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cheyr-koo dried fish head, gills

che-chekw fin of fish, bone of fish, small fish bones

che-ge'l seaweed, edible seaweed, sea lettuce, Porphyra, wide summer seaweed

che-guen fallfish, king salmon

chek-'or periwinkle

che-noh red cod

chkwohl steelhead

chper-ger' razor clam

hehl-kues-leg live surf fish, smelt

he-kwo'l butter clam

he-kwo'l so'n oyster

he-wee-ye'm dentalium shell, 2 inch

he'-woy surf fish

hlper-gerp' flounder

herr-ner' barnacle

kaa-mes evil water creature, shark

kah-kah green sturgeon

ke-ges dried surf fish

kep-toh horseneck clam, Washington clam

ke'-ween eel

kne-wo-lek sea serpent

ko-yaak'w starfish

ko'-ses crab

ker-ger-peehl dentalium shell, 2 1/2 inch

kerh-kerh small turtle

kerhl-kerh small turtle, crab

kuern-kuern the inside of a salmon's head, gristle in salmon's head

kwo'-ro'r candlefish

kwerr-meech black chiton, poor man's abalone, soft-shelled abalone, China slipper

le-kee-ta' backbone (of fish), spine (of fish)

loh-tuen lingcod, snapper

mekw-cheg snail

mes-kwe-rek the poisonous entrails of an eel

met-koh gumboot chiton, poor man's abalone, soft-shelled abalone, China slipper

me'-woo a fish (sp.)

meeeks raag back string of an eel or sturgeon

mokw-chech nightfish

mer-ner's fish skin

mer'-lues a small bony river fish, sucker fish

mer-'erx gills

ne-nee-pek'w sucker fish

ne-nee-puech' sucker fish

ne-pe'-weesh fish (generic)

ne-pe'-woo the first salmon to run (up the Klamath river), a variety of fish, different kinds of fish

ne-puy salmon

nos-pew skate, a mythological character

nerrgr barnacles

paa-mew octopus

paa-moh kelp (seaweed)

paa-mues octopus

peesh-kaahl nee ha-'aag 'ue-mep-'o sea moss type

peesh-kaahl nee ke'm seafood

peesh-kaahl nee re-gook sea trout

peesh-kaahl 'o koh seafood

peesh-ka-'eek nee ke'-ween moray eel

peesh-'on scale of fish

pee-'eeh mussel

pee-'ee-yers fresh-water clam, razor clam

per-ger-'erh sea boots (a sea creature)

perr-ne-keesh dead eel in water

per-'erk dried mussel

re-gok trout, "sometimes translated trout and sometimes minnows"

roh-tuen bullhead (fish)

sa'-ro' sea anemone

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sech-kes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sek-soh shell of any shellfish, sea shell

sekw-sew quahog clam

sloyhl dried eel

smey-yes white sturgeon

te-ge-to' sea eggs (sea urchin)

te-go-'oh dentalium shell, 2 5/16 inch, a mythological character

tek-to-me'l white salmon

tekw-sey'r heart of salmon, uvula

terh-kuen fish head, salmon head

terkw-term dentalium shell

tuuek tail of fish, salmon tail

twerr-nee'sh spawning salmon

wah-kwehl perch (fish)

we-chew sea urchin

we-gah dentalium shell, 2 1/8 inch

woo-lew spawn or eggs of several fish, sturgeon eggs, sturgeon roe

werhl-keehl kelp

yer' abalone shell, haliotis

yer-'er-ner' abalone shell, haliotis

'aa-moh sea eel

'oh-pos king salmon

'ern-cherh abalone shell

'uep-'es backbone of fish (taken out and dried)

'uep-'oy salmon sperm

'weyr-peesh its nape (of a salmon)

'wah-tey sea moss, kelp (seaweed)

'we-choh sea eggs (sea urchin)

'wo'hl-p'e'y angelica root, bitter part of a fish

'wery-ken fat part of fish between fins and gills

'yerr-ner' barnacle, shell of shellfish