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Morphology search: -ech- [-ech-] • intransitive final suffix • motion • Variants -ch-, -ich-, -rch-

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neskwechook' I come, I arrive, I return

pkwechook' I come out

menechook' I disappear, I vanish, I go away


rechook' I paddle, I row

kwomhlechook' I return, I go back, I walk back

skewichook' I go slowly, I go easily, I go carefully, I put it in order, I do fine work, I do housework

yohpechook' I walk around, I turn around, I go around in a circle

kwoychook' I go slowly

lechkechook' I pull out

nur'urnchook' I climb

sloychook' I descend, I go downhill

himechook' I hurry (going somewhere)

sonchook' I paddle, I propel a boat, I paddle in a particular direction

sooychook' I go quickly

himech front, in front

ro'omechek' I pursue, I chase

hopkechook' I go starting from (a place)

kelomechook' I turn around

krku'yrmrchek' I walk crookedly

laakwomhlechook' I return by a particular route

slekwechook' I stroke backward, I walk backward

wohpechek' I go across by boat

woychook' I am away at night

chpaanechook' I am away

hloychook' I walk carefully

laayechek' I go by a particular way

markwechook' I go everywhere

megehlkechook' I stroke, I caress, I touch lightly

menecholek' I disappear

mewpechook' I am sneaking, I sneak

me'womech come from

rechoyek' I paddle a boat

rurowech dance in a particular direction, move across the sky (of stars)

sroykwechek' I slide

syuk'wrchook' I stretch my legs

wr'rgryechek' I go last

yu'uhpechek' I take across (habitually), I ferry across (habitually)

'onchook' I paddle in a particular place, as in a formation

'orogech' s/he walks (in relation to someone else)

Dictionary entry

me'womechook'vi oo-class • I come out, I come from

Lexicon record # 1798 | Source references: R223 JE226 AF(AG-02-2) JE27 JE33
Derivation: morphological structure me'wom-ech-oo-

Other paradigm forms

  • 3sg me'womechok'w, me'womecho'l R223

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  1. me'womechook' "I come from" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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