1314 Dwinelle
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Symposium on Amazonian Languages II (SAL2)

Organizer: Zachary O'Hagan

The Symposium on Amazonian Languages (SAL) began in April 2015 as an informal event held at UC Berkeley, with participants drawn from Amazonianist researchers in the University's Department of Linguistics. This year we are glad to open the event up to Amazonianists living and working in North America. Presentations deal with a wide variety of topics in many subfields of linguistics, in various analytical frameworks. A preliminary schedule is included below. All are welcome to attend at no cost!

Saturday, April 8 (1229 Dwinelle)

9:30 Patience Epps & Adam Tallman (UT Austin) Contact and the diachrony of morphological complexity in Amazonian languages
10 Lev Michael (Berkeley) Directionals as spatio-temporal analogues of aspect
10:30 CANCELLED: Pilar Valenzuela (Chapman) & Roberto Zariquiey (PUCP) Evidence in favor of the Pano-Takanan hypothesis
11:30 Stephanie Farmer (Macalester) On glottal stop and laryngealization in Tukanoan
12 José Elías Ulloa (SUNY Stony Brook) & Adam Tallman (UT Austin) Does Chácobo have word-level stress?
12:30 Amalia Skilton (Berkeley) The prosodic word in Cushillococha Ticuna
3 Myriam Lapierre (Berkeley) Post-oralization and devoicing of nasal consonants in Panará (Jê)
3:30 Kelsey Neely (Berkeley) Morphological and phonological nasality in Yaminawa
4:30 Livia Camargo Souza (Rutgers) Quantification and switch reference in Yawanawa (Panoan)
5 Rafael Nonato (UMass) Skewed AGREE: accounting for closest-conjunct effects in switch-reference marking in Kĩsêdjê

Sunday, April 9 (1229 Dwinelle)

9 Daniel Valle (UT Austin) The expression of topic in Kakataibo
9:30 Christine Beier (Berkeley) Mapping form to function, meaning, and interpretation in Iquito's tricky trio: iina, iimi, iip+
10 Françoise Rose (DDL-CNRS) TAME values of Mojeño demonstratives
10:30 BREAK
11 Zachary O'Hagan (Berkeley) Inferential evidentiality and mirativity in Caquinte
11:30 Guillaume Thomas (Toronto; presentation by Skype) Revisiting nominal tense
12 Javier Carol (U. Buenos Aires) & Andrés Salanova (Ottawa) Frustratives and viewpoint
12:30 LUNCH
2 Adam Singerman (Chicago) Syntactic disharmony in subordinate clauses in Tuparí
2:30 Emily Clem (Berkeley) Amahuaca nominative marking: Case, focus, or both?
3 Bernat Bardagil Mas (Groningen & Berkeley) Deriving Panará ergative case
3:30 BREAK
4 ROUND TABLE Language Contact in 21st-century Amazonia