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chween say, speak, pray

chween-kah pray together

chween-ke-pek' I say, I speak, I pray

chween-kor word

chween-kuek sayings, language

chye'w make music

chye'-wol musical instrument

chye'-wo-lek' I make music, I play music


hlke'-mohl-kek' I shut up

hl'e-kwe-le-chek' I snore

hl'ew-kwe-lee-nee-chek' I snore

hl'ew-kwe-lo-chek' I snore

ker-ger-'er-mer-chek' I speak Karok

kwe-saa-ge'-le'w someone who is hoarse, someone with a harsh voice

kwe-saa-le-wek' I am hoarse

kwe-saa-lo-chek' I speak hoarsely, I sing hoarsely

kwey-kwey-yuer whistle

kwey-yue-ro-wok' I whistle a note

kwom-ke-pek' I groan

kwerh-kwer-yer-chek' I whistle

kwer-yer-chek' I whistle

kwer-yerh whistle, whistle

kwer-yer-wek' I whistle (esp. in calling someone)

kwer-yue-mek' I whistle to (someone)

laa-mo-hlek' I make a noise by pounding

lehl-koo' fall, be heard (noises)

le-kwo'hl it falls in (a building, etc.), it fills the air (a noise)

le-me-ge'hl there is a loud noise

le-me'm rumble

ley-kwehl noise in the air similar to infants crying (bad omen)

noo-chek' I make a noise

noo-loo-chek' I answer

noo-sooch noise made by something living

plerr-ger-chek' I talk too loud

plerr-sek' I make a loud noise, I am loud

roo-gech there is an echo, echo

roo-gech' there is an echo

saa' speak Yurok, speak our language, speak Indian

saa-'a-goch speak Yurok, Yurok language

saa-'a-go-chek' I speak Yurok, I speak our language, I speak Indian

saa-'a-goh speak Yurok, speak ordinary or colloquial Yurok as opposed to 'woogey speech

se-se-wek' I whisper

se-se'-ye-wek' I whisper

ses-'eep rustle

ses-'ohl they tinkle

seee-go-le-pew be growling (of animal)

seee-go-le-poch' it growls (of animal)

seee-ye-hlek' I hiss

ske-woo-ge-chek' I sound good

skue'-yo-lok' I like to hear, I like the sound of

soch say, speak

soch-pey-ye-wek' I say, I speak, I reply

soo-noch sounds

sye-go-'oo grunt, make a noise

syews-yew lap (of small waves), rattle (of strings of shells)

syohs-yo-'ooch rattle (intr.)

syo-'ooch' s/he makes a noise

syo-'oo-ge-chek' I grunt, I make a noise

syo-'oo-gen grunt, make a noise

te-ge-rue-mek' I talk, I pray, I make medicine

te-ge-rue-pek' I talk to myself

tee-noo-gech' it makes a sharp sound (like a drum), it makes a metallic sound

toh talk, use language

toh-kow talk in a group

tok-'o-lew coo (of a baby)

to-lo-we-chek' I speak Tolowa

to-lo-woo-chek' I speak Tolowa

to-mo-wo-hlek' I chatter

ter-gerw speak, settle a dispute

ter-ger-wer-mek' I greet, I speak to, I talk to

we-wo-lon noise in the air, high piercing hollow windy sound (bad omen)

werr-sek' I yell

'e'-gol call (of a bird), hoot

'e'-go-mee-moh speak Hupa

'ee-noh grunt

'o-lo-ye'w it calls (e.g. of a bird), it hoots, it makes a noise, it squeaks (e.g. of a bed)

'o-mee-moh speak Hupa

'os-reer there is a noise

'werr-ger-yerch speak English

'werr-ger-yer-chek' I speak English

Dictionary entry

he-goo-mue-mek'vt e-class • I say, I speak to

Lexicon record # 405 | Source reference: R198
Semantic domain: sounds and speaking
Derivation: morphological structure hegoom-um-e-

Sentence examples (4)

  1. Kwe-see 'ap he-goo-mue'm kue 'wah-pew, Kues so-nehl kue huuek-soh?
    So he said to his wife, What are the children doing?

    — Glenn Moore, Retelling of Robert Spott's "The Owl" (GM1, 2004)

  2. Noohl 'o ge-goo-mue'm kue 'we-nos he-gee' kue te-kwe's:
    Then the owl's wife spoke to her husband and told the owl:

    — Glenn Moore, Retelling of Robert Spott's "The Owl" (GM1, 2004)

  3. Kwe-see 'ap he-goo-mue'm kue 'wah-pew, Kues so-nehl k'ee huuek-soh?
    So he said to his wife, What are the children doing?

    — Robert Spott, "The Owl" (LA16-4, 1951)

  4. Noohl 'o ge-goo-mue'm kue 'we-nos he-gee' kue te-kwe's:
    Then the owl's wife spoke to her husband and told the owl:

    — Robert Spott, "The Owl" (LA16-4, 1951)