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chorime'w "the name of the beaver in a myth"

heyomus skunk

krychrgrh braid one's hair, mink

krychrhl ringtail, ring-tailed cat

le'go' fisher

megesik weasel

megrsik weasel

nekwel porcupine

nepe'wishneg otter

tegi'n porcupine, porcupine quill, yellow moss for dying basket materials, anything yellow, canary

teguuk dive, play like a beaver, beaver

tesir beaver

twegoh raccoon

wehlkem groundhog

wohpunika' sea otter


Dictionary entry

'wahchehln • civet cat (western spotted skunk, Spilogale gracilis)

Lexicon record # 4024 | Source references: R261 JE28 JE31
Semantic domain: miscellaneous medium-sized mammals

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  1. 'wahchehl "civet cat" (spoken by Aileen Figueroa)

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  2. 'wahchehl "civet cat" (spoken by Georgiana Trull)

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  3. 'wahchehl "civet cat" (spoken by Jessie Van Pelt)

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  4. 'wahchehl "civet cat" (spoken by Glenn Moore)

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