Manner of Articulation

Exercises on consonant transcription, production, and acoustics with a focus on manner of articulation.

5.1Terms about manner This is a review of terms and IPA symbols associate with different manners of articulation.
5.2Name the manner, say the word Manner of articulation for select IPA symbols - and an invitation to say example words with those symbols.
5.3French semivowels Identify French words illustrating different semivowels.
5.4Toda rhotics Identify Toda words illustrating different trills.
5.5Using aerodynamic formulas Practice using key formulas to calculate aerodynamic properties of speech.
5.6Nasal consonant acoustics Formants and antiformants in nasal consonants.
IPA Practice
5.aManner of Articulation Work with a partner, and practice IPA production and transcription.