Georgiana Trull

Bear and Hummingbird (October 21, 2003)

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Text identifier: GT1
Speaker: Georgiana Trull
Primary documentation: Alysoun Quinby
Project transcription: Andrew Garrett

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  1. Cher-'er'y 'o te'l. 'O nue-mee kee'm soo te'l.
    Bear was sick. He was very badly sick.
  2. Keech 'o ge-see', Tue ke-gey kue ne-geee'n.
    So they said, We'll look for an Indian doctor.
  3. Kue che-ge-mem 'o ke-gey. Kwe-see 'o ge'm, To' nek kee mes-kwok'.
    The Hummingbird was an Indian doctor, and he said, I'll treat you.
  4. Che-ge-mem 'o mes-kwo'm kue cher-'ery. 'O he'm che-ge-mem, Cho' huen-kek-so'm k'e-luehl!
    Hummingbird treated the bear. Hummingbird said, Open your mouth!
  5. Cher-'er'y 'o 'rhkerhl', 'ohl-kue-mee hee', Cho' 'rhker-hler'm! Cher-'ery 'o 'rhkerhl'.
    Bear opened his mouth, because he was told, Open your mouth! Bear opened his mouth.
  6. Noohl che-ge-mem 'we-luue-leek 'o soot', noohl kue 'ue-mer-terw hr pkwe-chok'w.
    Then Hummingbird went into his mouth, and he came out through his butt.
  7. Keech 'o kwe-see kue cher-'er'y pe 'ue-kol soo nohl-peyk', mee mos nohl-pe'y tue wee-tee' mehl 'we-te-lek'.
    So the Bear goes to the bathroom something like that, because he couldn't go to the bathroom and that's why he was sick.
  8. Tue weet 'ue-soo nohl-peyk'.
    So he shits like that.
  9. Tue weet tue we'yk-'oh, mo-cho kee ne-wo'm cher-'ery kol 'em nohl-pe'y, kol-nee 'o pa-'aa-mee' mee kue che-ge-mem 'ue-mes-kwok'.
    So today, if you see a bear went to the bathroom, it looks kind of wet because the Hummingbird treated him.
  10. That's the end hirkik.