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chekws heart

chelogaapihl ribs

chelogehl ribs

chelogepihl ribs

chewes hand

cheyketew little finger, pinky finger

chpega'r hear, ask, ear

chpurowok' I menstruate

chrwrsrtrw index finger, pointer finger

ch'ig saliva, foam

hahsehl urine

hewoneki'r have an erection

hle'm heel

hle'mekw heel of foot, sole of shoe

hlkwrt'rr' pass gas through the vagina

hunpeyok' I want the opposite sex, I am sexually aroused, I am horny

keloke'l throat

ket'etew palm (of hand)

knetew finger

knewoletew middle (long) finger

ko'l 'ne-so'n my genitals (male or female)

krchpok' I menstruate for the first time

krgrwrs wrist

krkrchpok' I menstruate, I menstruate for the first time, I reach womanhood

krkrhl ankle

krmrtrw little finger

krs'rkw shoulder blade

krwrs wrist

krwryrh chin, jaw, beard

kryrmrh skull

kweruhl snout, long nose

kwoyteme'l shoulder

kyahto'r sweat, sweat

k'irwrlr'ry be gray-haired

lepoh hip

lrh saliva, spittle

lrhpryehl drool, saliva, spittle

markarkihl hip

mecholep mucus in one's eye

mechole'w eye mucus

megeyoo miscarry, die soon after birth, be stillborn, lose children in childbirth

meleg excrement


mep'och beard, mustache, whiskers

metolep snot

met'ik rectum, ass!

mewipihl waist, tree trunk

mey mourn, cry, tear, tears (from eyes)

meyoo be pregnant

meyoomoyek' I am pregnant

mihlpehl leg, shin, lower leg

mochkwoch' little boy's penis

mohlkwoh head

mokwsek muscle, sinew

mo'l sexual intercourse

mrkchr'rkrhl hip, hip bone

mrrgen lungs

mrtrlrp' nasal mucus, runny nose

mrtrw buttocks, rump, derriere, arse

mr'p'rhl pubic hair

naagoh gut on one side

na'atew ring finger

new breast milk

newon breast, nipple, tit, breast milk

nohlpeyek' I go out, I defecate, I go to the bathroom

nohlpeyok' I defecate, I go the bathroom

pah neck

pahtun neck

pekoyek blood

pesoh clitoris

pletew thumb, big toe

ponus pre-pubescent vagina, hymen

prkryr'r'y it is red (animals, birds, human hair)

prpryuupek' I am curly, I have curly hair

prwkwish elbow

prykrr' brain, brains

pryrm penis

pu'nek' I fart, I break wind, I expel gas

rewoch lip(s)

rewoh lip(s)

rohpir semen

rohtek'w testicle, scrotum, testes

rook'ws it blows (of wind), s/he is flatulent

ska'ah sole of foot, palm of hand

ska'atew finger, toe

sketew little finger

skoypihl flank, side (body part)

slrprh thigh, penis

sme'lenek' I masturbate (of men)

sme'lenepek' I masturbate (of men)

sooyhl gum (part of mouth)

s'oh anus, rectum

s'rrprhl marrow (of bone)

tektey stomach

tekwsa'r heart of salmon, uvula

tew flesh

tewey forehead

tewon flesh

tohtoh kidney

tooloh cheek, face

to' hip (body part), thigh

weyomenehl they copulate

wina'atew third finger, ring finger

wrsrh navel

'ahkek' I urinate, I piss (of men)

'e'gu'r 'wes'onah uterus

'lepsoyhl nap of fur or fabric

'leptoyhl hair

'n-aawech my back (body part)

'n-iphl my tongue

'n-rp'r'n my nose

'n-rp'r'n 'we-tohpew my nostril

'na-rkow my armpit

'na-rpehl my tooth, my teeth

'ne-chkah my foot

'ne-hlp'ehl my eyelash

'ne-kik my hips

'ne-kwen my chest (body part)

'ne-lin my eye(s), my glasses, my eyeglasses

'ne-luhl my mouth

'ne-sen my arm

'ne-yah my stomach, my belly

'ne-ykwet my penis (usually of a prepubescent boy)

'ne-'rep' my eyebrow

'oloyoke'l larynx, vocal chords, throat

'rkryshek' I urinate

'rrkrhl knee

'up'rh backbone, string, spinal cord

'wa'al guts, intestines

'wa'alox guts, intestines

'wehlketeg nail, fingernail, toenail, claw

'wes body

'weskwelon body, value, trunk of body

'wrhlkr' bone

'wrhlkun liver

'wrs skin

'wrskun skin, shell, as of acorns

Dictionary entry

meloxn • excrement, feces, turds • Variant meleg

Lexicon record # 1664 | Source references: FS(B206) JE52
Semantic domain: body parts and the body

Other paradigm forms

  • locative melogohl

  • short form mol, -m R224 FS(B206) FS(B208)

Derived phrase or compound

Short recordings (6)

  1. ch'uch'ish 'u-melox "bird poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  2. ch'uch'ish 'u-mol "bird poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  3. hrk'wrh 'u-m "rabbit poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  4. hrk'wrh 'u-melox "rabbit poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  5. melox "poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

    | Download
  6. 'u-mol "their poop" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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