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che'loh dry (food), bake (food), cure (food), dry by heating

che'lohtek' I dry (food), I bake (food), I cure (food), I dry by heating

che'lohtemew be dried (of food)

che'loyehl they are dry

chkiikr' fork, table fork

chkrkrr' pierce, spear, pitchfork, fork (utensil)

chmeyonen 'o 'we-'i'i'gah dinner

harpun mint, mint tea


hegoorekich yerba buena tea, vine tea

hekwch small basket for acorn soup, eating basket, soup basket, serving bowl, bowl

helog cooking paddle, acorn mush stirrer, stirring paddle

ho'opewek' I make acorn soup

hrkwtrks small basket used as drinking cup, plate or dish

hr'rhkrhl be fresh (food, etc.)

kaamew it is bitter, it tastes bad, it is sour

kaamewetek' I have a bad taste in my mouth, I do not like the taste of something

kegoh acorn soup

kep't'oh feed an infant soft food

ket'op' it is in a pot (liquid), it is scraped (shins)

ke'mow food

kmoypon spread (butter, jam, etc.)

kopin coffee

kr'yr' peel (fruit or vegetable)

lehlkemok' I wrap (something) in skunk cabbage leaves (for cooking)

lepkwoh form seaweed into round cakes

lr'rgrh be black, be dark-colored, (round things) coffee

meraawoni smoked (of salmon)

meraa's it (food) is smoky, cure by smoke

mrw food carried with one, food brought by bride

mrwpok' I carry food with me

mrwprh food carried with one, food brought by bride, packed lunch

munchrhl milk

nepek' I eat

nooych eat food as a guest

nooychkwek' I eat food as a guest

nooychkwok' I eat food as a guest

nrprw meat

nr'rmrt deer meat, venison

nuneg food

nunepew food, fish

nunepuh food, fish

nunepuy food, fish

pechoch broil

pemek' I cook

pemey grease, cooking fat, oil, blubber, lard, liquid fat

pemoroh drippings

pemoyekw rock dish, a hollowed rock used in cooking to collect grease drippings

penkw acorn flour

pepah pepper

pew cook

pewomek' I cook

pewomin a cook

pewomo'r s/he cooks for someone

peya'r cook over an open fire

piish pea

pishkaahl 'o koh seafood

pishkah salt, sea, ocean

plowah flour

popsew bread

poykoh flat basket, pan, pot

pr'yp'r'w be sour

pyewolumek' I chew

raas rice

reguukwoh liquor

reguukwo' beverage, especially liquor

rekiroy broil, broil over a fire

rekwoh drink

rekwohpeyok' I drink

repchem honey, sugar

rooysh rice

sech dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

sechkes dried strip of salmon, dried salmon fillets

ske'woyehl they are ripe, they are cooked

skuuwetek' I like to taste, I like to eat

skuuwolon kmoypon jam

skuuwoloni something sweet, sweets, candies

skuuwoloni pa'ah soda

sloowin raw (of food)

sloowpey eat raw

soonewetek' I taste (something)

tekwskey manroot, wild cucumber, pickle

tenpeyok' I eat much, I eat a lot, I overeat

te'nah drunk

te'nahspek' I am drunk

tkek'wa'r pot

tkek'we'l pot, pan, kettle

tkek'we'look' I boil

trekwonumek' I take a sip

weyoksip Labrador tea

weyo'opewek' I finish making acorn soup, I finish cooking with hot rocks

wo'omehl shelled acorn

'ahspah be given food or drink

'ahspek' I drink

'ahspeyu'r soup

'ahspu'm drink

'e'gah eat in a group, have a meal, meal

'ohlpeyok' I eat from, I bite

'olulik'w lumps in acorn soup from lightly stirring

Dictionary entry

hegonn • spoon, scraper

Lexicon record # 397 | Source references: R198 JE126
Semantic domains: tools and implements; modern things; food, drink, and cooking

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  1. hegon "spoon" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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  2. hegon "spoon" (spoken by Florence Shaughnessy)

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