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Broader semantic domain: animals

Related semantic domain(s): birds, bugs and insects, fish and sea life, snakes and slimy animals

More specific semantic domains: rabbits and hares, squirrels and chipmunks, miscellaneous medium-sized mammals, larger carnivores, hoofed mammals, mice and rats, miscellaneous small mammals, aquatic mammals

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che-go-'o-nep' four-point buck

che-kas donkey

chkwe-ges hair seal

chme-gok coyote

chmuuek wild cat, bobcat

cho-ree-me'w "the name of the beaver in a myth"

chue-lue nee ne-ge-neech jumping mouse

chyer-'er'y black bear

ch'ee-shah dog

he-go-yekw pine squirrel, flying squirrel

hekw-sa' whale

hekw-sa' 'ue-mer-'erx baleen

hey-yo-mues skunk

hlke-leek-ra' shrew, mole

hlkerhl-ker-peech spotted fawn

hot-mon baby rabbit

herk'-werh cottontail rabbit, bunny rabbit

Huep-'oo nee herk'-werh jackrabbit

keyr-kehl ringtail, ring-tailed cat

ke-get panther, puma, mountain lion

ke-gor porpoise

kep-che-neesh fawn

kery-cher-gerh braid one's hair, mink

kery-cherhl ringtail, ring-tailed cat

kwe-cho-yekw ground squirrel

kwe-ge-rue'r pig, hog

kye-seks gopher

kyo-sekws gopher

lep-choh fur

le'-go' fisher

me-ge-seek weasel

me-gokw dog, barking dog

me-ger-seek weasel

me-rueh che-go-'o-nep' five-point buck

me-weehl elk

me-weehl 'wes-'ech elk horn

mer-'erh skin, hide, fur of animal

mue-lah horse

mues-mues cow, bull, cattle

ne-ge-neech mouse, bastard child

ne-go-'ep' forked-horn buck, two-point buck

ne-kwel porcupine

ne-pe'-weesh-neg otter

nee-kwech grizzly bear

noy-kwos shrew

pe-geehl mues-mues bull

pe-mey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

pe'-weesh lake porpoise

plee'-wes gray squirrel

pon-chech gray deer, white deerskin

pon-ches white deer

per-ger'm seal

pue-see cat, house cat

puuek deer, deer meat

puuek-tek deer

se-gep coyote

sheeep sheep

ske-leek-ra' gopher

sko-yom bat (animal)

smech-ken chipmunk

s'e-choh horn, horns, wedge

te-gee'n porcupine, porcupine quill, yellow moss for dying basket materials, anything yellow, canary

te-guuek dive, play like a beaver, beaver

te-seer beaver

toh-soh doe

ter-gers rat

tuuuep flying squirrel

twe-goh raccoon

wehl-kem groundhog

wen-tokws female (animal or bird)

woh-pue-nee-ka' sea otter

wer-gers fox

wery-ch'erk puppy

wery-ch'erks puppy

'ech-kwoh sea lion

'lep-soyhl nap of fur or fabric

'lep-suen down

'erhl-kerh female dog, bitch

'wah-chehl civet cat

'werhl-ker-'eesh-neg wolf