle in back

chyuuek'-we-chook' I steer (a boat)

chyuuep-'er'y comb oneself, comb

ch'eeg saliva, foam

ch'wo-na' coat

haa-moh bear grass, used in basket making

haa-muer pendant worn in mourning

hah-pe-leen be lively, be happy

hah-pe-lee-ne-pek' I feel lively, I feel happy

hah-sehl urine

heyr-puen mint, mint tea

he-gel dance

he-gon spoon, scraper

he-goo-re-keech yerba buena tea, vine tea

he-goo' paddle

hehl-kew 'woo-gey former people (having retreated inland)

hehl-keek-laa Klamath River Indians

hehl-kue 'we-re-go-'oh gill net

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

he-log cooking paddle, acorn mush stirrer, stirring paddle

he-lo-mey-yek' I dance

he-wo-lon heal, cure (the body, an illness)

he-wo-ne-kee'r have an erection

hey-yo-mok-sek' I am lucky

hee-meyr 'we-chah underwear

hee-meyr 'wo-'oy underwear

hee-mer-cher-wek' I weave (baskets) quickly

hle'm heel

hle'-mekw heel of foot, sole of shoe

hlke-kwo-lek' I limp, I am lame, I am crippled

hlke'-mah ladder, stepping stones

hlker-'er-mery war dance

hlker-'er-mer-yek' I sing a war dance song

hlkwert-'err' pass gas through the vagina

hlmey-yok-see-mek' I am suspicious of

hlmey-yor-kwee-sho-nek' I am feared, I am an object of fear

hoh-kuem 'ue-perh-chekws storage basket for tobacco

hoh-se-pek' I am ashamed

hokch-kehl arrow flaker

ho-leehl hazel shoot, hazel sticks (used in basket making), hazel

ho-lee-mek' I weave (baskets)

ho-lee-mew be woven (baskets)

ho-lo-yue'l water for soaking basket materials

hom-tah play, play with, be happy

hom-te-pek' I play, I play with, I am happy

hoo-gech neee'n astronomer

hookw gamble

hookw-chek' I gamble, I play cards

hoo-le-chek' I stir (a liquid), I paddle

hoo-loh basket (general term)

hoo-loh roh-kuet basketball

hoo-lo-yehl they are twisted, they are woven crooked, they are not straight (badly made baskets in which the uprights are not vertical)

hoo-ne-chek' I paddle upstream

hoo-re-che-wek' I weave baskets, I make baskets, I grope, I reach

hoo-rok-sek' I am cunning, I am clever

hoo-rue-re-hlek' I feel sick, I feel nauseous, I have nausea

ho-yeee oh!, hey!, hello!

ho'-neet bait, lure

ho'nk-'et bait, lure

ho-'o-pe-wek' I make acorn soup

her-gerk-'er-yen dealer

herhl-perh stick game

herhl-per' sticks (in stick game)

herkw-terks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

herk-'er-yek' I hide

herm-cherh adulterer

her-'erh-kerhl be fresh (food, etc.)

huen-pey-yok' I want the opposite sex, I am sexually aroused, I am horny

huep-'oo-la' Hupa Indian, the Hupa people

huuek child, baby

huuek-soh child, children

kaa-mew it is bitter, it tastes bad, it is sour

kaa-me-we-tek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

kaa-mok be disliked

kaa-mok-see-mek' I dislike, I hate

kaa-muueks bastard

ka-'aal slave

ka-'a-noh blanket

ka-'a'n deerhide blanket with hair on it, blanket, deerskin wrap (in the Jump Dance)

ka'mt-'em basket for valuables

ke-che'w cover on a baby basket

ke-gem someone who is jealous of everything

ke-gey doctor, Indian doctor

ke-goh acorn soup

kehl-kem red clay, floor

kehl-pey-yok' I sing through a dream (of a doctor), I lose control of myself at the doctor dance

ke-kwon pounding basket (bottomless)

kekw-sah apron of bark

ke-lo-ke'l throat

ke-mew storage basket for tobacco

ke-mo-lo-chek' I am jealous, I envy

ke-neek'-wech steer (a boat)

ke-neek'-we-chook' I steer (a boat)

kep-'ehl there is a housepit, hole in a tree, hole in the ground, housepit

kep-'ohl a hollow, a space, clearing, house pit

kep'-t'oh feed an infant soft food

ke-ro-me-kee-nohl key

ke-ro-moh turn round (of a wheel, etc., intr.), vehicle, car, automobile

kes-keehl lower side, woodshed anteroom

ke-so-me-we-hlek' I am homesick, I long for, I miss, I am sad, I am lonesome, I am sorry for (someone)

ke-so-mew-tek' I am homesick

ke-so-muy corpse, dead person

ket-'e-tew palm (of hand)

ket-'ey be still (of anything movable), be parked, be moored

ket'-ket-'e'y lie (of boats)

ket-'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

ke-woy burden basket

key-che-lew speak the medicine formula on the ninth day of a girl's first menstruation

key-yom dipper basket

ke'-moh bailer

ke'-moh-pe-chek' I bail out

ke'-moh-pet bail out water

ke'-moh-pe-te-chek' I bail out water

ke'-mow food

kee-mo-le-nee hoo-loh waste basket

keen fisherman

kmoy-pon spread (butter, jam, etc.)

kne-tew finger

knet-ken flint, arrowhead, bullet, cartridge

knetk-net arrowhead, cartridge

kne-we-tek' I fish with a net

kne-wo-le-tew middle (long) finger

koch-pok-sek' I think over, I meditate

koh-che-neesh large tanned deerskin used for blankets or dresses (larger than smechoy)

ko-kos mother

ko-peen coffee

ko-weesh-cho' thank you, thanks, I am grateful

ko'l 'ne-so'n my genitals (male or female)

ko-'o-mech Orleans Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

kerch-pok' I menstruate for the first time

kerch-'erk row a boat

krey-choh hair ties

ker-ger-chek' I row

ker-ger-serh musket

ker-gert-ker' fisherman

ker-ger-wers wrist

ker-guuek a round is won (in a game)

kerhl earring

ker-kerch-pok' I menstruate, I menstruate for the first time, I reach womanhood

ker-kerhl ankle

ker-ker'-werk cheek'-weyr rocking chair

ker-ker'-werk'ws it is cranky (of a boat)

ker-kue'-yer-merhl zigzag pattern, wavy pattern

ker-kue'-yer' be crooked, zigzag design on baskets

ker-mer-terw little finger

kers-'erkw shoulder blade

kert-kek' I go trout fishing, I go fishing with pole

kert-kerhl trout fishing pole

kert-'er' bald person

ker-wers wrist

ker-wer-yerh chin, jaw, beard

kery braids, hair wraps, hair tie, two braids

ker-yer-merh skull

ker'-yer' peel (fruit or vegetable)

kue wa-'aw mehl me-guehl-so-nee mop

kuech grandmother

kue-chos grandmother

kue-reesh the end of a net, the point of a V-shaped mark, used for calendar keeping, made in a slate slab in the floor of a sweat-house

kuuerk cross the goal-line, score, as in the stick game

kuuerk-sek' I play the stick game, I score (in the stick game)

kweyr peg, nail, lamprey awl, sewing awl, needle, wooden needle

kwe-no-met part of a sweathouse, big door of a sweathouse, "the exit and ventilator", "the place to the left of the exit, likely to be occupied by the 'owner'"

kwe-re'-we'y dugout canoe

kwe-ruehl snout, long nose

kwes-kwe-sek' I have a cold, I caught a cold

kwes-'o-yew prayer doctor

kwes-'o-ye-wek' I treat (used of prayer doctor)

kwe-to-yos pear-shaped piece of wood put near fire in wishing ill on someone

kwoy-te-me'l shoulder

kwerhl image, picture, shadow, doll, movie

kyah-to'r sweat, sweat

kya' sore, ulcer

kya'hl-'oo' open sore, ulcer, open wound

kye'w capsize

kye'-wo-lep' it capsizes, someone turns over (e.g. in a boat or a wagon)

kye'-wo'l it capsizes

kyer-nee-kerhl sprain

kyer-nee-kert sprain

k'en-rok-see-mek' I trust, I admire, I respect

k'en-soo-nok-see-mek' I dislike, I have hateful thoughts about

k'ep-'ew grandchild

k'e-rep' widow

k'e-wen widow who has cut her hair in mourning, widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder

k'eer-wer-ler-'ery be gray-haired

k'lee-mo-wok' I feel ill

k'ohoo unmarried mother, mother of bastards

k'ookw-sook' I cut up, I split (fish, etc.), I cut into pieces, I dress fish or game

laa-yo' jump up and down (of a boat), pitch (of a boat)

le-gaa'y doorway, trail, path, retreat, a place where someone or something passes through, the place by the entrance door in the sweathouse

le-gep-'ew storage place

lehl-ke-mok' I wrap (something) in skunk cabbage leaves (for cooking)

lekw-soo small door of a sweathouse, exit hole, space in front of the door

lem hook eels

le-mo-lohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

le-mo-look' I hook eels

le-mo-lo-'ohl eel-hook, gaff for lamprey eels

le-pe-hlek' I ache

lep-kwoh form seaweed into round cakes

le-poh hip

le-po'm headband "worn by the woman formulist in the Brush Dance ... normally made of ordinary feathers", doctor's forehead band of condor ruff

le-wet net, fish net, salmon net

le-we-tek' I fish with a net, I set a net

le-wo-ley-ye-tek' I pull (a boat) through shallow water by hand

le-wo-le'y it is pulled through shallow water by hand

ley-yo-lekw-sa' zigzag design on baskets, vertical stripe on baskets

le'-wehl house used at the making of the Fish Dam at Kepel

loo fish weir, fish dam

loo-geen fish weir, fish dam, the Fish Dam at Kepel

lo' chief builder of the Fish Dam at Kepel

lerh saliva, spittle

lerh-per-yehl drool, saliva, spittle

ler'-ger' black person

ler-'er-gerh be black, be dark-colored, (round things) coffee

ler-'er-gerysh dark-skinned person

luue-wo-lo-yek' I cramp, I have a cramp

luue' fish with a net, set a net

meyr-keyr-keehl hip

ma-'ah spear, spear, salmon harpoon pole, up to 16 feet long

ma-'ahs-kehl spear

ma-'ahs-kek' I spear, I go spear fishing

ma-'ahs-kee-mek' I spear

ma-'ahs-kue-mek' I spear

ma-'ak head rings, "a stuffed ring of deerskin with three or four of the scarlet [woodpecker] scalps sewn on", "head rings with woodpecker on them", head roll

mec-hlaa something fire goes through, chimney, stove pipe, fireplace

me-cho-lep mucus in one's eye

me-cho-le'w eye mucus

me-cho-mee' venereal disease, the clap

me-ge-nep' it moves or stretches in an elastic way (like an inchworm, or in a belly-ache or body building), it (someone's stomach) aches

me-ges doctor, white doctor, medical doctor

me-gey-yoo miscarry, die soon after birth, be stillborn, lose children in childbirth

mehl 'e'-ga' mehl muehl-so-nee eraser

mehl-kue part of a Yurok house: "the peripheral part ... at ground level, as contrasted with the sunken center ... It is usually pretty well filled with large food-storage baskets.", "a place in the sweathouse, the corner farthest from both entrance and exit ... There is always a floor of smooth planks or stone slabs."

me-key children

me-key-yo-wok children

me-kwey'r menstrual hut

mek'-woh pus

me-leg excrement

me-lee' there is a brush dance

me-lok' I attend a brush dance

me-loo brush dance

me-lox excrement, feces, turds

me-lo' brush dance officiant, medicine woman

me-new-kwek' I drown, I go under water, , I am bashful

me-ne's tow a boat, pull ashore, boat rope

me-noo' pull a boat ashore, pull (anything, not just boats)

mep-'och beard, mustache, whiskers

me-raa-wo-nee smoked (of salmon)

me-raa's it (food) is smoky, cure by smoke

me-rueh che-go-'o-nep' five-point buck

me-se'n lichen for dyeing yellow, yellow moss, tree moss

me-see'-ro-nuen a slim man

mes-kwok' I doctor someone

me-so-lehl large platter for salmon meat, openwork and larger than 'lahpsew

mes-tek lining of leaves in a basket

mes-te-nekw ferns used to line baskets

mes-tok line something (clothes, baskets, etc.)

mes-'ehl a basket for drying things in, drying basket

me-to-lep snot

met-'eek rectum, ass!

mew widower

me-wee-mor old man

me-wee-peehl waist, tree trunk

me-wee'm widower

me-wo-lep' deerskin dance officiant

me-wo-re'-ween towel

mey mourn, cry, tear, tears (from eyes)

mey-choh storage basket, "similar in shape [to pahtekws], but made altogether of hazel, without overlaying or patterns", measuring basket (for liquids)

mey-yoo be pregnant

mey-yoo-mo-yek' I am pregnant

me'-loh in-law whose spouse has died but who remains with spouse's family, relative

me'yk'-wah boil (skin affliction), pus

mee-chos cousin, male cousin, elder brother

meehl-pehl leg, shin, lower leg

meee-kee-werh double ended boat

mee-nek' I bet

moch-kwoch' little boy's penis

mohl-kwoh head

mokw-sek muscle, sinew

moy-kek' I die (used of gods, plants, and animals)

mo'l sexual intercourse

merk-cher-'er-kerhl hip, hip bone

mer-ner's-kwery pull the skin off a fish

merr-gen lungs

mer-serw ointment

mers-terk line a basket, lining to make something warmer

mer-ter-lerp' nasal mucus, runny nose

mer-terw buttocks, rump, derriere, arse

merw food carried with one, food brought by bride

merw-pok' I carry food with me

merw-perh food carried with one, food brought by bride, packed lunch

mer-werch the dance is ending, the end of a dance

mer-wer'y the final dance at the brush dance is danced

mer'-p'erhl pubic hair

muech ro' automobile, car, vehicle

muen dress

muen-chehl ceremonial dress, dance dress

muen-choh dress

muen-cherhl milk

muen-chers fair-skinned person, white animal or bird

muen-ters fair-skinned person

mues-chen really, truly, true, yes, truly

muue-wee-mor old men

mue'-reep large basket for cooking acorn soup, cooking pot basket

myoo-tek' I push, I put on (clothes, shoes)

myoo-te-lek' I am pushed, I am shoved

naa-goh gut on one side

naa-naak' ring of black and white dots around the bottom of a basket

na-'a-tew ring finger

na'-ma'w chipper (tool)

ne-ga' surf-fish net, triangle net

ne-ge-neech mouse, bastard child

ne-gee-'eehl twins

ne-go-'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

ne-go-'o-hlen midwife

nek-tey-yok' I admire the cleverness of a person

nek-tok like (a favorite), pity

nek-tok-see-mek' I adore, I admire, I like (someone)

ne-mekw adze

ne-pek' I eat

new breast milk

ne-won breast, nipple, tit, breast milk

ney greeting between women

ney-yen greeting between women

nee-gerk half a boat, a boat with a part split off

neee-gem flint, obsidian

nee-nee-cho'y saw (tool)

nee-nos woman married to a relative

nee-wah man married to a relative

nee-'ee-yuen sibling

noh-chuer bone hairpin

nohl-pey-yek' I go out, I defecate, I go to the bathroom

nohl-pey-yok' I defecate, I go the bathroom

noh-pet-'ekws dry-salmon maggot or beetle, black bug, weevil, stranger

noh-pe-weehl sing solo at the brush dance, brush dance song, heavy song

noh-pey enter one's wife's house, half-married man

noh-pey-yue'l raised rim of a basket, raised edge

noh-puuek child of a "half" (matrilocal) marriage

nok-see-mek' I think of

nooych eat food as a guest

nooych-kwek' I eat food as a guest

nooych-kwok' I eat food as a guest

no-wee-nah be happy, enjoy

no-wee-ne-pek' I am happy, I enjoy, I like the feeling

no-woh greeting between men

noy shoe

no-'oh-peeet belt

no-'o-mey'r title of girl helper at the Fish Dam ceremony

no-'os baby basket

no-'oy shoe, shoes

no-'o-yek' I have shoes on

ner-ger-nerhl the interior part of a dwelling-place or sweathouse

nerh-cherr' fishhook

nerh-ser-per' shave (trans.), shave oneself, razor

ner-perw meat

nerr-mery sing songs, brush dance song

nerr-mer-yek' I sing songs


nerr-wert visit the sick

nerr-yerk-sek' I betray a trust

nerr-yer-werk-sek' I am betrayed

ner' snare

ner'-mer-wue' adze blade

ner-'er-merh snare

ner-'er-mers snare, a trigger snare

ner-'er-mert deer meat, venison

ner-'er-mer-tek' I snare

ner-'er-nerh Coast Yurok, Coast Indian

ner-'er-pek' I trap

ner-'ers trap

ner-'er-sek' I trap

ner'w-kwert arrow

nue-neg food

nue-ne-pew food, fish

nue-ne-pueh food, fish

nue-ne-puy food, fish

paa-rew father-in-law

pah neck

pah le-gaa scarf

pah-tekws storage basket for food, "much larger" than a prhchrkws

pah-tuen neck


peyr-kokwch guessing sticks, playing card

pa-'aap' ladyfern, woodwardia fern (dyed in alder juice and used in basket making)

pa-'ah-pe-tew bowstring

pe-cheek-laa up river Indian, Karuk Indian, Karuk people

pe-choch broil

pe-gem knife

pe-ge-meep wire, iron, steel, metal, sharp stone or hard wood used for making knives

pe-gerk man, male person, real man, rich man, independent person, all-grown-up person

pehl-pe'l matches

pe-ko-yek blood

pe-kwo-le-wek' I peel sticks (for baskets)

pe-kwon basket used for acorn pounding

pe-mek' I cook

pe-mey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

pe-mo-roh drippings

pe-mo-yekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

penkw acorn flour

pe-pah pepper

pe-rey grow old (of a woman), old woman, old lady

pes-koh spear, fish spear, three piece toggle head for catching salmon

pe-soh clitoris

pew cook

pe-wo-mek' I cook

pe-wo-meen a cook

pe-wo-mo'r s/he cooks for someone

pey-yey'r cook over an open fire

pey-chew deceased grandfather

pee-cho-wos grandfather

peeesh pea

pee-nos older sister

peer-werk-see-mek' I love

peesh-kaahl 'o koh seafood

peesh-kah salt, sea, ocean

pee'-woh why not!, you're welcome!, sure!, okay

pkwe-ge-no-'ohl quill, needle, awl

pkwok find out

pkwok-see-mek' I find out (what somebody is thinking), I find (somebody) out

pla's stick for measuring meshes of a net

ple-gokw headband of woodpecker scalps, headroll

ple-tew thumb, big toe

plo-wah flour

pon-chech gray deer, white deerskin

po-nues pre-pubescent vagina, hymen

pop-sew bread

poy-chekws a small basket tray for seeds used as food

poy-koh flat basket, pan, pot

poy'-we-son chief, leader, boss, best (at doing something), headman

po-'oh get well, heal (intr.), scar, healed sore

perh-cherkws plain trinket basket, fancy basket

perh-serh rifle, gun

per-ker-yer-'er'y it is red (animals, birds, human hair)

per-ker'm club, jar

perkw-cheehl headdress with feathers

per-kwery hills, the back of a house, the rear part of a house

per-mer-yerh 'wech'-wo-na' raincoat, waterproof coat

per-mer-yerh 'we-'e-kah rain hat

per-per-yuue-pek' I am curly, I have curly hair

perw-kweesh elbow

pery-kerr' brain, brains

per-yerm penis

per'y-p'er'w be sour

pue-le-kuek-la' downriver Indian, Yurok Indian

pue-leek-laa down river people, the river Yurok

pue-no-meehl malicious thoughts (cause of illness in someone else), contamination, bad omen

pue-no-meehl-kok' I am contaminated, I have a pain

puer-cheehl brush dance cap

pue'-nek' I fart, I break wind, I expel gas

pye-weg perform the white deerskin dance, white deerskin dance

pye-wo-lue-mek' I chew

pyer-werk-see-mek' I love

pyer-werk-see-sho-no-wok' I am lovely

pyue-ro-wok' I perform the sacred rites at a dance, I purify myself

pyuue-weg perform the deerskin dance, deerskin dance

raahl-kah build up, roof, dam, stepping stones

raak nee ye'y stem of maidenhair fern (used in baskets)

raas rice

ra-'a-see-shon disgusting person

rech-kok' I dance in a particular direction

re-chook' I paddle, I row

re-gey ceremonial headdress

re-go' feather, feather for display (as in headband), morning feathers (in brush dance), "simple upright down-head feathers" in the deerskin dance

re-guue-kwoh liquor

re-guue-kwo' beverage, especially liquor

rehl-'ep' be concentrated in a given direction, of a wish or a prayer, be tossed in a given direction in the stick game, point in a given direction, of a person

re-ke-weech fish for trout with two lines

re-kee-roy broil, broil over a fire

re-kwe-toy scarf

re-kwoh drink

re-kwoh-pey-yok' I drink

re-kwo'm part of the roof

re-moh take part in doctor dance, kick dance, doctor dance, kick dance

re-moh-poh doctor dance song, doctor song

re-nek' it fits me (clothing, etc.)

rep-chem honey, sugar

re-poh doorway

re-pokw doorway, porch, front porch

re-poy drum song

re-po-yok' I sing a song with drum beating

re-woch lip(s)

re-woh lip(s)

rew-pe-nek' I win (in gambling)

roh-kuen ball

roh-peer semen

roh-sek' I throw, I pitch (a ball)

roh-see-mek' I throw, I spear, I harpoon

roh-tek'w testicle, scrotum, testes

rok-see-mek' I trust

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

roo-wo's pipe

roo-wo's he-goh a plant whose leaves are used for colds

rooysh rice

ro-ro-we-nek' I fish, I hunt, I fish with hook for eels, I gather (e.g. clams)

rue-ro-wech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

rue-ro-wok' I sing, I boil over, I sing

saa-mey-yohl widow with her hair cut quite short, above the shoulder, widow

saa-mey-yohl 'o 'ue-mey-yoo a child born while its widowed mother was still cutting her hair

seyr glue, chewing gum

seyr-kew glue, pitchy substance from pine trees used for glue and for chewing gum, chewing gum

sa-'ahl have a fit, have a tantrum, ghost

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sech-kes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sek-sah small shell used on dresses

se-po-le-keek-la' any tribe living in the prairies

sew-kwe-lue-mek' I am bruised

se'-le-pek' I scrape the inside of a basket smooth

ska-'ah sole of foot, palm of hand

ska-'a-tew finger, toe

ske-go-'oo sail, cloth, sail, rag

ske-tew little finger

ske-wee-chokw nicely made basket, basket with good shape

ske-wok want, wish, love, like

ske-wok-see-mek' I want, I wish, I love, I like

ske'-wo-yehl they are ripe, they are cooked

skoy buckskin, strip of buckskin, leather, deerskin, elk hide

skoy-peehl flank, side (body part)

sker-weech craftsman, a woman who makes fine designs, fine work, centipede

sker-wee-che-wek' I weave (baskets) well and smoothly

skery-terk'w woman's dress

skery-terk'-wer-lek' I dress myself (of a woman)

skuue-we-tek' I like to taste, I like to eat

skuue-wo-lon kmoy-pon jam

skuue-wo-lo-nee something sweet, sweets, candies

skuue-wo-lo-nee pa-'ah soda

sle-kwoh shirt

sle-kwoh-pey-yek' I put a shirt on

sle-kwoh-so'm s/he dresses someone

slekws-lekw clothes

slekws-le-kwoh dress oneself, clothes

sley-yehl substance like mucus which contained a pain object

sloo-ween raw (of food)

sloow-pey eat raw

sloyhl-ke-to' brush, broom

slo-yo-nech-ke-nekw they slide into water (of boats)

slo-yo-nekw it slides into water (of a boat)

sler-perh thigh, penis

sleryhl handkerchief

sleryhl-kerp-'ook' I blow my nose

sluuek'-woh space at the foot of the sweathouse ladder

sme-chook' I make supple, I tan, I split (sugar pine nuts)

sme-choy skin a large animal, tanned deerskin, man's loin-covering of buckskin, worn in summer

smey-ko-lue-mek' I pine, I miss

sme'-le-nek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'-le-ne-pek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'-ruehl scissors

smoh-tey'r bow (for arrows)

son-chook' I paddle, I propel a boat, I paddle in a particular direction

so-neen feel, think (a particular way)

so-nee-nah feel, think

so-nee-ne-pek' I feel, I think (a particular way)

soo-ne-we-tek' I taste (something)

soo-nok-sek' I think

soo-no' be angry, be furious, resent

soo-no'p-'ey-yok' I am angry, I am furious, I resent

sooyhl gum (part of mouth)

soo' cascara tree, chittamwood, cascara tree bark used as laxative

so'ch-'eek roof, ceiling

sraach' tanned skin, quiver

srah-kwoh loincloth

srekw ring

srek'-wah-peeet breechcloth

srek'-we-peeet diaper

sroy signal in games

serp headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

ser-per-yer' headband, girl's halo in Jump Dance

swe-choh tear, yard (measure, of cloth)

swey-yok-see-mek' I slight, I insult, I am aloof, I am disrespectful

swey-yok-see-sho-no-wok' I am rude

swey-yo-nee-ne-pek' I am aloof, I don't want to associate, I fade, I doubt myself, I dislike the idea

syoo-lah dance in the brush dance (of a girl)

s'e-choh horn, horns, wedge

s'oh anus, rectum

s'err-perhl marrow (of bone)

taahl ceremonial singer

te-gee'n porcupine, porcupine quill, yellow moss for dying basket materials, anything yellow, canary

te-gok-see-mek' I praise

tek-tey stomach

tek-to-mok-sek' I am angry, I am mad

te-kwo-nekws "the cylindrical trunk for feather dresses, etc.", box, case, chest

te-kwo-nekws 'ue-kwerhl television

te-kwo-nuer hammer

tekw-sey'r heart of salmon, uvula

tekws-key manroot, wild cucumber, pickle

te-lek' I am ill, I am sick, I am physically unwell

te-lo-gehl "small animate objects which in the body of an ordinary person cause disease but in the body of [a doctor] give her clairvoyance and the faculty of curing", pain, disease, illness

te-lo-gue-mek' I am in pain, I resent

ten-pey-yok' I eat much, I eat a lot, I overeat

te-nue-mo-nok have bad luck wished on one, bad luck, spirits, insane

te-nue-mo-nok-see-mek' I wish bad luck on, I cast a spell on

te-nue-mo-nok-so-yek' I have bad luck wished upon me

te-po-lehl post of a sweathouse, "the place in the sweathouse opposite the exit, and the place of honor", middle (of a sweathouse, a valley, etc.)

te-to-lo-hlek' I cry, I neigh (of a horse)

te-to-mok be angry (at someone)

te-to-mok-see-mek' I am angry (at someone)

te-to-mo-sek' I am angry, I am mad

tew flesh

te-wey forehead

te-wo-mehl be glad, happy

te-wo-mehl-kook' I am glad, I am happy

te-won flesh

tey brother-in-law (of a man)

tey-te-sek' I am angry

te'-nah drunk

te'-nahs-pek' I am drunk

te'-no-yok' I feel insulted

te'-no-yo-wok' I feel insulted

te'-rekws a close-woven conical basket for seed gathering, bride's basket

te'-rekws 'ue-son thimble

teee-get crybaby

tee-kues Italian person or people

tee-nuue-mo-nok crazy person

tkek'-wey'r pot

tkek'-we'l pot, pan, kettle

tkek'-we'-look' I boil

tkwep' 'ue-meehl 'we-chah-kwoh shorts, short pants

tment-men throb, ache

tmook' I shoot

tmoo-look' I shoot

toh-toh kidney

tok-see-mek' I admire, I respect

to-lo-wehl Tolowa Indian

tom-se-wok' I catch a lot (while hunting or fishing)

too-loh cheek, face

too-me-chek' I carry (a heavy basket)

too'-meyr friend, relative, relation

tos child!

to-tos father

to' hip (body part), thigh

tre-ge-pah fish with a dip net, fish with a triangle net

tre-ge-pa' dip net

tre-ge-pe-tek' I fish with a dip net

tre-kwo-nue-mek' I take a sip

terr-luel bone put through nose of corpse, knife with short hilt

tue-los aunt

tue-meech carrying basket

tye'-wo-mehl corner (in the back of the house)

tyoh-pey-yok hate, dislike

tyoh-pey-yok-see-mek' I hate, I dislike

tyoh-pee-sho-nek' I am hateful

t'wey-yo-mah basket cap

wah-tey tossle in stick game

wa-'aw floor

wa-'a-wor floor

wa's-'ee-sho-no-wok' I am pitiful, I am wretched

wa's-'ok pity

wa's-'ok-see-mek' I pity

we-ga'-sok be unselfish

we-ga'-sok-see-mek' I am unselfish

we-goh go across by boat, someone who carries money settling disputes

wen-chokws woman

we-no-'o-mek' point at which another rib is added in a basket frame

we-roch bachelor

we-so-mot bow (for arrows)

wey-yet Wiyot Indian

wey-yew be woven, be finished (of baskets)

wey-ye-we-tek' I weave, I finish (baskets)

wey-yok-sek' I am poisoned, I have cancer

wey-yok-seep Labrador tea

wey-yo-me-nehl they copulate

wey-yo-'o-pe-wek' I finish making acorn soup, I finish cooking with hot rocks

wey-pe-geyr there is an epidemic

we'-yon teenage girl, young woman

weeel wheel

wee-na-'a-tew third finger, ring finger

wohl-kekw roof

wo-hluer girl dancer at the Fish Dam ceremony

wok-hlew be glad, thank you, thanks, I give thanks, I am grateful

wo-neek 'we-le-goo jump dance

wor mode of address by a man to his wife

wor-me'y spinster, unmarried elderly lady

wo-ro-cheen bachelor

wo-'o-mehl shelled acorn

werhl-perh stick game

wer-seep braided trim on the front of a boat, made of hazel sticks

wer-serh navel

wery-pue'r first part of a basket to be woven, beginning of basket

wer-'er-gery young person

wer'-yers girl, small girl

ye-gue-'ueh ferryman

yo-nee-kwo' become sprained

'ah-kek' I urinate, I piss (of men)

'ahs-pah be given food or drink

'ahs-pek' I drink

'ahs-pey-yue'r soup

'ahs-pue'm drink

'ah-te-meyr write, draw, make basket designs, marking on baskets, paper, writing, drawing, book, newspaper

'a-ye-kwee' alas!, I am sorry, a formal salutation of departure, formerly used "chiefly as farewell to the dead, etc.", hello!

'e-kah hat, cap

'e-key'r necklace

'ey yes

'e'-gah eat in a group, have a meal, meal

'e'-gue'r a carrying case of ordinary folded deerskin, basket used in jump dance, medicine basket

'e'-gue'r 'wes-'o-nah uterus

'ee-'ee'-gah dining room, table

'lahp-sew openwork basket plate for eating salmon, flat basket, plate

'lep-soyhl nap of fur or fabric

'lep-toyhl hair

'lue-mon eel trap, eel basket

'naa-wech my back (body part)

'nah-pe-mew my mate, my spouse

'nah-pew my wife

'nek-chuem my nephew

'neephl my tongue

'nerp-'er'n my nose

'nerp-'er'n 'we-toh-pew my nostril

'neyr-kow my armpit

'neyr-pehl my tooth, my teeth

'ne-che-kos my mother

'nech-kah my foot

'nech-keyr my deceased brother's widow, my deceased sister's widower, my ex-sibling-in-law

'nech-newk'-wos my son-in-law

'ne-choch my more distant relative

'ne-cho-chos my more distant relative

'nehl-p'ehl my eyelash

'ne-keek my hips

'ne-kwaa my relative by marriage, my distant relative by marriage

'ne-kwen my chest (body part)

'nek-'ep'-ch'em my daughter-in-law

'ne-let my sister, my female cousin (of a woman)

'ne-le'y my brother (of a woman)

'ne-leen my eye(s), my glasses, my eyeglasses

'ne-luehl my mouth

'ne-me'y my daughter

'ne-merm my son

'ne-nos my husband

'ne-paa my brother (of a man)

'nep-sech my father

'ne-ro-mech my niece

'ne-sen my arm

'ne-wey my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ne-wey-yech my sister (of a man), my female cousin (of a man)

'ney-yah my stomach, my belly

'ney-kew my younger sibling, my younger sister

'ney-kwet my penis (usually of a prepubescent boy)

'ne'-moo my married daughter

'ne'-rep' my eyebrow

'o chweee-geen place in the mountains where one regularly sits and prays, telephone

'o ker-gery feather camp, dress camp (in Jump Dance)

'o-chek' I sneeze

'o-cho-mek' I sneeze

'o-cho-mok' I sneeze

'ohl-kuem of course, you're welcome

'ohl-pey-yok' I eat from, I bite

'o-lo-yo-ke'l larynx, vocal chords, throat

'o-lue-leek'w lumps in acorn soup from lightly stirring

'o-mee-mos Hupa Indian

'on-ches bracelet

'on-chook' I paddle in a particular place, as in a formation

'oohl person, people, Indian, Yurok Indian

'oohl 'we-'e-kah Indian cap

'oo-le-kwehl people, world, the human world

'oo-le-kwoh people

'or-pet duck blind

'o-ye-kwee' long for, miss, hey!, hello!, oh!

'o-yeee hey!, hello!, oh!

'o-yuue-kwee' hey!, hello!, oh!

'o'-lehl house, home

'o'-lehl he-goh house builder

'o'-lehl 'we-soh-chee roof

'o'-lep house, inside of house

'o'-lo-mah house, enter!, come in!

'o'-lo-mehl house

'o'-loo-le-kweesh 'on name of a female spirit, Sky Woman

'er-kerh fish with a net, fishing net

'er-kery-shek' I urinate

'err-kerhl knee

'rue-mee-chekws "a nearly spherical basket in openwork, usually neatly made, and serving to hold sinew, awls, spoons, and small odds and ends", basket with handles, picnic basket

'er'-gerrch sweathouse

'er'-gerrk sweathouse, prayer house

'ue-ko-ko'-ya' up and down design on baskets

'ue-ma-'ah devil, Indian devil

'uem-yo' fish dam, tail end of fishing net

'ue-puer raised ridge round basket

'uep-'erh backbone, string, spinal cord

'wa-'al guts, intestines

'wa-'a-lox guts, intestines

'we-cho-nep flat sifter basket

'wehl-ke-teg nail, fingernail, toenail, claw

'wes body

'wes-kuuel strap (on basket or load of wood; traditionally usually made of elk-skin)

'wes-kwe-lon body, value, trunk of body

'we'-ges Chinese person

'woh-peg spruce root (used in basket making)

'woh-peg 'we-'e-kah work cap made of spruce

'woo white person

'woo-gehl-men half-breed

'woo-gey be holy, former people, white man, white people, at first identified with former people

'werhl-ker' bone

'werhl-kuen liver

'werh-per-yerh basket cap for everyday use, full cap

'werr-ger-yers fair-skinned person, brave person

'wers skin

'wers-kuen skin, shell, as of acorns

'yoch boat

'yoch 'ue-po-yew prow of a boat

Dictionary entry

nerr-mery-pey-yok'vi o-class • I'm singing (in the brush dance)

Lexicon record # 2350 | Source reference: AF(AG6/29/2006)
Semantic domain: ceremonies and dances

Other paradigm form

  • 3sg nerr-mery-pey-yo'm AF(AG6/29/2006)

Special meaning or use

  • Cho' nerr-mery-pey-yo'm! Sing! AF(AG6/29/2006)

Short recording (1) | Sentence examples (3)

  1. nerr-mery-pey-yo'm "you sing" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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