This phonetics workbook is a collection of on-line exercises for your self-study or to accompany your course in phonetics.

These exercises are designed to accompany a combination of different college textbooks, including Ashby and Maidment's (2005) Introduction to Phonetic Science, Ladefoged and Johnson's (2015) A Course in Phonetics, Johnson's (2012) Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics, and Gick, Wilson & Derrick's (2013) Articulatory Phonetics. Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements: Much of the content in these pages was produced by Peter and Jenny Ladefoged and distributed with Peter's "A Course in Phonetics". (They wisely never gave the rights to these materials to the publisher.) See the webpage for "Course" for more exercises. Additional acknowledgements are given on the pages in Phonwork where donated or adapted material is used. Many thanks to Patricia Ashby and Maria Josep Sole their extensive and very helpful comments on this site. Also, many thanks to the students who have used these pages and given feedback on what works and what doesn't.