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che-ge-cheehl red-breasted sapsucker

che-ge-mem hummingbird

che-geee nuthatch, sparrow

che-geee-kor oriole

che-geekw swamp robin, winter robin

chekw-chekw an eagle, a little smaller than a golden eagle, fish hawk

chek'-chek' a small brown bird with a sharp nose

che-le'l kingfisher, killdeer

che-ree-kue' swamp robin

cheeep nuthatch

chee-kee chicken

cho-rek'-week nee merk green heron

chpe-gaa cormorant

cher-gee-kue' swamp robin

cher-geesh a small woodpecker

cherkw jump center (in the brush dance), bird's tail

ch'ek wren

ch'ek'-ch'ek' wren

ch'uech-'eesh bird, small bird

he-wo-nehl red eagle

he-wo-nohl supernatural bird

he-wo-no' condor

he'-mee' pigeon

hue-hue-huer-cheen a type of wren

ke-go's-neg seagull

ke-lok goose

knuuue hawk, small yellow-brown hawk

ko-ko-new pileated woodpecker, redheaded woodpecker

kerr-neet duck hawk, gerfalcon, chicken-hawk, falcon

kwa'-ree' a brown bird, darker on breast with black specks, red eyes

kwe-gokw raven

kwey-yuech a bird now extinct

kwery-kwer-yerch screech owl

kwer-'er-'ee' towhee (bird)

k'oo'y jay, bluejay

k'oo'ych-'ee jay, bluejay

k'errch' crow, flock of crows

k'err' crow

k'err' se-gon blackbird

k'yow swan

le-gech mudhen, coot

le-ge-mem ruffed grouse (locally also called pheasant)

ler-ger'l buzzard, vulture

maak'-weet'-p'ohl camp robber

me-gah swallow (bird)

me-gey 'o'-ro-wee' mourning dove

me-weehl 'ue-se-gon canvasback

merkw-teeks crane, heron

merr a sea bird whose eggs are eaten

mueerrn river duck

muer-'uer'n sawbill

ne-gah swallow (bird)

ner-yert duck, ducks

pe-gey'r yellowhammer

pe-goy flicker, yellowhammer

ple-ge'l great cinereus owl, hoot owl (bird of ill omen)

plee'-wo-res a kind of owl

pookw screech owl

pre-go-neesh condor

pre-goos condor

pre-wo-rehl screech owl

per-geesh bald eagle, eagle, golden eagle

puuek ne-go' slender bird, 3 to 4 inches long, lives in the brush

re-ko-reks seabird nest

res-'o-ges nest

re'-noh feather

ree-ko-ret sparrow hawk

se-po-lah nee 'e'-gol meadowlark

spe-geee fish hawk, chicken hawk

sraat scrub jay

srah bluebird

serrt apple owl

ser-yer-kert robin, redbreasted robin

s'er-werh blue grouse

te-ge'-muer snowbird

te-gee'n ch'uech-'eesh canary

te-kwe's owl, timber owl, largest size owl, black


te-reet spotted sandpiper

toh-tehl eagle, red-tailed hawk

toh-tet eagle

to-kues pelican

ter-ger-nerp mockingbird

ter-ker-kue' valley quail

ter-kerrt California woodpecker, acorn woodpecker

terk-terk mallard

tue-merhl sea duck, lesser snow goose

wen-tokws female (animal or bird)

we'-not wing

Woh-pek'-wue-mew 'ue-mer'-p'erhl chickadee

ye-gom mountain quail

'e'-gol call (of a bird), hoot

'o-no-peech sea pigeon, small seagull

'o'-ro-wee' dove, mourning dove, lizard

'weryhl egg (of bird)

'weryhl 'ue-muen-chey egg white

Dictionary entry

te-nue-reepn • mockingbird (northern mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos)

Lexicon record # 3500 | Source reference: R255
Semantic domain: birds