Georgiana Trull

Bear and Hummingbird (October 21, 2003)

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Text identifier: GT1
Speaker: Georgiana Trull
Primary documentation: Alysoun Quinby
Project transcription: Andrew Garrett

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  1. Cher'er'y 'o te'l. 'O nuemee kee'm soo te'l.
    Bear was sick. He was very badly sick.
  2. Keech 'o gesee', Tue kegey kue negeee'n.
    So they said, We'll look for an Indian doctor.
  3. Kue chegemem 'o kegey. Kwesee 'o ge'm, To' nek kee meskwok'.
    The Hummingbird was an Indian doctor, and he said, I'll treat you.
  4. Chegemem 'o meskwo'm kue cher'ery. 'O he'm chegemem, Cho' huenkekso'm k'e-luehl!
    Hummingbird treated the bear. Hummingbird said, Open your mouth!
  5. Cher'er'y 'o 'rhkerhl', 'ohlkuemee hee', Cho' 'rhkerhler'm! Cher'ery 'o 'rhkerhl'.
    Bear opened his mouth, because he was told, Open your mouth! Bear opened his mouth.
  6. Noohl chegemem 'we-luueleek 'o soot', noohl kue 'ue-merterw hr pkwechok'w.
    Then Hummingbird went into his mouth, and he came out through his butt.
  7. Keech 'o kwesee kue cher'er'y pe 'ue-kol soo nohlpeyk', mee mos nohlpe'y tue weetee' mehl 'we-telek'.
    So the Bear goes to the bathroom something like that, because he couldn't go to the bathroom and that's why he was sick.
  8. Tue weet 'ue-soo nohlpeyk'.
    So he shits like that.
  9. Tue weet tue we'yk'oh, mocho kee newo'm cher'ery kol 'em nohlpe'y, kolnee 'o pa'aamee' mee kue chegemem 'ue-meskwok'.
    So today, if you see a bear went to the bathroom, it looks kind of wet because the Hummingbird treated him.
  10. That's the end hirkik.